Haul: Topshop, Zara & All Saints

Link to ‘Haul: Topshop, Zara, All Saints + More…’ Video

Yes, yes I have been buying stuff again. Naughty! But this time it is clothes – and they keep me warm – right? This is a mix of stuff of clothing that I have purchased over the past 2 months actually and I’m really pleased with my buys, I think I’m slowly but surely creating some kind of Spring wardrobe that even has a bit of colour in it – oh er! I also realised that I neglected to mention in the video a beautiful pair of platform heels from Zara which are featured in the picture above, they are beauts and can be purchased here. Enjoy!


  • Just watcched this haul, I loved the clutch! so classy and sleek 🙂

    • Carmodyam

      You are my absolute favourite blogger/YouTuber! You are so helpful and fun & not at all pretentious. You are however responsible for me spending all my hard earned cash on the gems you find!
      Loving your work, please keep it up. Annie x

  • Nicola

    Can’t wait to see  the haul for this, i love your hauls.

  • Terezasplace

    You’re definetely one of my favourite Youtubers! I loved this haul, all the things you’ve bought are amazing! And I also love youre necklace; it sucks we don’t have River island in the Czech republic..and I’m not gonna order it online, since it would cost 20 quid with the shipping.. 🙁

  • fashionbyalice

    New Look are doing clutch bags in the same style as that aldo one for £16! x

  • YAY! A new video to distract me from work 😉

    Whats in my purse

  • a vivianna i loved your video 🙂 and i’m so in love the clutch you bought…good choice…aldo is one of my favorite stores! i can’t go into that store without buying something! oh and color really suits you by the way…i loved the coral
    xoxo stephi

  • cat_mcmullan

    I bought those heals after seeing them on your blog, they are so lovely, and amazing value.
    You’ve got such good style, love your blog 🙂 x

  • Clay

    Loving the sandals ! xx