Make Your Summer Pieces Work, All Year Round

It’s called ‘layering’ – you might have heard of it?


It’s that time of year where we start packing away our bikinis and flippy dresses into those weird vacuum pack bags that always look so fun to use. Seriously. I think I need one? Just to play with, more than anything else. Now when it comes to bikinis I don’t have any tips for how we can make them last all year round (use them as underwear when you run out?), but I do have some some up my sleeve for other items which we typically see as more of a summer suitable wear. So before you get packing, have a read of this to see how you can double-up your warmer weather wardrobe into a colder weather one too, with some sneaky and snuggly layering that will have your internal body temperatures high (in a non-flu kinda way)…



I love a good t-shirt. Not only are they the top-half option that I feel most comfortable in during the warmer months for the fact that they don’t cling, nor have boob exposing straps, but I don’t even have to dedicate one iota of brain space to them. Jeans, t-shirt, slide-on sandals and I’m ready to go. Easy peasy. Of course these are an easy one to layer throughout the winter months as they make it easy to go from ‘bundled up’ to ‘OMG IT’S ROASTING IN HERE!’ when you’re wearing a jumper over the top, but I’m proposing that the main function of these is to stop your delicate washing pile getting too out of hand. Pop these on under cashmere or thick knitwear that needs special love and attention to soak up any or all odours, so that you don’t end up on first name terms with your local dry cleaning bloke. Ones that you can tuck into your trousers (for extra toasty-ness!) and have a lower cut neck work well as they won’t show. Have a watch of this video to see where stocks my favourite fits.



Now this is a territory that I’m egging myself to venture into, but as a person who only wears jeans and jogging bottoms I’m really having to push the boat out for this one. I’m feeling inspired to make the purchase because of this video by Aimee Song where she styles up a slip dress in about 1769 different ways; therefore selling them to me because of their versatility. Although the majority of looks are more summer appropriate, she also shares ways to layer them for cooler weather dressing. You could pop on a t-shirt or long-sleeve roll neck underneath to add a thermal layer in. Throw a leather jacket over that and you’re good to good for an autumn day with an undercut of chilliness. Or be a real cool cat and go with jeans underneath – it sounds mad, but watch the video and I bet you too will be convinced – your Grandma might raise an eyebrow, but you will look really bloody chic. Plus it solves the cold ankle problem.



My love for denim has reached new heights as I’ve ventured into the Justin and Britney world of double denim, a.k.a) the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’. I’m rather fond of a denim top and bottom combination – who cares if it looks like you’re on the way to a country music festival? Serve me up some Carrie Underwood right this minute! It might be seen as more of a summer piece, given that the fabric isn’t as insulating as its leather counterpart, but with some serious layering underneath I reckon you can rock a denim jacket pretty much year round. Slip into some Uniqlo HeatTech thermals and pair it with a jumper that moonlights as a blanket over the top, with the denim jacket (if you can squeeze it on, now you’ve become the sister of the Michelin man) and a chunky scarf over the top and your body temperature will be going through the roof. BONUS: you will also be completely invincible from the waist up with your new bounce-back, mostly knitwear, safety shield.



This is the piece that I’m demoing today’s post that I’ve seen all my favourite Instagram gals do wonderful things with. Who’d have thought to put t-shirts under strappy tops, eh? The whole thing is rather nineties, which is usually something that I’d try to steer clear of – chokers that accentuate my five chins? NOT TODAY SIR – but there’s just something about this that’s so effortless cool and rather easy to pull off. If like me, you’re a bit of a lightweight when it comes to anything that could be deemed ‘trendy’ then dip your toe in by taking a patterned camisole over the top of a t-shirt which has the same background colour, that way the contrast won’t seem so striking. Or just rock your red cami over your white t-shirt and GO FOR IT. I’m tempted to pick up a black long sleeve, roll neck so I can rock it over the super chilly months too.

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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