The VDM Archives, Revisited

VDM Archives

Who’s up for a weekend stroll down memory lane? Fab. Grab your coat and let’s walk. I’m not sure I’ve spoken much about the VDM backstory, but I’ll give you the short one. Girl bored at Uni, girl procrastinates and after typing in ’40’s Makeup Tutorial’ on YouTube for a party she was due to attend that night stumbles across one from Pixiwoo, girl discovers a whole new world online, girl starts her own blog. That was four and a half years ago and what a four and a half years it’s been. Things were a little more ‘rustic’ back then with a header that I’d created myself in Paint – I don’t think graphic design will ever be my forte – grainy photos galore and some question beauty decisions. Although the first ever posts from this site got wiped when I had a makeover a few years back, every single YouTube video still exists…

In the interests of entertainment sometimes I find myself perusing the backend of my YouTube videos, scraping through the archives at footage shot in 2010 on a teenie tiny point and shoot that I used to rest on my bin and with eyebrows that had been plucked within an inch of their life and a complexion that had been treated with a layer of fake tan on a twice daily basis. It’s all very amusing. Spot the differences aside I like to look back and see what was topping my ‘can’t put down’ lists at the time and they make for some interesting reading.

Let’s take my May Favourites from 2011, which were: SudocreamXen-Tan Daily Body ScrubXen-Tan Transform LuxeCHANEL Soleil Tan De CHANELNARS Sheerglow Foundation in DeauvilleGuerlain Lingerie De Peau Foundation in 2 & 3MAC Face + Body Foundation in N3Vichy Dermablend Foundation in 25 NudeNARS Bronzer in LagunaTopshop Cream Blusher in FlushBenefit Coralista BlusherMAC 188 BrushMAC All That Glitters EyeshadowMAC Chromographic Pencil in NC15/NW20Blistex Intensive MoisturiserV05 Miracle ConcentrateLee Stafford Flat Iron Shine Protection Mist.

There are a few products there that I used up and moved on from. The Sudocream, Xen-Tan Daily Body Scrub (though that was good – repurchase required), the CHANEL Soleil Tan De CHANEL is a product that I forever try to bring back into the daily rotation and constantly fail, me and MAC Face + Body Foundation had a big falling out when a repurchase left me with one of the worst reactions I’ve had to a product ever and I have a feeling that the Topshop Cream Blusher in Flush somehow found its way into my sister’s makeup bag. But some real life-long favourites were discovered that month; the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation is one that I’ve just picked up a new bottle of and have rekindled my flame for, the NARS Bronzer is still my go-to three years down the line, MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow is still to this day the only shade that I’ve ever hit pan on and the MAC Chromographic Pencil, though on its final nub, still rocks. Re-watching the video has also reminded me to crack out the MAC 188 Brush and Benefit Coralista again and to pick up the Lee Stafford Protection Mist, not just because the smell always takes me back, but it was good stuff.

Fellow bloggers I highly recommend a riffle through old content from time to time. Not only will you belly laugh at the hilarity of it all but you may just find some old good’uns…


  • larissa

    Your blog was one of the first that converted me to a total beauty junkie 🙂 your recommendations are great ! Cheers from Mexico !

  • Bella

    I found your blog in 2012 after googling Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation! I think I also got linked back to your site for some Laura Mercier blush research…

  • Meg Bolderson

    What a brilliant idea! Hopefully one day my blog will be old enough so I can do this too!x

  • Ellen P-H

    haha I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of years now and it’s funny seeing how much you’ve changed! really cute idea xx

  • Cris Rajic

    Did you used to fake tan twice daily

  • Even since just last year you’ve toned down the tan a notch – and you look much better for it x

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  • I love this post! Very interesting! I love how sudo-crem was in your favourites haha!
    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • Carina Stewart

    Oh I hate looking back at my old videos! Although, that is my favourite thing to do with others, look back through to their oldest video 😉

    Carina |

  • I love your story. It look me so long to start my blog, I remember I was part of the make up forms on Live Journal and always wanted to start a blog but was scared. Now I’m loving the world of blogging!

