The Weekend Post #20: The Skincare Shakeup

I’d thought I’d try something different today, and instead of just whacking out a ‘Weekend Post’ for you guys, I thought I’d throw up a video too! In all honestly I think this post would have been quite a long one without it, so I’ve popped up a nice and ramblely video instead! Over the past few weeks I decided that I needed a skincare shakeup, gone are my oily-prone teenage days and I’m starting to notice my skin is getting drier and needs a but of extra TLC that I wasn’t giving it before. So I’ve begun to slowly acquire new things and you know what – my skin is actually liking it! It’s still early days, so no full-on reviews or recommendations here, just an overview of what I’m currently using and my first impressions. Hope you like it!


  • Both your blog&your videos are amazing and you´re one of the only youtube girls that doesn´t seem overly “fake”. 😉 Love this video!

    • Aw thanks hun! x 

  • Wow, nearly 100 videos! So exciting… I’m the same as you, I used to have oily skin, whereas now I have patches of dry and oily, but mostly normal! Thanks for all the tips, your skin is so beautiful so I love to see what you’re using! Really want to try Aesop after this! Hope you’re having a great weekend..

    • Aw thanks hun, pleased you found it helpful – hope you’re having a great weekend too! x 

  • Anonymous

    Hey Vivianna,
    Great video, I am also a fan of aesop products. Although it wasn’t mentioned in the video, I noticed in the photo you have the aesop control acne gel. I have been think of getting that, do you recommend it?

    • Ah yes I do – although in all honesty I didn’t mention it as I used it once and it really did nothing, the Origins Super Spot remover is much better in my opinion or the Aesop mask that I spoke about in the video 🙂 x 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been having a bit of a skincare overhaul as well – it’s been fuuuuun ;P

    • It is soooo fun, and addictive! I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to stop buying things for my face 😉 x 

  • Zoe

    I trust your opinion so much, and these last couple months my skin has just been playing up a storm!
    I’ve been eying up Aesop for some time – and I think you’ve completely pushed me over the edge, I need to get some of their stuff!!
    Great post as always!

    Zoe xx

    • Ah thanks hun! So pleased this post helped 🙂 x 

  • Ying Cheung

    I agree with you that skin types do change, these days i realise that my skin is getting a bit drier as opposed to my extreme oily skin i had in my late teens. I still have oily skin, but i feel that mattifying products actually makes my skin produce even more oils to compensate, so now most of my products are leaning towards moisturising and hydration~
    Thanks so much for sharing~x

    • Yes it sounds like your skin is doing exactly the same as mine! So much better to give it some nourishment 🙂 x 

  • missmegan123

    Another brilliant video! I’m always so interested in your skincare videos and recently bought the Estee Lauder ANR and some origins products after you talked about them. It’s made such a huge difference to my skin already, loving them! Looking forward to your 100th video! x

    • Ah so pleased you like it hun! Not long till the 100th video now 😉 x 

  • Anonymous

    Fab video! I love anything to do with skincare! xo

    • Pleased you liked it! x 

  • Nicola

    My skin has got so bad lately! I don’t know what to do, i need to get some products, i can’t wait to watch this and hopefully pick up some ideal product recommendations(: 

    • Ahhh hope some of my recommendations help 🙂 x 

  • Louise Parker

    absolutely adore your shirt in the video! LV x

    • Thanks! x 

  • Jpoppy

    Love skin care 🙂 I have had to do the same and completely change mine up because my skin has changed a lot. xo

    • Ah pleased you liked it hun x 

  • Stephanie Street

    I can’t explain how much I loved this video! Amazing – very insightful 🙂 Quick question, have you eliminated Cleanse and Polish from your routine? xxx

    • Aw thanks hun! Not at all, of course I still have a bottle 😉 I just use it if I have a bit more time in the mornings 🙂 x 

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    I feel exactly the same as you, since I’ve hit my 20s I feel like my skin has changed ! Loved this video, thanks for the tips ! xx

  • Faceofthunder

    I love your skincare vids. I’m excited to see if you like the toner because I need a new one. And I’m glad you got rid of the Philosophy cleanser. It gave me a massive rash on my neck so it’s NOT my friend 😉

    Livvy ( x

  • Beth Bradley

    I definitely want to try all things Aesop now! The blemish mask sounds incredible, I’ve recently had bad skin and this would of been perfect!

    Beth @

  • Oh Anna, my skincare wishlist is seriously long at the moment…! I’ve ‘shaken up’ my routine recently too, and love the products I’m using but could probably use the Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum in my life! xx

  • J B

    Anna , 

    you are AMAZING !!!

  • merrybelly

    awesome video and blog! thank you for talking about skin care 🙂

  • Lexi33

     Our skin does change as we get older, however mine  seems to have done a reverse! Throughout my teens I had perfect skin now at 21 experiencing oily spotty skin?! So I may have to give Aesop a go, and for extra tenner you can get double the amount of product! So exciting when you discover a new brand! I cannot thank you enough!

  • Really enjoyed this post and video! In fact, I really enjoy reading/watching everything you post! x

  • Rosemariee

    I seriously love your posts and videos, you’ve just made me want to try Bioderma even more, think I might just take the plunge!

  • Lovely skincare routine! Also, your hair is looking fab! x

  • Dalmatia

    SPF needs to come first to your skin or it doesn’t work at all. Moisturizer after that. Antioxidants when exsposed to light loose antioxidant properties and work as SPF. That is extra sun protection but that is not their purpose. You need to use them in the evening.

  • kushrebecca

    love your video!! do you like your clarisonic??
    ps Im having a giveaway on my page you should check out =]

  • Nice post.

  • Isiskredz

    Hi Vivianna I purchased the whole Aesop set and I cant wait for it to arrive. I love your blog, and I like how you are very down to earth. Keep up the attitude. Thank you