Thought Of The Day – Haircuts Suck

…and small talk is the worst


Here’s the thing. I hate anything to do with my hair. When I was a child I used to scream so loudly when my parents washed it that my neighbours would be able to hear. When I was at university I grew my hair down to my tailbone as I went two years without a haircut *shudders*. Even now, I hate washing my hair and see it was the world’s most laborious task and will do anything to postpone it for a day two days. I’m just notoriously lazy and stingy with it. I genuinely just did a loud sigh when I wrote that sentence – that’s how much it makes me groan.

Part of the issue is that I’d never really found a hairdresser and someone to discipline me and get me excited when it came to my locks. When I was younger my Mum trimmed my fringe and my Aunty the rest of my hair, and so when I was thrown out into the big wide world I didn’t really know where to look for a haircut – hence the two years of just growing it all out, split ends and all. Then when I did go into a salon and get a haircut it wouldn’t be the best experience. I’ve had the classic ‘ask for a trim and leave with a pixie crop’ thing happen countless times. There was an occasion when I had ridiculously long hair that a salon assistant tried to brush it out when it was wet with a tail comb. I think I built up the majority of my neck strength through being so tense for the proceeding 30 minutes of tugging. I once got an amazing haircut with a lady who was also a colourist who convinced me that I should try going ‘caramel’ for summer. So I did and ended up with hair the colour of wotsit dust. That was then followed by having to do an at-home box dye that turned my hair into the colour of Simon Cowell’s and I’m still trying to grow up my slightly orange tips now.


So if you couldn’t already tell I have some trust issues with hairdressers. It’s also the whole process that’s a bit odd, isn’t it? Having someone wash your hair is just a bit bizarre (rewind to the first paragraph for personal context on this), but I have to say that it’s something that I’m starting to enjoy the more I actually visit the hairdressers. During the last one I had I think I may have snorted as I napped, that’s how good it was. It’s also the small talk thing. Being a perpetual people pleaser, if someone wants to chat I’m all ears, but sometimes I just want to read celeb gossip and ogle at the ‘Torso Of The Week’ (side note: is that still a thing?). Parts of the experience that I do love though are the gowns, because it’s basically like wearing a very thin, but still very comfy dressing gown and free biscuits. I’m always down for a shortbread.


There is a reason for this post though because I have found a hairdressers where I never leave with a bad haircut. In fact every single time I walk out the door I feel like I’ve stepped out of some Pantene advert (aside from the fact that it’s always raining because sod’s law just likes to show its face sometimes). Basically take yourself to Hershesons and I doubt you’ll be disappointed. I’ve had my haircut by Gemma Moore and Samuel Broadbent and have seriously loved both styles (P.S Armani at the Conduit Street salon gives the best head massage). They get it, I don’t leave with some kind of poodle curl and I don’t feel the need to wash it out and restyle it when I get home. THANK YOU!

Whilst it’s nice to go up to London and have a bit of a #TreatYoSelf moment and feel like Donna and Tom, it would be nice to find somewhere closer to home that I could pop along to too, so if anyone has any Brighton and/or Sussex-based hair trimmer extraordinaries then I’m all ears because I can’t leave it two years again. Please tell me I’m not the only one? Are you a haircut dodger too? What are some of your disasters? Go on, we all need a giggle for Monday…



It’s an obvious one, but if you’ve got a friend, or even spot a girl in a coffee shop with amazing hair – ask them where they get it done. Fingers crossed it will be local and from my experience of stalking girls with swoony haircuts and colours, they always have a recommendation that they swear by.

If the IRL referrals don’t amount to much then have a look online. Scout Facebook pages, Google and Yelp reviews and see what other people’s experiences were like. Although take into account that people can be pretty savage in the online reviews and tend to only post on when they want to complain *hangs head*.

Before booking a cut or colour, I like to look at the profiles of each hairdresser at a salon if they have them on the website, instead of looking at the pricing brackets, because I’m a believer that the priciest haircut might not be the best for you. Even better, have a stalk of them on Instagram to see pictures of their work

When you find yourself in the chair and ready to roll, make sure you have some pictures on hand of styles you like and hate. I’ve heard that it’s sometimes more helpful to show a hairdresser what would make you cry at the end, so you can really make sure you’re on the same page.

