Topshop Eye Crayons

I spoke about the peeper pencil product phenomenon in Tuesday’s post where I reported on the newest member of Clinique’s Chubby Stick family which is contrived for eyes and concluded with an ambiguous ending about the possibility of there being economically priced alternatives out there. And well ladies and gents two days later, and I think I’ve already found one – I work fast. Topshop’s Eye Crayons are a pencil loaded with creamy eyeshadow goodness, plus they’re a pinch to pick up hence their appearance in ‘The Budget Buy – won’t leave your wallet weeping’ category. There’s some notable differences between the two, but for straight from the nib colour these don’t half deliver…

Currently available in four shades, although Topshop like to shake up their range often, I picked up the champagne shimmer Marble and the aptly named Rust (worn above). First up, the colour that comes out of tips is strong – almost like a foiled-on look. I may have let out a squeal mid-swatch. Straight from the crayon, then blended out at the edges with a MAC 217 is a method that I use for all cream eye products and found that these leant themselves to this technique too. Compared to the Clinique Chubby Stick Tint for Eyes, I find them easier to apply, although the colour pay-off is much stronger which deems them more of an evening product for an eyeshadow wimp like myself and the longevity isn’t as good, so I had to pack on a shedload of primer underneath to get them to stick around. Pro’s and con’s for both; depending on your makeup preferences and eyelid oil-levels. Nice.

Time for the big price reveal – £6.50 a piece – bargain. Perfect for a pigmented eyeshadow base or loaded up with some priming power underneath for a smooth slick of metallic sheen. A bookmarked and filed possibility for my next ‘evening out’ makeup I think.


  • Interesting..It would be wrong not going to Topshop to have a look a these, right? I guess I will have to!x

    • Oh yes ;) 

  • Mzelle-mara
    • Thanks :) 

  • Chelsey Westby

    Great find and so quick! Love the colour of these, definitely will be heading straight to Topshop next time I get the chance – maybe today ;)! xo

    • Haha quick work ;) 

  • They look great! Maybe I can order them online. Lucky me – topshop has an german online shop 🙂

  • Anna, let me introduce you to the new e.l.f. Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks! I just got mine today and I love them, and at 2.50 each they’re a serious bargain!

    • Thanks for the introduction!

  • These look great, I need to invest more of my time at the Topshop makeup stands! I really like the look of Marble, think I’ll check it out in store.

    • A fab inner corner highlight too, if you needed anymore enabling ;) 

  • joysteib

    What’s a little primer when you can achieve a look like you have, right?? It sure packs a beautiful color and price fits right inside a girl’s wallet to purchase these cuties!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Lizfish1

    LOVE the look of rust Anna… looks beaut on blue eyes! What primer did you use underneath? Need these in my life 🙂

    • Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion all the way :) 

  • Maddy Cane

    They look great, it really suits you as well. I was right to wait, thanks! xxx

  • Ahhh I love these! Much more affordable than the Clinique versions, Rust is gorgeous! Bet it looks amazing on your green eyes too.


  • Woo Be Red

    I’m wearing the Rust one of these today and I have to say, your application technique looks MUCH better than my ‘smear liberally around the eye’ approach. Note to self: use a blending brush, yep.

    Jo x

    • Haha a blending brush is the perfect finishing touch 😉

  • gleepface

    These look like the perfect alternative Clinique ones! I love a foiled effect, and these sound right up my street. I’m having a bit of a love affair with cream eyeshadows at the moment, I think I’m getting lazier with my daily routine!

    • Ah if you love a foiled effect then these are right up your street!

  • Seana Monahan

    This looks so nice on you! Makes me want to dip my feet into cream eye shadows more often x

    • Do it – cream shadows are fab for eyeshadows noobs like myself 🙂

  • Rosemariee

    Topshop make up is amazing, I’ve got a lot of their lipsticks, I think they’re my favourite lipstick formula and the colours are amazing. These crayons look beautiful! 
    Rosie x

    • Love their lipsticks!

  • Katie Hello

    That looks so nice! I really want to try some more Topshop makeup products.
    Katie xx

    • Me too – I think I need to expand my Topshop lipstick collection ;) 

  • jess

    these look great, love the champagne colour 😀

    • It’s a good’un :) 

  • yanksgurl613

    omg! these too are stunning it looks absolutely amazing on you! topshop has been really rocking lately huh? xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

    • They are – their lipsticks are brill too :) 

  • Hearts&Crosses

    This are gorgeous, I never thought I’d say it, but I do really like Topshop make-up

    • I do too – the cute packaging and good formulas do it for me!

  • makeupaddict-xo

    Gorgeous eye colours, really want to try these now! x

  • Lou S

    Haven’t tried any Topshop Make up, but these crayons look great!  have to give them a go!

    • The lipsticks are rather fabulous too :) 

  • Pippa Jones

    Aww I am soo glad that there is a sort of dupe for the chubby eye sticks!! *Dashes to topshop* 

    Cant wait to go pick up a few to give a go! 

    Pipp xx

    • Let me know what you think! 

  • katherine.parkes

    I’m loving these at the moment, they’re so beautiful! They look nice all over the lid and smudged into the lower lash line too. The gold one is also so nice, you must try it (enabler!) xx

    • Haha thanks for the enabling ;) 

  • I love it!

    • Thanks :) 

  • These colours are beautiful! I bought an goldy nude eyeshadow crayon from Rimmel today, new to their Scandeleyes range! I definitely suggest checking them out! X

  • I think a trip to Topshop is in order come payday! >:D xxx