The Book to Make You Feel Kick-Ass


In the past few weeks I’ve really got back into books. Nice smelling, fiddly to hold so you feel like your fingers are having their own little gym workout, crisp paged books. I blame a recent Amazon moment where I got a little click happy because I wanted to test out my new Prime account (along with ASOS Premier it’s up there in the list of ridiculous things that I really don’t need but wholeheartedly recommend). One book that I picked up had been on my radar since I’d heard of its release. #GIRLBOSS, by Sophia Amoruso, Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, a.k.a) one of the fastest growing retailers in the US with a turnover that has too many zeros I care to type. You get it. She’s a big deal in the world of business, commerce and fashion. And she’s written a book and trust me, it will make you feel seriously kick-ass.

The intro makes you feel like it’s Fight Club. ‘The first rule of Fight Club #GIRLBOSS is…’ – or something like that, of course I’ve never watched Fight Club, I’m still too wimpy for that (Sophia’s still got some work to do in that department). But once you get into the swing of things, stories of the early days of Nasty Gal, how Sophia dealt with growth, competition, and even more growth (hint: with a lot of hard work – hats off gurl), it’s really an inspiring read which will just make you want to get shizz done. It’s filled with one-liners that are just asking to be Instagrammed – ‘The only thing I smoke is my competition’ – and the Portraits of a #GIRLBOSS that break up the chapters give insight into some longtime Nasty Gal staffers and fellow kick-ass women (including my fave, Leandra Medine).

WARNING: this is not a holiday read because the minute you put it down you’ll want to want to write a to-do list or set up an eBay shop. Also do not read it in the evenings as I did as you’ll be up past midnight as I am now tapping away at my keyboard chomping away at yesterday’s unfinished tasks. Read it in the morning and boy you’ll be off to a cracker of a day.