  • Trudy Wang

    I’ve watched a lot of your old vids. Love them 🙂

  • Miss N

    Loved this! Hope that one day I will be able to look back at mine like this. I just recently started my beauty blog xx

  • This is so lovely! I think we all regret some beauty/fashion choices we made back in the day hahaha x

  • Love a slice of vintage VDM! I think i’ll need a large gin to go back through my archives!! xx

  • This was so interesting, you’ve changed so much! x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  • alice bea ☮

    haha I love these sort of posts, you’ve changed a lot!!

  • Daniella




  • I remember this! I was still in 6th form waiting for a reply from UCAS and Notts Uni and had just started a new blog. Now I’ve finished Uni and been blogging on and off for about 5 years!
    Lee stafford protection mist will always be a good un’ I used to get a little over zealous with the shine spray too. Not a good look 😛



  • If you still want to incorporate the Chanel Soleil tan into your ruoutine, I think MakeupbyTiffanyD might have worked it out. Granted, I don’t own the Soleil tan myself (much because it seems too much of an effort), but you could check it out. 🙂

  • I’ve recently been going through your old videos (stalker alert!) and found one where you said that you would never ever run, but now you’re at it 3 times a week! Well done!

  • Ah, it is to fun to take a peek back! I’ve been blogging for over three years now and it’s interesting to see what favourites have stuck and which have fallen by the wayside. Fun post, Anna! xo

  • Manouk

    Woh you used to be so tanned haha! I’m not really sure for how long I’ve been watching your videos and reading your blog but it’s a LOOONG time. I think I’ve seen them all 🙂

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  • Wow what a tan! Yeah sometimes I watch pictures of even 6 months ago and I don’t recognise myself or I’m “OMG what was I wearing” or something like that 😀

  • Clementine Buttercup

    Wow, how did you grow your eyebrows? Mine have a neat arch but could do with a bit of filling in, which I’ve never been able to master. Currently using Benefit gimme brow – any other recommendations for newbies?

  • Ahh, I cannot bring myself to look at my old post sometimes. Absolutely cringe worthy.
    Carolyn | BLOG

  • Ellie

    This post is absolutely fabulous! I’m going to do this when I have been blogging for a bit longer – you’ve come so far and done so well!!

  • emiller1233

    I just got the MAC all that glitters shade and I can’t get enough!

  • I remember the days of the paint banner!
    Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel is still a firm favourite of mine!

    Grace’s Beauty Space xxx

  • Pippi Bartlett

    such a fun post! it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come in the last 4 years! xx

  • Alice

    I find it crazy that you have become so successful just from procrastinating at uni!
    Some good ole’ faves there though 🙂

    alicekatex ♥

  • Great post Anna 🙂 and encouraging for me as I’m a new blogger 🙂 I desperately need to get a good camera though 🙁 x

  • ellaturney

    Want to try out that scent! Ive just started my blog so my current posts im sure i will regret in the future, but oh well!;) xx

  • Carolyn Wolfram

    I love seeing how many people become so successful on the internet either from blogging or YouTube. 🙂

  • Wow seriously Anna, give us your tricks on how you’ve grown back your brows to such a beautiful finish!!! xx

  • i am definitely going to go scour back to some of your early vids, it’s so interesting to see where everyone started 🙂
    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • I think most bloggers seem to start their blog while at uni! It’s a great way to not due your work!


  • Allison

    I shudder at old pictures of my eyebrows! someone needed to tell me to drop the tweezers and walk away while they still had a chance
    Allison from

  • What a fun blast from the past! Eyebrows really do change our look significantly! I remember when I had a period of major over-tweezing when I was about 14. Thank goodness I let them grow out and started fresh shortly after.

    xo, Irina

  • it’s so cool seeing how far you’ve come! I’m sure we can all relate to the cringe choices we made back in the day!!

    Micks | The Little Yellow Book

  • Hahaha, I remember Tanned Anna. You’ve always been glam 🙂