More Essies?

Essie – a brand that you’ve probably heard me go on about 165 times. In fact it’s a brand that I could quite easily write about until the cows come home! I love Essie polishes; the smooth consistency, creamy and wearable colours and the cute white topped bottles, building a collection of them seems quite appealing to me. And boy have I been building a collection and a half – I nearly have a small army of them! Ever since stalls of Essie began to crop up in Boots and Superdrug stores the purchasing of a meal deal has never been quite the same!

Since the beginning of the month Essie have been rolling out stalls of their new diffusion line all over the country in larger Boots and Superdrug stores. Priced at £7.99 these polishes come in 70 of Essies best selling colours and with a new wider and easy to use brush. The downside of Essie polishes before was their thin and spindly brush so the arrival of a thicker brush is much welcomed and makes colours that were previously notoriously hard to apply go on like a dream (yes I’m talking about you Fiji and Ballet Slippers).

Over the past month it’s fair to say that I’ve picked up a few colours from the diffusion line, namely (left to right on the above picture): Ballet Slippers, Fiji, Sand Tropez, Merino Cool, Angora Cardi, Solemate, Aperitif and Cute As A Button. The only thing I’m not too keen on is the Essie’s from the diffusion line don’t have the usual circular label with all the colour info on the bottom of the bottle and instead have a sticker on the white lid. Being a bit of a neat freak (and a Virgo), I end up taking these off chopping them up and then sticking the label to the bottom of the bottle so they fit in with the rest of of Essie collection. Lame I know! It’s been a toughie to decide what colour to lacquer my nails up with, but I took a chance and went with the not-so-summery Solemate – a deep burgundy red. And you know what it all paid off as today we are back and blessed again with rain and grey skies – boo! But I think next time I’m going to liven it up a little with the vibrant coral shade Cute As A Button.

So the Essie obsession continues. Have you picked up any shades from the new diffusion line? Any recommendations?


  • You picked such a lovely colours. x

  • Verity Holden

    Love Essie!!  And it’s currently 3for2 on…  AAAAARRRGGGGHHH more shopping

  • Honor

    I love the diffusion line and have already picked up 3 colours, Ballet Slippers being one of them. X

  • Ying Cheung

    i want to go and grab some Essie nail polishes, i haven’t tried them but from what i can see, they do the most amazing colours! 
    Thanks for sharing~x

  • Florence

    I’ve found Essie formulas to be a bit hit and miss but my favourite is Chubby Cheeks! x 

  • Louise W

    Splash of Grenadine is gorgeous!!! X

  • Chelsey Westby

    I need to get my hands on ballet slippers, the colour is lovely and the name is far too cute not too buy, a treat for after exams I think 🙂 xo

  • Anonymous

    The new brushes are amazing! Pretty close to the Dior ones just that Essie is SOOOO much more cheaper. It’s even cheaper in Germany as it’s around 8 Euro, which is around 6,50 GBP I think… Nevertheless – way cheaper than before. I bought three in the last couple of weeks 🙂 My favorite is Cute As A Button, which is a great summer color. But I will definitely get  Chinchilly with the new brush and the new formula as well!

  • Amelia L

    Wicked is a lovely wintery colour too! I have Essie Van D’Go on my nails at the mo! It’s a beautiful pink!

  • Anonymous

    Do me a favour Viviana and stop posting about the Essie nailpolishes . Please because you possess a danger to my wallet/purse. haha. I’m kidding here.Keep them coming as I can’t get enough of them but its just that everytime you talk about a shade I end up falling inlove and lusting over them like mad. 🙂 I would love a separate individual posts which includes swatches of all your Essie polishes to help me decide which to go for but knowing me and from the above pic of your collection I may end up purchasing them all anyway. #curseofabeingabeautyjunkie 😀

  • Anonymous

    They arrived in my boots last week and I’ve walked past a few times now dying to stop and look, but my boyfriend always pulls me away because he knows how pricey they are! 😛

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    I love their polish ! I’m looking for absolutely shore everywhere ! I would highly recommend a crewed interest, such a pretty light peach xx

  • I love hearing about your little geeky habbits – so sweet! x 

  • Petra

    Im so angry they dont sell Essie in my country!!!! 

