NARS ‘And God Created the Woman’

I’ve had the NARS ‘And God Created the Woman’ palette in my grasps on a fair few occasions and then when I finally sucked it up and decided to take another neutral shadow palette plunge, it was out of stock. A perfect demonstration of Sod’s Law. I’m a complete sucker for the whole ‘hard to find so I need it’ phenomenon, backed up by my possession of many a limited edition MAC lipstick that have largely remained untouched, so the out of stock situation just added fuel to my fire. Like a women possessed I managed to track it down and it’s barely left my lids since, so I thought I’d roll my rave of it into a post/video combo pairing a written ode with a short film of me experiencing verbal diarrhoea and a cack-handed tutorial with the beholden object. You can thank me later.

This palette seemed to sneak up on us here in the UK, not much was seen or heard of it and then it popped onto Space NK counters without a fanfare. From a brief bout of Googling it looks like Space NK have the exclusive (annoyingly out of stock), but there are still some on the shelves of the NARS website. The set comes complete with a palette of six shadows – four shimmers, two mattes – a sample of Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow base (which swung it for me, I’ve always wanted to try it out) and an eye shader brush and chimes in all together at £40.50. Not bad for a NARS offering, but the purchase was aided by the fact that I had £20 worth of points on my N.Dulge card – score.

Time for a shade breakdown (again Google researched as the shade names are not listed on the product or packaging). From top to bottom, left to right we have: Alhambra, a champagne shimmer much akin to MAC All That Glitters, Bellisima, a matte grey-toned taupe, Kalahari, a warm-toned shimmer laden taupe, Galapagos, a rich brown with golden flecks, Coconut Grove, a deep chocolate matte brown and Night Clubbing a golden shimmer laced black. My top picks from the lineup? Kalahari – the sort of shade I could sweep over my lids on a daily basis with and be as happy as larry with and Coconut Grove – it might not appear much in the pan but these sorts of dark matte shadows come in handy for an eyeliner-phobic like myself to define the lashline with.

If you’re already storing away either of the Urban Decay Naked palettes or anything similar in your stash then it’s not worth running around like a headless chicken after. But if you’re in the mood for a splurge, a nude shadow worshipper like myself or have the odd bit of dollar hanging around on your loyalty card, then go knock yourself out – you’ll have fun doing it. I know this is a product I’ll happily get my lid-wear out of. To see it in action, have a little watch of the video above and select to ‘Watch on YouTube’ for all the extra beauty bits in the info box. I guess there’s nothing left to say except, ‘heart-eyed-emoji‘ – see yesterday’s post for reference.


  • you jammy devil getting £20 off it!! 🙂

  • Beautyandtheb

    haha that’s so funny I always do that (if I can’t find something it makes me go crazy to find it more!) 

    looks like a great palette, love NARS eyeshadows SO much 

    B xxx

  • Amy

    I am lusting after this SO much. The primer is my favourite thing ever and I need a new one anyway so I keep almost buying it. However I need another neutrals pallet like I need a hole in the head. 

  • sazzy c

    I want this SO bad, nars eyeshadows are the best. Great video 🙂 x

  • Thebeautymist

    I want this so much!!!:) x

  • I’m a sucker for “hard to find” goods myself…Night Clubbing is beautiful as a liner.

  • Denise F.

    Want! (:

  • Kelly Taylor

    I’m obsessed with neutral colors but I can never get myself to splurge on a NARS palette. But I just might have to!

  • Ahh have been uhmming and ahhing over this palette as well for soo long! The colours are soo gorgeous, Kalahari’s my fave too!


  • Maddy Cane

    I love the look you created so much, you look beautiful! xx

  • Bella

    This palette and Nars Pleasures of Paris palette are my favourites. I could use them every single day, if it weren’t for the fact that I force myself to rotate my stash. Naked who?  I love your look.

  • Jodie Moores

    This palette looks beautful, would be perfect for travelling as you literally have everything there. I think this is a great buy, I too get more desire from a product when there is limited, no one wants to miss out haha!

  • Charli J

    Lovely palette, although I have SO many that already have these colours in, I won’t be buying it.
    Charli @


  • This is such a gorgeous palette, I’m going crazy for palettes at the moment! I’m not sure why… I’m definitely a neutral eyeshadow lover, I wish I had £40 lying around, this would definitely be mine if I did!
    Eleanor x

  • andkate

    Beautiful eyeshadow palette, I adore the colours, especially the nuder shades.
    You look gorgeous with it on though – it really complements your eyes 🙂
    Have a wonderful Sunday
    Lots of Love
    Kate xo

  • Sophie

    The colours are so beautiful!

  • Ml Hauken

    Beautiful colours! And  video <3 Have a lovely sunday.

  • doravrdoljak

    the perfect eye look, love it 🙂

  • Jade Stokes

    Love this palette- it seems so sophisticated and ‘grown up’ compared to the Naked Palette which I own and love. I think a little trip down to my local Space NK may be happening soon Anna and I’m blaming it entirely on you 😉
    Great post as always! 

  • Lauren

    This is gorgeous.  I am really glad that it is still in stock in the US (at sephora) because I really want to check this out in person.  I have so many eyeshadows but I love NARS too much to pass on this without seeing it in person.

  • Thesilkblouse

    I LOVE your blog, your videos. I just found your blog from Tanya Burr’s last video and I’ve watched your videos the entire weekend. I love your style

  • Amy Creaner

    Is it worth the money do you reckon? I have both naked palettes and mac all that glitters, and probably shouldn’t buy it, but I really do want it.. hmmmm, gorgeous look by the way, maybe just enough to swing it for me!

  •  oh, the NARS palette that i have always been hearing about for the past few weeks! The shades do look pretty and seem to compliment each other very well, but i really can’t justify me spending the money on a palette that is so similar to the NAKED palette that i haven’t even hit pan on any of the colours. NARS packaging is always hard to resist and i have learnt that the ‘Limited edition’ tagline does not make it ok to splash~

    Thank you for the review~<3

    X x X x

  • livinginabeautybubble

    Great review, I am currently lusting over this palette, i have so many eyes hadows but I don’t actually own a Nars product! I may need to buy this now..hahaa 🙂

  • Pippa Jones

    The colours really suit your skin tones. REally wanting this palette but its just getting my hands on one! 

    Pipp xx

  • katherine.parkes

    this could not be more stunning! x

  • AlittlebitUnique

    Love your videos, your hair is actually gorgeous! And I’m really trying to justify buying another nudes palette!

    A little bit Uniquex

  • Lucita Magana

    Ahhh I think I want this palet! I hit pan on all that glitters by Mac! Lol so I’m just trying to justify why I should buy it! Also I don’t own any nars shadows! Lol! Only nars blushes! Mmmmmm should I go splurge?? I also do not own naked a Mac shadow girl

  • Millie

    This palette looks gorgeous! I love the look you have created with it, you look amazing! Great tutorial!! 🙂 ♥

  • Claire F

    i just ordered this online…. bit of a slurge but i’m not even guilty 😉 your posts always make me spend money, anna! love the look you did with it – can’t wait to try it out! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    love xoxo

  • Beautiful palette! I love how simple your looks are :D

  • Bethanymarriott

    great palette, going to be hard not to resist!! x

  • Helena Whitehead

    Wow theses are such pretty colours! This is perfect for me!!!

    Please check out and follow my blog! I’d really appreciate it!

  • Beautiful palette!

  • ashley Plumlee

    Ive been lusting after this pallette for so long. Despite having the lorac pro and the naked 1. I extremely recommend the lorac pallette btw. But you’re review sent me over the edge. Could you post swatches please? 🙂