The Weekly Vlog #17

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 06.54.07

After a #WardrobeWeek hiatus The Weekly Vlog is back and dayum – the past seven days have been a good’un. Mark and I tried a rock climbing class for the first time and got a little creative with our brand new toy, a GoPro, that so far has only been used by Mark doing some roly polys in the front room (maybe I’ll see if I can post that footage sometime as it was paired with him humming the Mission Impossible theme tune – hilarious), I dyed my hair and haven’t been able to stop swishing it since and then we both headed out for a touristy day in London at the weekend. Of course there’s plenty of food porn as always and footage of me in the same pair of PJ’s that I’ve been wearing for longer than I want to admit. Ah common’ – it wouldn’t be a Weekly Vlog without it. 


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