A Slice of Sales Shopping

Picture the scene. 11pm Christmas Day evening. Everyone is asleep but I’m wide awake browsing the web. After necking down a tube of Jelly Tots I decide to quickly check on the Space NK online sale and would you believe it? I end up with a hefty amount of beauty produce in my online shopping basket. Surprise, surprise. Bargains from This Works and Laura Mercier were on the cards. But that wasn’t all – a chance trip to Urban Outfitters left me with even more sale wares that leant more to the home interior and makeup organisation (swoon!) side of proceedings. And as if the video wasn’t long enough already I threw in a few beauty bits that were waiting for me under the Christmas tree.

Select to watch on Youtube for all the extra links, info and product bumf and quick warning – you may just be a little more than tempted to log-on to Space NK and/or Urban Outfitters after watching this video…


  • Flora Treiber

    I love the Laura Mercier pallet!

  • Kirsty Hill

    That laura mercier palette is gorgeous and for £8.50 that is a bargain!
    I have a beauty blog and would love if you came to check it out!

  • I love This Works too, ive got my eyes on that candle for my nect purchase! x

  • I did that on christmas night too! I have a slight problem with online shopping!

  • Kate

    I think I hate you a little bit for introducing me to Space NK …

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    Space NK deffo had some amazing beauty sales this year!

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Bea

    ThisWorks have some great products – I am now very tempted…but I was warned!
    *i’m sorry credit card*

  • Just a Spoonful Of Sugar

    I wish that Space NK was in France too!! The Laura Mercier palette is amazing! I have to wait the end of the month to come to London but I don’t think there will be sales anymore!

    • Shode

       space NK ship internationally

  • thisgirlloveschic

    NK has got me hooked! my bank account may dislike me a little 😉 great post ! xxx

  • Ally

    I’ve never heard of Space NK until I started reading your blog, but I’m hooked! I live on the west coast US and most people here haven’t heard of it either as there are only a few locations confined to NY/east coast. The US Space NK sale it awesome…can you say Jemma Kidd light as air (and many others) for $6?! I might need to try it out finally!

  • Laura Evelyne

    Now you’ve got me wanting the Laura Mercier primer!

  • tissue522

    Ive been eyeing that laura mercier palette for almost 2 years now! its a shame that its not available where I live.. could you please get back to us after you’ve had a few goes with it? happy 2013 xoxo

    • Shode

       space NK ship internationally if that helps

  • I have been so good this year & avoided the sales. I knew if I looked I would be tempted. I need to save for 2 weddings (not mine) and a holiday to San Fransisco. But I am so jealous of all the goodies I have seen people blogging about. There were some great deals to be had. Maybe next year I will be up at midnight hunting down some beauty bargains.

    Happy New Year

  • I’d love to see a review of the Laura Mercier primer! I’ve been thinking about buying it for some time now! X

  • Pamela

    I love love love Space NK! I’m so happy we have them in the US. Curious if you have tried any of the Sarah Chapman products. Her overnight facial us quite dreamy 🙂

  • Alice Wright

    I’ve just bought the This Works Night Owl set from Space NK too! Such a bargain and I’ve been looking to try out some of their products so I thought this would be a good start.

  • Lorna – Studs and Dreams

    wanting that this works set so bad! unfortunately there is so much else i want too…

  • Hannah

    I love Space NK! Which is your local?