The Weekend Post #10: My Mini Mani

It’s a Sunday. In my world it’s prime preening time; I’ve washed and blow-dried my hair, had a nice relaxing bath with my new favourite bath oils (post on those coming up), and cleaned my makeup brushes. The only thing left is to sort out my nails. Over the past few weeks something strange has happened, I’ve completely gone off wearing colour on my nails. In fact I haven’t worn colour on my nails since I purchased the OPI Nail Envy back at the beginning of January! Now when I say colour I mean my usual browns, beiges and taupes – they have all been replaced by one neutral nail-like shade, Essie Ballet Slippers. I brought this back at the beginning of the year and was intially disappointed with it’s sheerness, but a couple of the months down the line and it’s practically the only shade I have worn in 2012!

I keep my manicure routine very quick and simple: I cut and file my nails, apply the Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover Gel and them push my my cuticles and we’re ready to go. After a thin layer of the OPI Nail Envy I apply two layers of Essie Ballet Slippers. Now this polish takes some practice, it can go slightly streaky, so you have to wait a decent amount of time between layers to ensure that doesn’t happen. But if you fancy a barely-there, ‘groomed’ nail colour then this is perfect. It leaves a sheer milky pink to my nails, making them look clean without being too over-done, I love! A layer of Seche Vite Top Coat and they stay looking pretty good for the rest of the week until I re-do this routine next Sunday!


  • Holliegalvin

    Ballet slippers is the nicest essie neutral! Great post like always anna xx

  • Alice

    Your lens  is such good quality! xx

  • Nicola

    I love this colour, but i have no idea where to get essie nail polishes from? 

    • Ria Atri

      If you’re in the UK: John Lewis for a shop (they sell both Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle, another sheer pink) or Beauty Bay/Feel Unique online (which carry a MUCH larger shade range.) x

  • Anonymous

    I need to purchase Nail Envy sooner or later, my nails are in awful condition. I am never without polish because I can’t bare to look at them when they’re not painted, they are peeling and dry and ew! 🙂

    I love giving myself a mini mani too! Great Weekend post xxx

  • Ying

    i love the simplicity of this 🙂 its so effortless to have nice groomed nails~ the shade of the polish is nice too 🙂

  • flirtydresses

    I like that colour! Definitely preferring a more neutral nail at the moment! X

  • Abby

    This looks gorgeous,  simple yet classic & groomed! xx 

  • Anca Lb90

    They look gorgeous! I love a simple, classic manicure 

  • Katie Lewins

    I’ve never tried a nude/nature colour nail varnish I think I will have to definatly give one a go in the future. 

    Lovely post as always I love looking on your blog.


  • Samara CD

    This colour looks amazing on you!!

  • Ashley Coates

    That colour looks great!  I love sheer pinks, they’re appropriate for every occasion and very classy!



  • Anonymous

    Beautiful. I have Ballet Slippers, I got it with a freeb voucher aaaaages ago and picked it purely for the name and have never used it because it’s so translucent! I will give this a go though seeing as I got my Nail Envy in the post the other day (; haha I AM U ANNA x

  • I really love the colour of your nails! It looks so pretty and natural. I’ve never really used any before but I definitely am going to have to, they look lovely! xx

  • I’ve been exactly the same with my nails! I’ve only been wearing a strengthening clear varnish which is so different for me! x

  • Hannah

    Is the nail envy worth buying? X

  • jane

    I love your posts about simple and natural beauty routines 🙂 I’ve been doing the same with my nails lately except I also use a little nail whitener pencil under my tips. It looks a little bit more like a french manicure but still very natural.

  • Kassandra O’Brien

    I have ballet slippers and was really turned off by how streaky it was!  It looks beautiful on you in your pics though.  Maybe what I am missing is waiting longer in between coats.  I will try it out again.  Also, I am absolutely obsessed with essie’s pop art pink for a sheer pinky polish.  You should try it out!


  • sasha x

    they look gorgeous :-) xx

  • Hope

    your nails look great! i use passion by opi, a similar shade to ballet slippers x

  • Anonymous

    I love the simplicity and neutral-ness. I was going for that for about a month with a period of “bare nails” but now I’ve jumped back into colours. You’re tempting me back though, it’s just screams sophisticated. 😉 x

  • Absolutly LOVE your blog! your such a beaut!! If i see something on your blog, i have to have it! you a bad influence! 😉 Iv notice that the Essie nail polish has been mentioned on your blog before and is actually on my wishlish this month lol! Its going to have to be purchased!!!
    Hayley xo