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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  • ella ryder

    Good hairdressers are SO hard to find. Glad I’m not the only one. Colour is even worse, I’ve asked for subtle highlights and come out with bleach blonde hear before…not fun. Yours is looking lovely!
    Ella x

  • Whenever I find a good hairdresser, I move. I hope this will get better now that I bought a house, it might keep me from moving at least for some time.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Victoria King

    I had a great hair dresser for years but, when I moved 200 miles away I had to find another one. I’ve been to three different places and so far so awful! I never had bad experiences with hair dressers until now. The last place I visited gave me a full heavy fringe that went past my eyes so I had to walk home like Cousin It and hack in to it with nail scissors lol

  • George Northwood in central London is a god-send. (Ask for Lotte) George Northwood is in barge if Alexa Chung’s cuts and she’s basically my hair idol! Xx

  • Emma

    I went to the most HIDEOUS hair salon in Brighton – it was along the high street near where Wahacas is. It looked really vintage and cool with gold mirrors and chintzy tea cups everywhere which is what attracted me in the first place. What I wasn’t expecting was to be taken downstairs to have my hair washed in what I can only describe as a dungeon with animal skulls, candles on the walls and lots of black… I was then laid down in a bed and to my absolute horror it started vibrating – I can only imagine it was to “relax” you but it was so inappropriate and weird! The lady washing my hair was a 6ft gentleman dressed as a woman in a tiny leather skirt – I was laid on this shuddering bed with her talons scrubbing my head and her advising me to take my boyfriend for all the money he had. Finally when i was taken upstairs for my haircut, the hairdresser gave me what I can only describe as a Charlie’s Angels haircut (front flicks and all) – even he snorted with laughter at it! I ended up having to desperately brush it out once I got outside and avoided eye contact with anyone in there any time I rushed past the salon – I think it’s closed now thank bloody god. I literally couldn’t make up how bizarre it was, I didn’t have my hair cut for a good few years after that!

  • Louise

    I am so happy that I am not the only one that dreads the hairdresser. My hair is very long (if it hits my tailbone I know I have to man-up and get a trim) I have issues when it comes to my hair, patches fall out when I am stressed but thankfully grows back in. Due to this I am hypersensitive about my hair but I like it long, hairdressers do not! They seem to think that I should have it shorter! I have even had situations where a hairdresser as tried to convince me to get the chop whist the women next to me gets extensions put it. Very awkward!! One cut I had, the horrible woman (thats how I will forever more refer to her as) cut 6 inches off!!! She said it was ok as my hair was still ‘long’!!! I also hate people styling my hair or washing it. Like you I screamed as a kid and will often have flashbacks to a backcombing incident for a bridesmaid up-do I had to have done. (I shudder at the thought of the knots) So in my hunt for a less traumatic haircut I was recommended a mobile hairdresser. It is hands down the best way for me to get my hair cut. Not only is she amazing at cutting my hair exactly how I want, I can wash my own hair, comb it out and if I want style it myself. To anyone that is worried about getting their hair cut I totally recommend a mobile hairdresser as a good starting point. Love your posts Anna, thank you for always being so real!

  • Corina

    I actually quite like to go to the hairdresser-it’s a definite win for me if I don’t have to wash my hair myself 😀 i haaaaaate that too! Since I like my natural hair colour so much (a dark auburn colour), I’ve never played around with different colours. I only get my hair cut-which I sometimes find a bit boring, because I don’t really want to experiment with my hair :S I usually just get a trim and long layers all around. When I was about 14 I think, a hairdresser cut short layers all around which looked hideous…and when I was 16 I had almost boob-lentgh hair and I wanted it to be cut so that it’s just past my shoulders and when I got out of that chair, I had a bob-my hair was nowhere near my shoulders…I was so disappointed after the initial shock and the-“oh, it looks kinda cool & different”-thinking on the same day of the new hair cut…That’s probably why I always ask for the same thing-even though I might plan on getting it cut a tiny bit shorter than normal soon:S wish me luck!!:D

  • Em

    Haircuts can just be the absolute worst. My favorite of all time is in Nashville, TN and I now live in DC. I have never been able to find a true replacement but I do think that looking at stylists’ instagrams is the best way to go!

  • Kirsten Parnell

    I also need recommendations for Brighton and Hove, as I do rather struggle at the hairdressers. I’m rubbish at small talk, hate when other people wash my hair and never have the confidence to explain what I want. Had a haircut in Hove last week and the hairdresser went for a late 90s Jennifer Aniston look, despite me very much not having late 90s Jennifer Aniston’s jawline.

