The Weekend Eat: Vanilla Protein Pancakes


When it comes to slightly cleaner alternative pancake recipes I’ve tried them all. From the mashed banana ones – yack – to those filled with cottage cheese that arrived on my plate looking like a weird omelette/porridge hybrid. I’ve been there, done that, put the mixture in the bin and fired up the crepe pan. But after a lot of trial and error I’ve found a protein-packed recipe that makes the perfect post-workout fill-up, but it’s that tasty that it often gets cracked out multiple times a week. So this weekend I thought I’d share what I’ll be rustling up this morning…

VANILLA PROTEIN PANCAKES (Makes about 10-12 pancakes) 1 TSP Coconut Oil, 1½ Cups Rice Flour (or whatever flour you fancy), ½ Cup Vanilla Protein (I use the Clean & Lean one), 1 TSP Baking Powder, 1½ Cups Unsweetened Almond Milk (or whatever milk you fancy), 4 Eggs

Heat up your dollop of coconut oil in a non-stick pan and add all your dry ingredients to a bowl. Then add the wet ingredients leaving the eggs till last – mixing those in one at a time. Give it a good whisk and you should end up with a smooth and quite thick batter. Ladle the mixture into the pan – less is more – then leave to cook on one side before flipping and popping onto a plate when your done. Stack up a few and then top with whatever you like.

My favourite toppings are a bit of yogurt, fruit and maple syrup, but if I can be arsed I cook up some apples with cinnamon and make a little spiced ensemble to drizzle on top (yes that’s Booja Booja Coconut Ice Cream on top too – shhhh!). Pop the rest of the mixture in the fridge and they’ll be enough left for tomorrow morning too. Monday just started looking a whole lot better…