Top 10 Beauty Hacks

Say hello to ‘Beauty Hacks’ week here on VDM. Seven days crammed with posts and videos filled to the brim with makeup shortcuts, products that make our regimes that little bit more streamlined and tips that will have you nodding along and thinking ‘genius’. Ok, maybe not the last one… 

How could I get through a Beauty Hacks themed week without dedicating a top 10 chart to my favourite cosmetics shortcuts? Yep, I couldn’t. So without further ado:

1. The Cupids Bow Cross. Though I try with lip lining, it more often than not results in an off-centred, slightly wonky pout that I try to hide by just tilting my head to the side for the rest of the night. However, drawing a cross on your cupids bow not only helps to exaggerate your shape ever so subtly, it also helps to keep things symmetrical. Seems simple, works wonders.

2. Why a Spoon is the Feline Flick Secret. Now this is s bit of a beyatch to explain, so I’ll just point you in the direction of this handy, how-to photo. And yep, I’ve tried it and it’s gooood.

3. The Elastic Band Manicure. I know French tipped nails aren’t exactly having a moment right now, but on the off chance that they make a reappearance of their early ’00’s heyday then this tip may come in handy. Screw the little sticky half moons that used to come in your mani packs as a tip guide and instead use an elastic band. And this means you won’t find those little stickers sticking to your feet for weeks on end.

4. How to Remove Glitter Varnish Without Crying. Use PVA glue as base – how very Art Attack, right? It doesn’t feel very luxe to begin your manicure with a layer of the stuff, but it does make the removal process a whole lot easier.

5. Fake Tan Mishaps Be Gone. Again, this isn’t the most luxe-est or nicest sounding of tips, but a quick sweep of a nail polish remover soaked cotton pad over any overly orange concentrated areas does help to tone them down. Just be sure to give the patch a quick rinse once you’re done.

6. Hide Them Nips. This one goes out to all the small boobed gals out there *myself included*. A blister sticker over the nipple helps to prevent any potential Jennifer Anniston-esque embarrassment when going braless with particularly fancy strapped or strapless tops. The only pain is removing. I say hop in the shower to warm them up slightly before whipping them off to avoid pulling something else of with them. 

7. The Key to Cleaning Lip Brushes. Brush washing is the ball ache of the beauty world. Lip brushes even more so; filled with thick, waxy and usually orangey red formulas I find my usual methods to be ineffective at making them look brand spanking new. However, a small dollop of washing up liquid mixed with water is the best thing for ’em and before you know it the orangey red residue is down the drain.

8. What You Can Use Makeup Wipes For. Though makeup wipes have become a bit of a naughty word in the beauty industry, they do have the odd occasion when they come in pretty handy quite literally. A quick swipe on the backs of the hands and the tops of the feet post-tanning should be a good enough insurance policy against the dreaded creosote knuckles. 

9. The Toothbrush Trick. Already mentioned by Daniel Sandler, but I just had to give it another nod. An eyebrow-coloured eyeshadow loaded toothbrush through the brows is the best method for a barely-there face framers.

10……and a weird one to finish it off – Oil Pulling. The latest fad – you heard of it? Breaking up a spoonful of solid coconut oil and swilling the contents around ones mouth for 10 minutes is the act and apparently it comes with a whole host of health benefits. Out of all the aforementioned I must admit that this is the only one I haven’t tried. Anyone brave enough? Go on, I vote you…

Now it’s your turn – what’s your best beauty hacking tip?