  • hnnmr

    I once asked for subtle ombre’ish highlights on my otherwise dark hair. I didn’t really get highlights but more like zebra stripes, which is not the worst part of the story. I wasn’t too happy so I decided to let my mum do some bleach job on my hair to have more of an ombre style hair (bad idea). My otherwise dark hair ended up yellow and the blond bits turned some weird grey-green-purple-blue shade. Mostly green which is not a good look. It was the first and so far the only time I’ve cried over my hair. To make matters even worse, I wasn’t close to a city that would have clarifying shampoos to get the greenness off my hair so I proceeded to use a mixture of bicarbonate, dishwashing detergent and shampoo to get it off a bit. It worked to a certain extent but needless to say, my hair felt like pile of hay for a good month or two. And i’m not even commenting on the overall shade I had in my hair…

  • Anne Ledertoug Vogel

    I have the best hairdresser! She listens and give me the hair I want. And she is also the nicest and most funny person ever! I look forward to go there all the time.

  • Couldn’t agree more with this post, especially the tips. I used to hate going to the hairdresser, and was never truly happy with the result as well, but one day I’ve started to be more confident about what I want, bring some pictures and stop having unrealistic goals and now this is something I truly enjoy, apart from the small talk, sometimes it is just a little bit too much for me as well!

  • theblackblush blog

    Love the color of your hair right now! I’ve been trying to get rid of the black and just have a dark caramel brown but it has been difficult!

    The Black Blush

  • Amazing post Anna! I have struggled with hairdressers since I have started Uni 7 years ago. Highlights gone orange, too much bleach, awful fringe, cut hair to short etc. the list can go on and on. I stopped going altogether and after 18 months I decided I have to go again. I went to a lady and was scared sh*tless while she was doing my hair, she had so much tattoos with rainbow coloured hair and piercings. In the end she did a very good job and have been my hairdresser for 2 years now. It is a trial and error experience and I agree with you that the best tip is to ask someone who had done their hair and take a shot!

  • I’ve also really struggled with hairdressers – I’ve walked out too many times after a scissor happy hairdresser, orange highlights and dreadful bleach jobs. Even now I’ve found someone I really like I still never really like my hair for about 3 days after I’ve had it done!

    Abbi |

  • I’ve always hated going to the hairdressers! It feels like such a chore and I hate sitting around for ages waiting for my appointment. The hairdresser I started seeing at a local salon started her own mobile business quite some time ago so now she comes to my home to do my hair and it’s amazing! So much quicker and more relaxed x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  • I go to the hairdressers like once every three years because I hate it so much, even though my hairdresser is lovely. I just cut it myself which isn’t ideal, especially because I have a fringe. Would be interested if you find any good hairdressers in Brighton as I’ll be moving there in a couple of weeks! x

    What Josie Did Next

  • I’ve got such big trust issues with hairdressers that I do everything by myself now. Trimming, even my fringe, dye. Even though it doesn’t always turn out perfectly, I’d rather try and fix it rather than spend too much money on a failed haircut.

    Arden | HELLO ARDEN

  • Throughout uni I barely got my hair cut… like you every 2 years and when I would go it would be to top cuts for $15 and a hackjob…. Now, I’ve found someone I love and although I don’t colour my hair, it totally is worth it to pay for a good haircut and find someone that does great work!

  • Lisa Autumn

    Haha the trust issues are REAL! for me and the hairdresser..

    xx Lisa |

  • Sometimes you just got to let it go! The moment I let go of my hair trust issues, I felt so much better! lol

  • I am completely the same. Bowl cuts back in early 2000’s left me scared!!

  • Bettye Rainwater

    Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one! I can remember as a child being laid up on the kitchen counter and hanging my head back into the sink for washing…and SCREAMING holy hell the entire time and having to be held down by multiple cousins!

    And yes, even now, hair washing is the MOST annoying thing! This is weird, but…I’m currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and 10 days in my hair started falling out so I had my head shaved…and while I do miss my hair and the way I look with hair and the way my bangs hide my eyes (and eyebrows and forehead!), the No Hair thing is VERY FREEING. Showers are now SUPER FAST…afterwards I just rub a towel across my stubbly head and I’M DONE WITH HAIR CARE. No blow drying or curling or worrying about “bad hair days” or humidity or wind or ANYTHING. I will be grateful to have my hair back eventually, but for the moment, I am really appreciating this aspect of my situation.


