The Weekend Post #54: The Face Base Stack

After an almost two week jaunt here there and everywhere delivering Christmas presents and eating my own body weight in mince pies (just call me Father Christmas), this weekend has mostly beeen spent getting reacquainted with the best bed in the world and unpacking, groan, which just about has to be one of the most laborious and drawn-out tasks ever. However in my emptying of my umpteen bags and holdalls I remembered a snazzy little space-saving beauty idea that came in very handy indeed over the festive period. Usually whenever I travel it’s only for a few days so a condensed set of beauty essentials does the trick, but as my journey this time encompassed a fancy dinner or two, lazy days and a bit of dancing around in a schwety club, I needed to lug more than my usual amount round. But luckily in the nick of time I remembered a trusty little stacking pot I had hanging around and the ‘Face Base Stack’ solved all my woes…

The pot in question was purchased as a mistake in Boots for a couple of pounds, I thought they were individual samplers, but it turns out that were all stacked together, “damn” I thought and threw them to my back of my drawers. But it turns out this tower had just the right amount of space for the five face base products I decided to bring along with me. Three foundations made the cut. The Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Pearl* for lazy days, Jemma Kidd Light As Air Foundation in 2 for when my skin was a looking a little more worse for wear after devouring the tin of Quality Streets and Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation in 6 for when I was going to dance the night away. I’m not usually a powder gal but as I knew they’d be a few makeup longevity-testing situations I thought I’d better throw two in just in case; Laura Merciers Mineral Powder in Natural Beige and By Terry’s Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder* – my powder of choice if I do ever throw one on. And here’s a little tip: start at the top with lightest coverage and work down to highest so you don’t forget what’s in each pot!

And even after this decanting marathon I still had a holdall that could work as a weightlifting object on Worlds Strongest Man. I’m surprised I managed it home with both shoulder sockets still in place and yes, I did have to have a lie down after dragging my bloomin’ bursting bag up numerous flights of stairs, wedging it into the last morsel of space on the train and navigating the tube. Dramatic? Who, me? Never… 

*PR Samples


  • Francesca

    This is such a clever idea! Especially if you want to take more than one foundation away with you, you could even use it to put in moisturiser or cleanser too!

  • Mind those pots if you’re traveling with them in a nice bag– they’re brilliant for a while but with mine the edges of the lids started to crack and crumble and leak and I was using them to store foundation and face cream. The Body Shop have the best sample pots and the staff are usually pretty good about giving out a few if you ask nicely:)

    • Katy // RottenOtter

      I have some too and they started to crack as well, I bought mine from Mac. They’re only holding depotted lipsticks in though so luckily no mess 🙂 xx

      • pinklovenugget

        Mine did too! It’s a shame as it seemed like the perfect solution for my gym bag.

  • Millie

    Great post! This is a great idea for travelling! 🙂 ♥

  • Charli J

    I also bought that stack thinking it was individual pots, It was so annoying!
    I use it like this too, would be great for hollidaying!!

    Charli @

  • joysteib

    Your posts are the most interesting and entertaining ones ever!!! Love your ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!! <3

  • Liora

    This is such a clever idea! Especially when I travel to and from uni for the holidays and end up lugging about 4 foundations with me ‘just incase’!

  • jessicafrench

    This is a good idea! I should do it more often considering the amount of time I’m travelling from Essex to London. p.s what are your thoughts on the By Terry powder? yay or nay? x

  • Rebecca Millar

    This is such a good idea! I always have little pots like that so my sisters/friends can steal a little bit of new products I’m trying out, but I never thought of using them for travel!

    Would you mind pointing me in the right direction for HTML/Blogger templates? I just love your choice of blog layout and wondered if you had any recommendations! Xx

  • Amelia

    Such a lucky mistake! It sounds like you and I are the similar type of traveller, carrying far too heavy bags for far too long. I’ve even been sore for a day or two after a long travelling day! xx

  • Oh wow! That is such a great idea 🙂 I would definitely get this if I travelled as much as you do.

  • Hollie Galvin

    Next time I go away Im definitely going to decant my products into those cute stacking pots. So ideal for taking little bits instead of glass foundation bottles!

  • Letizia Tocci

    Hi Dear, I bough some cool stuff for travelling in Muji.

    here are some pics of a blog post I did a while ago… give it a go!.