The Two Day Curls Trick

Curly Hair

I’ve got my hair down to a two day wash schedule. On the first day it looks ok once I’ve taken a pair of straighteners to it to give it a bit of a wave, on the second day it actually ends up looking a little bit better and on the third it looks like you could fry an egg on my scalp. It switches very quickly and no amount of dry shampoo can bring it back; it needs a shower head to it or a hat, no messing. I’ve also become quite accustomed to wearing it slightly curly. If I just leave it straight it feels a bit weird and lank and tends to show off the fact that I desperately need a haircut, but put a few kinks it in and it can hide it pretty well. The thing is I don’t like to use heated tools everyday. Once every two days I can deal with, but every two? Been there, done that, had the split ends. So I’ve found a trick to making curls behave and stay in place for 48 hours. It involves a few products, but is they’re easily interchangeable with budget alternatives and it’s not that time consuming. Hear me out…

So of course there’s the whole curling with straighteners trick that I demo here – got that, right? I don’t bother too much with prep, it’s all in the post-styling. I can’t say I was ever a fan of hairspray. I used way too much of it back in the early ’00’s when it was all about getting the smoothest ponytail that looked smooth and crispy in equal measures *shudders*, but the Living Proof Flex Hairspray has changed all that. No crunchy texture and no weird dryness. It’s just a setter that means the curls last well into the next day while feeling like there’s nothing in your hair. I don’t touch my hair for the rest of the day, only using a hairband to loosely tie it up at night.

The next morning it does that thing where it looks like it needs a comb through, but you know that’s going to make things puffy. Here’s my solution. I brush it through with my Wet Brush, which yes – does make it look a little bit poofy – but then I use Bumble and Bumble’s Semisumo which smooths the frizz and adds back in that piecey-ness which the brushing takes out. It’s a shine-giving wax that feels strange to apply to the lengths but it works wonders. All of a sudden it’s looking better than it did the day before as the curls have chilled out turned into Olsen-like waves (well….kinda – I wish!). Be warned though because too much of the Bumble stuff and you’ll start to look like Danny Zuko from Grease. Less it more, or you’ll start crooning Summer Nights before you know it.