    • Yolanda

      Bettye. Wishing you well with the chemo treatments. You have an amazing perspective. Hugs.

      • Bettye Rainwater

        Aww, thanks Yolanda!


  • Oh god, I was a haircut dodger for years! I have curly hair, and when I was younger I had it permanently straightened. It was great for the first round, but when I went in for the touch up a different girl did it. She took a smoke break while the chemicals were in my hair, didn’t neutralize them properly, and FRIED my hair to the point of straw. I took a picture of a short hairstyle to another hairdresser to try and cut off some of the damage. Halfway through the cut she decided we were going to do something else with my hair, and left me with a horrific undercut/Farrah Fawcett monstrocity. Fast forward to another hairdresser. I explained what had happened at the last two, and she said she’d fix it. She heavily layered what was left of my long hair, to the point that when I put my hair in a ponytail I was left with a short puffball and a long rat tail of fried hair coming out the centre. I was scarred at this point, and avoided hairdressers like the plague for years after. Finding a new hairdresser makes me nervous to this day.

    • eizhowa

      THIS is why I am fine with paying a decent amount of money for a good hair dresser. I have curly hair as well, and having good hair is SO important for my day to day mood that it makes it worth a small investment. It took my current hair dresser years to even out the damages the old ones had done… Grrr… But now it is all fixed and I am having the best hair of my life 🙂

  • Samantha Muldowney

    I had similar experiences as a kid, for the last 9 years I’ve been going to Buzby & Blue in Chichester, I usually have India or Tara and have never left disappointed 🙂

  • Danielle

    I avoided a hairstylist for 3 years after I graduated college, mostly out of laziness and not wanting to spend my meager first job earnings. When I moved to my current job three years ago, I decided I needed a change and would try as many times as it took to find the right one. I looked on Yelp for the best place, asked for however was available and met the most amazing woman ever in the history of forever for my hair. She was adamant about talking a lot before hand about everything – what I was looking for, what my hair was like, what her option as an expert was, etc. I chopped off 10″ that day and haven’t looked back. I actually fear the day I may find another job and have to move – I love her that much haha
    Plus we’ve recently reached (what I think is) a great talking place as well. I’m a big introvert and always feel bad for sitting there silently with nothing to say, but the past few times we’ve talked the whole time about movies and tv shows (my favorite subject) and now it’s an even better experience!

  • That’s why I do my own hair. I have naturally curly hair so when I go to get my hair shaped I get my sister to do it – she is a professional hair dresser. 🙂

  • I have the WORST experience with hairdressers, even when I’ve paid £200+ for a colour and cut, it’s been wrong!

  • I can completely relate to hating getting my hair cut! I just want long hair, and wish I never have to cut it, but sadly it isn’t the case. Most of the time, I get it cut and they cut off 5-6 more inches than i want them to. The last time I went to get my hair cut, I had a great experience! I was lucky enough to have a hairstylist that only cut what actually needed to get cut! The best part is, that my hair is actually finally growing! Super happy to have found her xxx

    Melina |

  • I moved from Canada to California – had an amazing hair dresser “basement dweller” as I referred to her as (I mean, it was kind of scary in her basement where she did hair!!!). Unfortunately I’ve yet to find one here I like and doesn’t cost a fortune here. So, I’ve routed to doing my own hair: cut, colour and all! It’s been great actually – 4 years goin’ strong and no crazy cuts lol.

  • TresChic

    I HIGHLY recommend Armandine at Japonica (near Preston Circus). She transformed my hair with an easy to manage style that still looks put together, and she is seriously just a genius when it comes to colour. I have honestly never had so many compliments on my hair before – she is a miracle worker!!

