Topshop’s Spot-On Cornflower Blue Polish


When it comes to nail polish colours there are a few camps. There are people like my best mate Mel, who believe that greens and blues have no place in the nail polish arena and stick to pinks, nudes, corals and reds. Let me tell you, if anyone can hunt out the hottest coral nail lacquer in Boots then it’s Mel. On the other side you’ve got your Lily’s of the world who love blues and greens on their nails. The day I see Lily wearing a sheer wash of pink on her nails is the day that pigs fly. Personally, I sit on the fence. I’m totally with Mel in that you can’t go wrong with a classic colour, but then the Lily effect comes over me and I just want something eye-catching on my beds that I can stare at all day in a ‘neeeewww shooooeeess‘ kind of way. Enter Topshop’s new spring addition to their varnish line-up…

It’s called Blue Rinselove the name, it makes me chuckle every time I mention it – and the best way it can be described is as a spot-on cornflower blue. Some people will say it’s lilac, others will be adamant that it’s blue, but just think Essie Bikini So Teeny without the kinda annoying bits of shimmer. It goes on so smooth, like real smooth and layers up with a good two coats (though it’s worth noting that I used three in the pic above, just to get it up to picture snapping standard). My only bug bear is the brush. Why you so square? If it was rounded at the tip it would be a million times easier to apply and I wouldn’t end up mopping the overspill with a cotton bud afterwards, which always ends up with me smudging a whole nail and having to start again. I’m tempted to wipe the excess off one of my Essie polishes and dipping that in, though it would feel a bit naughty.

Ever since I got my hands on it, it’s all I want to apply and reapply. I’m like that with nail polishes, I have little short-term love affairs with colours and right now this is the one that I’m having a cheeky liaison with.

P.S) If I had a penny for every time autocorrect turned ‘Topshop‘ to ‘Toyshop‘ while writing this post. Well…