The VDM 2014 Best Bits

Best Bits

I can’t lie. I love having a good ol’ snoop on Google Analytics (a programme that gathers data on a site regarding view counts, unique users and all that jazz) pretty regularly. Combined with reading all the comments it’s a good way to check in to see how well posts go down, where you lot are tuning in from and just how the site is performing in general. And don’t even get me started on Real Time Analytics which is where you can see exactly what’s going on VDM at that exact moment. Mind-blowing stuff. It’s highly addictive. So I had a trawl though as I do at the end of every year to see what the most popular posts of the past 12 months were and as always it threw up some really interesting results (my Cookie Monster Recipe post is still the most read post in the sites history, you cookie lovers you). Have you checked in with the top five most popular VDM posts on 2014?

At number 5… An Ode to the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils Again. Yup, my love for these is still going strong. If NARS keep releasing new colours, I’ll keep buying ’em. In fact, if I had to pick my favourite bold lip range then this would be it.

At number 4… 10 Websites all Beauty Lovers Need to Read. This is one of my favourite posts and one even I sometimes go back to as a blog post bookmark so I can click through to all the sites and have a read of my favourites.

At number 3… Tarte Lands in the UK. This was big beauty news this year so I’m not surprised a fair few of you were as excited as I was when it arrived. Tarte counters next please, in a UK Sephora – I’m not asking for much.

At number 2… Top 5 Drugstore Nude Lipsticks. Ahhhh my five favourite drugstore nudes ranging from peach to pink and beige to brown – there’s something for everyone here and I think they’re all under a tenner. Bargain.

At number 1 *drum roll please*… 5 New YouTube Channels That I Can’t Stop Watching. I’m so chuffed that this was the most read as I really do enjoy spreading the blogger/vlogger love. Still adore and watch all five of these lasses.

Here’s a question for you. If you had to pick your favourite VDM post, or perhaps a series of posts from the past year what would they be? Ah nothing like throwing a bit of surveying into the Sunday weekend post mix, eh?