The Weekend Post #63: Mum & Space NK

Let’s just set the scene here. My Mum’s not one for beauty bumf – she’s a get up and go kinda gal; splashing her face with some water, massaging in a blob of Olay, layering on a bit of mascara, lip balm and she’s out the door. I get my makeup yearnings from my Beautician Aunty who armed me with a nail buffer and a cuticle stick at the age of 10 - the rest is history. As I’ve delved deeper into the beauty world, she’s become a little more savvy, getting to grips with some of my cosmetic cast-offs and now even carries around a lipstick with her that she’s whittled down to a tiny nub, so I thought it was about time to welcome her into the world of Space NK and as a bit of a pre-Mothers Day treat last weekend we trundled down to their South Molten Street store for Mum to indulge in her first makeover for 25 years (her last one was for her wedding day!). In the trusty hands of Graziella who orchestrated my Space NK makeover, here’s what happened…

After filling in Graziella on my Mum’s everyday fuss-free look, she pottered around the store handpicking out an au naturale edit to suit her neutral tastes. I spotted some of my favourites in the stash, gave it the nod of approval and Graziella got to work. As Mum’s not a foundation wearer, we agreed that Chantecaille Just Skin was a good starting point, being lightweight yet giving a slight veil of coverage. She used the shade Nude, and it happened to be one of my Mums favourite products used in the process. I’ve decanted  her a sample of my own that’s on its way to her as I type; the only downside to the makeover experience? She now knows how much Just Skin costs. Darn it. Graziella then finished off the complexion with a touch of Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer in Pearl (which I’ve bookmarked for a future purchase), over any areas of pigmentation and under the eyes, a dusting of Chantecaille Poudre Delicate in Veil over the T-zone and a dab of By Terry Blush Veloutée in Apple Glow over the cheeks.

Brows are something that my Mum has never really experimented with, so Graziella went light-handed with just a small amount of Laura Mercier’s Eye Brow Pencil in Blonde to ramp up the definition slightly. She then primed the eyes with By Terry’s Hyaluronic Eye Primer in 2, and washed the lids with Laura Mercier’s Matte Eye Colour in Vanilla Nuts, adding Topaz in the crease. The trick that followed was the one that my Mum was most fascinated by and has remarked that she’ll be giving a go again; Graziella took the Chantecialle Le Stylo in Dark Brown and dotted it in between her lashes to give them the illusion of looking fuller. She then layered on just one coat of Chantecialle’s Faux Cils Mascara and my Mum was sold – both the liner and mascara were popped in her basket.

For lips my Mum keeps it light and glossy, but Graziella and I managed to coax her into giving two lip options a go; something sheer and shinny for the daytime and another with a little more colour as an evening option. In the pictures above she’s sporting her nighttime choice, Lipstick Queen in Saint Rouge. I really liked the raspberry toned shade on her and the glossy finish means it’s something she actually felt comfortable in. However her favourite was the second offering, a more daytime-friendly pinky brown, Chantecaille Lip Chic in Tea Rose – something to grab for her when her birthday rolls around I think.

The verdict? Well my Mum happily wandered around London for the rest of the day without a disgruntled swipe, smudge or baby wipe in sight. The next day a photo of Mum’s beaming beautiful face popped up on my phone from my Dad with the caption, ‘Mum wanted to show you that she is using her purchases’. I think that says it all.


  • Aww, your mom is so pretty!

  • Lilmisschickas

    Gosh Anna you can see you in your mum!! Lovely post 🙂 x

  • Jas

    Awww what a lovely post! my mum is the same! her beauty regime is so simple compared to my mountain of beauty products 🙂 x

  • Wow your mum is an utter babe! Good looks clearly run in the fam! 🙂

  • Lauren

    That is such a nice, cute mother daughter experience. I think my mom owns more makeup than me. She doesn’t wear much of it though (and now I see where my makeup hoarding comes from). This sounds like a great way to have some mother daughter binding. Thanks for sharing.

  • Chelsey Westby

    This is so cute, especially the last bit! I’ll be keeping this idea in my mind for my own Mum. xo

  • jessica

    Haha aw this is so cute! Your mum looks stunning in that make up! 🙂 x

  • WY H

    Your mum looks absolutely fabulous Anna! Wish I could take my mum to Space NK for a makeover, would be such a treat – I moved out to England, leaving my family in the Netherlands;-). X

  • Rosa Spink

    Your mum is absolutely beautiful!

  • Jess Pugh

    Your mum has beautiful skin! The blush looks lovely on her! X

  • Julia

    Your mum is gorgeous! What a lovely Mother’s Day treat:)

  • Maddy Cane

    Awww, she looks lovely, I hope you had a great time together! xxx

  • Elinor Minett

    She looks so happy! What a lovely present and your mum is really pretty!

