Things I’ve Learnt from Allure

If you’re new round these parts you may not have heard me talk about Allure magazine before; the US-published Condé Nast beauty-centric publication, a.k.a ‘The Best Damn Magazine Ever’. If you’re a VDM old-timer then you’ve probably just sighed a ‘not again Anna’ groan. It’s ok. I’ll make this one quick. It dawned on me the other day whilst having a flick through their latest issue that this mag is one great learning tool. For someone who’s loved beauty for donkeys years and has slowly chipped away at practically every beauty tutorial on YouTube ever made over the years, discovering something brand-spanking new isn’t always easy. So here’s my top five tips and tricks that I’ve absorbed from the pages of Allure that may be fresh fodder for you too:

  1. You know those scratchy sponge tipped applicators that nuzzle up in your favourite eyeshadow compacts? They actually soak up and slick on lip stains perfectly. Time to stop tossing them out. 
  2. A dusting of talc-free powder post-fake tanning will stop your clothes and sheets turning 50 shades of orange. I’ve tried this one and it works; a bit of a faff, but I can now slip into a crisp white bed without the morning after grubby covers guilt.
  3. Apparently the original authentic beach babe lock look is rooted in the method of pairing sea water and suncream through the lengths. Sea water for wave and texture and suncream for the finish and shine.
  4. Primer should always be paired with a powder over the top of the whatever base you choose to use. That way the water in your makeup and the silicones in (most) primers won’t repel each other. Who knew?
  5. If you’re beach bound apply your first bout of suncream naked in the morning to avoid the annoying ‘missed a spot’ burn. Genius.

See I told you I’d be quick. But if this was a little anticlimactic for your morning read, no worries. There’s a mani mantra coming your way just in time for your lunchtime serving…

P.S) Where can you get Allure from? I get mine from the Selfridges Mag section, but you can spot it sometimes in larger independent newsagents. In the past I’ve also had a subscription from News Stand – but the delivery is slow. You can also subscribe directly to Allure for paper copies or the iPad edition (the latter works out the cheapest method).