  • After years of bad haircuts, I finally find the perfect hairdresser x

  • Ellie

    I hear ya, every bit of this rang true with me. I have curly hair issues where I know *exactly* how I like it to look but *always* fail to communicate this with stylists. Am I the only curly mob who *hates* how a diffuser makes their hair look?! I swing between vowing to just grow it long and keep it in GOT style braids and chopping it off… grrr

  • My last hairdresser totally messed up my hair. I saw people walking out of her salon with ah-mazing hair and after years of going there, she got lazy when it came to my hair. But I found my perfect hairdresser and now Iove getting my haircut! x

  • kerry longmore

    I once over dyed my hair at home and it also went orange – from chocolate brown. Luckily i found a 24hr supermarket and spent the rest of the night dying it twice. I wrecked my hair for a god year with that mishap.
    I now have a great hairdresser.
    Im very lazy at any hair styles, straighteners through it and I’m done. Never even mastered your simple wave, its on my to do list though

  • annasjotter

    As a curly haired gal I always feel cheated with my new do when I have to do the first ‘post hairdresser wash’… It’s a risky one and you never know what you’re going to get!

  • jenjen12342

    I have not had my hair cut in a salon since I was 8yrs old, instead trusting a mobile hairdresser for the past 15yrs. The reason? As a child, the hairdresser managed to cut the hair towards my ear as my fringe…don’t know who was more upset, my mum or I! There’s a reason I don’t like my hair being touched!

  • i have been wanting to get a haircut for about 2 months but just haven’t been able to go, life is silly!

  • I totally feel your pain on this one – I am still on a quest to find my perfect hairdresser!

    Lynnsay x

  • Bee

    Whenever I relocate and need a new hairstylist, I just follow one rule: go to an Aveda salon. I’m a bit biased because I had a brief stint as a student at the Aveda Institute, but that experience really showed my how well-trained Aveda stylists are and I’ve never had a bad hair experience with one. Plus, a trip to an Aveda salon always ends up feeling more like a spa day with all of the free rituals they provide 🙂

  • I feel exactly the same! Every single time I get my hair cut, I’m so excited but always a bit disheartened at the final product. I’m not one of those girls who will get a haircut the day of an event, because trust me, I won’t like it. I’m very much a wash it and restyle myself kind of girl. Thanks for your advice though! Let’s hope my next haircut is a good one!

    Shirls x |

  • Julia Deutschen

    I have natural curles, so I am always really careful when it comes to going to the hairdresser.
    Luckily, I found one a couple of years ago that I trust and visit ever since.
    Although it has happened already that I came out with my hair a bit too short, but after all, hair grows…

    xx Julia

  • Lucy Lees

    This is such a relatable post! In fact, I’m dreading my haircut currently (having left it for nearly 3 months) I love my hairdresser but she got a tad scissor happy. I also think, the older you get, the more monotonous the task of washing hair is.
    Life inside the Locket

  • It is always so hard to cut hait but every once and a while I have to !
    Miki x

  • Laura Hartley

    Every time I visit my hairdresser I show her a picture of a shoulder length razor chop with minimal layers and a gorgeous deep brown colour. Every time I come out with a bloody bob up to my chin and layers upon layers. Every. Single. Damn. Time. I work in healthcare so I need to be able to put my hair up for surgery etc. Can I do this with a chin length layered bob. No I cannot. Maybe I need to change hairdressers? *sigh*

  • I’m currently trying to grow my hair out after an awful haircut. She cut it about 2 inches shorter than I asked and with layers inches apart 😢 I’m definitely going to do more research next time!
    Latest blog post : Apartment Tour

  • I’m so happy my hairdresser knows not to have small talk with me- I just go into the zone, it’s my time to be zen!

  • Valentina Virciglio

    I hate washing my hair, but actually LOVE going to the hairdresser. If they mess up, no biggie. It’s just hair, it’ll grow back 🙂

  • Ky

    I hear you! I have curly hair and it’s a NIGHTMARE trying to find a decent hairdresser. I finally found a local lady with identical hair to mine. I see her twice a year for an overall “reshaping.” Otherwise, I have learned to cut my own hair for in-between maintenance. Saves tons of money, doesn’t need need to be specifically scheduled, and I am in total control of how little/much comes off at a time. It’s actually incredibly freeing and empowering. And it grows back if something goes wrong. Lol. Foolproof!