  • Aw your mum is such a babe! My mum is exactly the same when it comes to makeup, but I think she’s coming round now too. A Space NK makeover is sure to tip anyone over the edge ;)


  • Danielle O’Connell

    This is such a lovely Mother’s Day treat! She’s gorgeous, too! x

  • Chloe Witty

    oh your mum looks so stunning! she looks gorgeous

  • dorinag

    Your mum looks stunning!

  • Charli J
  • Kerri

    Aw i love this post! Your mum looks lovely 🙂

    Kerri xx

  • Snigdha

    Your mom is beautiful

  • Your mum is gorgeous, just like her daughter. 🙂 My mum uses olay too, what is it with mums and olay hey? xx

  • Your mum looks so lovely!
    What are the two palettes shows in the picture?

  • Jade Stokes

    A little genius, that Graziella! You look like your Mum a lot Anna, you can really see it around the eyes and mouth. She’s a beauty! I’ve never thought of going to Space NK for a makeover but I may think about doing so, I bet even my Mum would love a little makeover, too!

  • Katie Hello

    Space NK do the best makeovers ever! My mum had one the other week- they used the Kevyn Aucoin tinted balm, some bronzer and a lipstick, as well as introducing her to curled lashes and she was so pleased! She only owned a Stila tinted moisturiser and convertible colour,  so it was so nice to have a few goodies in one of those gorgeous Space NK bags. Your mum looks lovely!
    Katie xx

  • That sounds like such a lovely day. I think it’s about time I treated my mum to a bit of pampering too. Thanks for the nudge x Becky

  • Sof

    Oh thats so cute Anna!! Its so interesting to get moms involved! I do it all the time with mine 🙂

  • M R

    nicely done! very sweet of you to take your mom for a makeover. i had no idea that mother’s day was in march for the british! it’s in may for north america.

  • Bethschofield13

    My Mum is exactly the same when it comes to makeup, and is always scared to experiment! Might have to take her to get a makeover done too!


  • Pippa Jones

    The make up looks so lovely on your mum, The colours really suit her 🙂

    Pipp xx

  • livinginabeautybubble

    What a lovely post, your encouraging me even more to indulge in some Nars eye shadows! Your mum really suited the colours.
    Amy xxx |

  • She looks great! That was a lovely way to pre-celebrate the day! =)

  • Joysteib

    Awwwww…..this was an awesome blog about your mom!!! I am so happy she indulged and saw her beauty as it is…..pure beauty!!! I bet she felt like a queen all day long. I know I would have! Such a marvelous daughter you are!!!! <3

  • katherine.parkes

    aww she looks so pretty! x

  • Oh how sweet are you two! 🙂

  • Gigi

    She is absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  • Michelle Kuliszkiewicz

    too freakin cute 🙂

  • Slanted Stripes

    Your mum is so cute! In the fourth picture she looks just like you 🙂

    Also, love Graziella’s polish!

  • Beth Bradley

    Your mum looks really beautiful. I love how the artist has used the make up to enhance her features, it looks very natural 🙂

    Beth @

  • Anna Garcia
  • Labeauteobsession

    Aww your mum is beautiful; you look just like her! Seems like Olay is a cult product for mothers!

  • Your mom is so gorgeous!!  I might have to start using Olay . . . her skin is so pretty!

  • Amani

    awwwh this is so cute I think you should get her all the things she liked at the store for her birthday 😛 ♥

  • This is a really sweet post, and she is beautiful!

  • gleepface

    What a lovely treat! Your mum looks so lovely, the look really suits her! 

    I have done my mum’s makeup a couple of times, although the first time I did it I was about 16 and a silver and black smokey eye might have been a bit of a questionable choice in hindsight… but still, at least it went well with her dress! 

    She is still very attached to her navy khol eyeliner as her only makeup product, though!

  • Your Mum is very beautiful, I’m so glad to hear that she enjoyed stepping out of her comfort zone with you! This whole beauty blogging biz is great for that, my Mum and yours sound quite alike and mine now lets me get to work on her face all by myself, and loves it! She also keeps nicking my polishes and blushes, but that is another story…

  • Corporate But Cute

    Hey Anna, I did this with my Mum last month but at Mecca Cosmetica which is similar to Space NK but in Australia. I reviewed the experience on my YouTube channel (Corporate But Cute) and would love you to check it out xxx

  • your mom is cute! 🙂 glad she had fun!

  • Yelena

    your mum is gorgeous! 🙂

  • SBMH

    i know this is a very late reply to this post but how much does a makeover cost? 🙂