This Works, No It Really Does…

If you’ve seen my ravey ramblings on other social media outlets over the past few weeks then it will be of no surprise to you that the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle was first on the shortlist to feature in my September favourites video (which will be hitting your newsfeeds soon). With my Origins Vitazing squeezing out it’s last drop and a bit of a lust-affair with This Works fresh on my mind – the Perfect Legs Skin Miracle worked wonders on the handful of occasions I got my pins out in the sun this Summer – I thought I’d give this a go. It fits the bill as a day moisturiser with a hint of tint, one of my favourite product categories: they ease the job of a foundation by evening out the skintone, but work fantastically on their own for lazy ‘don’t give a damn’ days.

It pumps out a rich caramel colour, which initially looks a little frightening, but once blended in adds a subtle tan-like glow to my skintone. I either use my fingers if I’m topping it up with a foundation or I’m in a rush or with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush for slightly more coverage if I fancy rocking it on it’s own. It does feel slightly tacky when first applied, but leave it one minute and it dries down to more of a matte finish yet still leaving a sheen on the high points of the face (for reference, it’s all I’m wearing on my skin in the picture above, a little concealer on those bags and I’d be good to go). It hangs around all day too – by 5pm it’s still there and although I haven’t tried it, I reckon a powder on top for some more coverage a bit more of a matte finish could pave the way for those a little terrified of tinted moisturisers. The other thing that drew me to this product was the inclusion of Hyaluronic acid – the ingredient of the moment. It’s naturally present in the epidermis and has been demonstrated to promote skin cells that produce keratin which can increase the skins hydration. Happy hydrated skin? I like it.

If I had to pick a favourite between this and Origins Vitazing, that would be a toughie. The Origins has SPF which inches it in the lead for Summer days and you do get more for your money (50ml for £27, whereas the This Works is 30ml for £28), but then the This Works has more of a flattering cool bronze tone to it, which outplays the Origins sometimes orangey warm undertone. I also find the This Works to be less heavy feeling on the skin. My tip – go to Boots with some mini sample tubs in hand, squeeze some of both in on the down-low and try them both out. Your lazy days will have never looked better…


  • Sarah – Warpaint Diaries

    Ooh I’ve been waiting for a review on this – looks like a good’en! I’m going to boots later, I’ll end up coming out weighed down with bags and I hold you solely responsible!

    Can’t wait to see your September favourites video.

    Sarah x

  • beautyandablogger

    Looks so lovely on your skin! Great idea about taking samples in too haha think I might just have to do it 🙂 xx

  • Rosie

    Ah it looks gorgeous! I’d love to try This Works products, but my Boots doesn’t sell them, and I’m a bit nervous about buying skin care online, but this might have just tempted me! 🙂

  • Sophie Brewster

    looks beautiful! may have to give this a shot!

  • I absolutely adore Origins Vitazing, so it’s good to know that there is another product like it out there. I may need to give this a try next time my Vitazing runs out. xx

  • thebeautyheroes

    it looks lovely on your skin ! x

  • Zara

    I love the sound of this product but think it’s a bit on the pricey side!

  • Diane (slavetovanity)

    Okay Anna. This is no longer fair. How can you look so gorgeous with little to no make-up? I swear you rock the no make-up look unlike no other gal out there :). How do you do it? What’s your secret? I really need to try your skincare routine/recommendations. If it comes from my beauty hero I would gladly give it a go. 🙂 Off I go to Boots. -well maybe not it’s 11.26 pm in the evening maybe tom? haha 🙂

  • Deanna

    Now you have me in intense anticipation for you monthly favorites video! Your videos are so therapeutic for me for some reason haha. Love you!

  • Yesim

    I have both the VitaZing and This Works. Although I really like both products, I think This Works is my favourite of the two. I think it’s easier to apply since one pump works well for me. I do find that I need to be a bit more careful with VitaZing and not overdo it else it can look too dark on my skin.

  • 5thAvenueMelbourne

    I really wish the Origins Vitazing worked out for me! I love the way it looked but I discovered I was allergic to it 🙁 maybe this ones worth a try.. lovely post as usual! 🙂 x

  • Sian

    Oh Anna, you just became my favourite beauty blogger with the advice ‘go and nick a bit and see how you get on!’. Brilliant (: May do this as I think this would be more suited to my skin tone than the Origins Vitazing.

  • pinklovenugget

    Seriously? Is taking your own sample pots acceptable practice in Boots? I’m all for it, I just don’t think I’d have the cheek!

  • Natasha Thomas Beauty

    What are you wearing on your lips in this photo??LOVE the color!:)