  • Philippa

    Great tips! Definitely agree that finding a good stylist can be tricky. I’ve not walked away from a salon 100% happy in ages!
    Philippa x

  • The January Edit

    Never related to a post so much :’) I’m still with a hairdresser that comes to my house, too scared to take the plunge! x

    • Rosanna M Bainbridge

      I always think this would be worse as there’s only you and them… so small talk will definitely be required!! Haha x

      • The January Edit

        Haha that is a fair point! Even though my hairdresser has done my hair for a while I still struggle for things to say! X

  • catherine ♡

    Oh my gosh ‘torso of the week’ haha, I wonder if they still do that! Great tips here Anna, I’m so particular about my hair that I find it difficult to try any new stylists! x

  • I defiantly agree on stalking their Instagram, I’m wanting to colour my hair and it’s great to checkout their previous work before booking an appointment!

  • Rachel Akey

    I had the best hairdresser for 10 years and then she quit. I’m lost. I have a crop usually and lots of hairdressers don’t seem to like cutting short hair or treat it like cutting a blokes hair.

  • Andi

    I reccommend The Point on Trafalgar St in Brighton- reasonably priced, and nice staff!

  • I hear you! I didn’t have my hair professionally cut between the ages of 18 and 23 because I had so many bad experiences (coming out with half of my head shaved when I asked for a cute pixi cut being one of them – ouch!). I then went from tailbone length hair to a blunt bob at a salon in Cambridge and LOVED it, but recently had a nightmare colour experience. I’m currently trying to deal with an unwanted bleach bath and wotsits dust coloured faded copper hair and its a niiiightmaaaare.

  • You look amazing <3

  • Sophie

    I can relate to this post so much! I’m terrible at going to the hairdressers and leave it as long as possible in between visits – I think’s certainly the ‘trust issues’ thing, I always worry that I’ll hate the end result, or waste a lot of money. I did go through a brief period of joy whilst living in Nottingham (shout out to Sutherland & Barnett!) but since moving to London a few years ago I’ve fallen back into my old ways.
    The one plus though – when I do get round to making an appointment, I tend to make it worth it, and go all out: cut, colour, style, the works… cos it’s only once/twice a year (*oops*) I’m usually craving a bit of a make over.

  • all that jae

    Yeah, finding the right hairdresser is so difficult! I always dread the experience.

  • I’ve always hated the whole salon process. I don’t like sitting in a room full of gabby, gossiping women for two hours and I hate small talk. I just wanna go there, sit down, have my hair washed and cut (quickly) while I read a book. I don’t want anyone to talk to me and I certainly don’t want to hear a bunch of housewives complain incessantly about their husbands and/or kids. Ugh. I hate it.

  • Rosanna M Bainbridge

    Ahh Anna i totally feel your pain. What normal people feel when they know they need to go to the dentist is what i feel when i need to book a hairdresser appointment. I’ve literally spent about 6 weeks researching who to get to do my hair (and i live in a small town near Newcastle!! So god knows what i would be like if it was down south!)
    I HATE small talk and always feel really awkward. I’m more of a listener than a talker. But totally agree that stalking the stylists on insta is the way forward. I did this for my first cut in 9 month and found a lady who did amazing styles and thought… i want something quite simple so if she can do that… I’m in safe hands. I also took the book I’m currently reading as i usually find that i go through magazines really quickly as they’re either weeks old or I’ve already read them. So taking my own book made the time fly over while waiting for my highlights to do their thing. Xx

  • Selene

    I found my perfect hairdresser when I was 18, before I had the worst experiences. I have been loyal to him until 2 years ago, when he decided to switch his salon into a…BARBER SHOP! He promised me he would have continued to take care of my hair but the place become almost exclusively for men and also the style of the salon changed (Harley Davidson/rock style). So I did (with a broken heart) a research and now I’ve found a salon which is BETTER than the previous one. Here in Italy we have the most talented people so I was not discouraged but I understand that finding someone to rely on regarding your hair is sometimes a struggle! Anyway Anna, your writing style is adorable, I always laugh when I read your posts!

  • HarrisonBeach

    Now I’ve found the perfect hairdresser, I’ll never go anywhere else… haircuts, such a nightmare!

  • I can totally relate, right down to the skipping a haircut for 2 years! x

    Martha Jane |

  • Georgia Gore

    Go and see Talitha at The Blackhouse Club in Brighton for great trims! Xxx

  • Tracy Abbott

    I 100% get this. Absolutely hate haircuts & the whole shebang. However, the wash and head massage I am ALL about! I have the worst, diest, frizzest hair known to man and to be able to tame it I have to straighten it and when you go to the gym multiple times per week, WHO has time for that.
    I just rock a bun all day err day! haha

    Tracy Abbott |