  • drivelhead1807

    My local TK Maxx had loads of Essie polishes in this week – go and hunt them down at your local branch! They had different sets of three shades for £9.99 so much cheaper than Boots/Superdrug. The set I got has three shades, Bordeaux, Capri and Lovie Dovie, all gorgeous!

  • Shari O’Connor

    Essie polishes are so addictive, I have so many on my wish list. And as a fellow Virgo I know what you mean! x

  • drivelhead1807

     In fact, a bit of Googling has told me that the bottles are all mislabelled and that’s how they’ve ended up in TK Maxx. All gorgeous though. I think I actually have Bordeaux, Barbados Blue & Fed Up.

  • I love Essie polishes! Easily my favourite nail polish brand! Really love the looks of Cute as a Button, think I’m going to have to invest! Great post as always! x

  • Becci Upshall

    Essie has just come to a boots near me, yayyyyy! I love your blog btw! xx

  • This diffusion line is supposed to be a different formula as well as a different brush, which is why it is cheaper and I’ve been looking for someone who was already an Essie fan to ask about it! Does it last as long as usual Essie polishes, as I find most polishes are awful at staying on my nails even with base and top coat, but Essie shades are like a dream!

    • Becky

      Have you tried Seche Vite top coat? I find this gives me a weeks worth of wear with no chipping even with my most chip prone polishes 🙂

      • No, I used an Essie top coat and I find it really extends polish, I was just really wondering about the colours…

  • Thehomebird

    I love the colours you’ve chosen.  I was talking on my blog yesterday about how I keep buying odd colours that I love on other people (like you and Lily Pebbles!) but I just don’t feel comfortable wearing them myself – must be because I’m old! 🙂  These ones are much more classic and more me.  Cannot wait until Essie sells in a Boots near me.  

    Nicki x 

  • Kate

    I absolutely love Angora Cardi, it was the first Essie polish I got and I think it’s unlike anything else! I’m definately an Essie convert, can’t wait to get more. Currently wearing Cute as a Button 🙂 x

  • Becky

    I know what you mean, I took the darn stickers off mine not realising and now have had to make a mental note of the colours, very annoying. The only gripe I have is that some of the consistencies can be quite watery but I have found it depends what colour you get. For instance Merino Cool applies like a dream with only 2 coats but Fiji on the other hand took me 4 coats to achieve an opaque effect and I can find that the polish can segregate around the top otherwise this is my new obsession. I did however see the other day that TK Maxx have started to stock Essie in packs of 3 for a tenner. 

    Beckys Makeup

  • Michelle

    Ok so don’t shoot me… I’ve never had an Essie polish. Don’t get me wrong, the colour selection is incredible, and I’ve heard great things all round, but I just never got round to it. For a girl who’s nails aren’t in the best condition, I’ve never been one to spend much on nail polish (even though my nails are always painted!)
    Now Essie has moved to Boots and Superdrug, I might have to give a go though!

  • yes, it must be a virgo thing – I’d do the same!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Essie polishes!

  • *A

    Quite similar to Solemate is Wicked… not sure if it has the new brush but it’s a great deep almost black red. And then Demure Vixen and Jazz… but again I’m not sure about these and the new brushes…

  • Louise Parker

    You have inspired me to start collecting! I only have one Essie at the moment and I love it so at least my collection would be useful, better than collecting beanie babies! LV x

  • I really want to try Lollipop, yet I can never seem to find it. Maybe next time I’m in the UK an Essie haul is in order. The wide brush argument has just pushed me over the edge.

  • Sophia

    I only have Essie island hopping which I adore! Can’t wait to buy more Essie nail polishes now! xxx

  • I finally found an Essie stand & of course had to make a purchase!! lol I picked up Tea & Crumpets, its a gorgeous natural pinky pearly colour and its hasn’t come off my nails since I bought it! lol
    Hayley xo

  • Sophia Moir

    I don’t own any Essie polishes! Shock horror. I’ve been thinking of getting either Fiji or Ballet Slippers – what’s the difference between them in terms of shade? Xxx

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  • Zoe Bennett

    I adore essie polishes and I brought ballet slippers after hearing you say such great things about it on your youtube channel – I think it was even one of the polishes featured on my blogs Mani Monday feature.I currently have Essie Turquoise and Caicos on my nails at the moment.Great post 🙂
    Zoe x

  • clare

    I love essie so much!!!