More Essies?

Essie – a brand that you’ve probably heard me go on about 165 times. In fact it’s a brand that I could quite easily write about until the cows come home! I love Essie polishes; the smooth consistency, creamy and wearable colours and the cute white topped bottles, building a collection of them seems quite appealing to me. And boy have I been building a collection and a half – I nearly have a small army of them! Ever since stalls of Essie began to crop up in Boots and Superdrug stores the purchasing of a meal deal has never been quite the same!

Since the beginning of the month Essie have been rolling out stalls of their new diffusion line all over the country in larger Boots and Superdrug stores. Priced at £7.99 these polishes come in 70 of Essies best selling colours and with a new wider and easy to use brush. The downside of Essie polishes before was their thin and spindly brush so the arrival of a thicker brush is much welcomed and makes colours that were previously notoriously hard to apply go on like a dream (yes I’m talking about you Fiji and Ballet Slippers).

Over the past month it’s fair to say that I’ve picked up a few colours from the diffusion line, namely (left to right on the above picture): Ballet Slippers, Fiji, Sand Tropez, Merino Cool, Angora Cardi, Solemate, Aperitif and Cute As A Button. The only thing I’m not too keen on is the Essie’s from the diffusion line don’t have the usual circular label with all the colour info on the bottom of the bottle and instead have a sticker on the white lid. Being a bit of a neat freak (and a Virgo), I end up taking these off chopping them up and then sticking the label to the bottom of the bottle so they fit in with the rest of of Essie collection. Lame I know! It’s been a toughie to decide what colour to lacquer my nails up with, but I took a chance and went with the not-so-summery Solemate – a deep burgundy red. And you know what it all paid off as today we are back and blessed again with rain and grey skies – boo! But I think next time I’m going to liven it up a little with the vibrant coral shade Cute As A Button.

So the Essie obsession continues. Have you picked up any shades from the new diffusion line? Any recommendations?