The Weekly Vlog #11

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It’s back! After a short hiatus in which I visited the Lake District, wore wellies everyday, clothed myself in about six layers and realised that I can turn my love of shopping to just about any product genre (I became rather infatuated with North Face Waterproof Jackets which I somehow convinced myself I would get a lot of wear out of), I’m back on the vlogging bandwagon. It was quite a low-key week with plenty of laptop time – don’t worry I spare you that – but we did trot off on a date night, shoot my stunner of mate for the next Beauty Bag instalment and make some seriously kick-ass meatballs if I do say so myself. But next week’s drop should be a little more eventful as today I’m off to Malta. Bikini in one hand, cocktail in the other – let’s do this…