The Underwear Buying Guide: Super Comfy, Super Practical

…because we all need an underwear audit once in a while.

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Every five years or so I have an underwear audit. It’s like a switch is flipped in my head and I suddenly realise that my feet are touching the carpet thanks to the lack of sock currently covering the sole of my foot. Nice. I usually think that it’s quite a boring stack of purchases to make, but for 2020’s switch-a-roo I’ve leant in on the fact that as a 31 year old I finally know exactly what I’m looking for; the shape of pants I always reach for, the fact that I like a mini wardrobe of bras depending on my mood, that I need more black and less beige underwear and the fact that everything has to be seamless and comfortable or else I’ll never wear it. I have my checklist covered. So over the past couple of months I’ve been researching, buying and replenishing my underwear stocks and I’m pleased to report that the audit is complete and I now feel like a million dollars thanks to the fact that I’m no longer wearing pants with a hole in. Here’s what my underwear drawer looks like…


10-ish pairs of black pants, 5-ish pairs of nude pants

As a long-time full-brief wearer I never thought I would be convinced otherwise when it comes to the pants coverage department, but what can I say I’m 100% into thongs these days. WHO EVEN AM I?! I bought a few five years or so back to wear to the gym and before you know it I was spending my days fishing my pants out of my arse crack 24/7. I jest though because thongs can be comfortable – you’ve just got to find the right ones. My entry level pair were the Victoria’s Secret No-Show Thong Panty; which although I’m not wild about the branding, are ridiculously comfortable and actually don’t show through your clothing – no matter how tight your leggings are. I’ve since upgraded to the Chantelle Soft Stretch Jersey Thongs* (in both the black and the neutral) – mainly because there’s no branding on them – WHOOP – but also because they have a bit more ‘snap’ in them and are still soooooo stretchy and comfortable, but they also are less likely to move around and roll throughout the day. So that’s my practical pants box ticked, but sometimes you want something with a bit more oomph right? That’s where the Hanky Panky Low-Rise Stretch-Lace Thongs* come in. They still have all the no VPL qualities of the others, but a lace finish so are just so damn cute.



3 black bras, 3 nude bras 

I have to preface this paragraph by saying that I have NO BOOBS. If you’re looking for styles that actually give support then I am not the person for you. If you’re looking for bras that can hold the weight of two small fried eggs, then I can be of assistance. I’m not super into matching underwear – and hey all my underwear is black or nude anyway because I’m wild – but I do follow the same principle with my bras as I do with my pants. I like to have some practical, seamless options and then a lacy option too for when I want to feel fancy. So in terms of the first category I lean on Chantelle* again. Honestly, I’ve become a bit obsessed with this brand, the ‘Soft Stretch’* line in particular is just *Chef’s Kiss*. The Soft Stretch Jersey Bralette* (again in the black and neutral), is a very simple ‘pull over your head’ t-shirt bra number. It is padded (which I normally hate) but it’s more just a thin lining and is good for wearing under tighter tops and creates a nice silhouette without looking like you’re wearing a pair of stuck on boobs. For a bra that’s somewhere between the two of being a t-shirt type bra, but with a bit of sexy flavour added in, I go for the Calvin Klein Stretch-Jersey Triangle Bras* – I’ve worn these for years and feel like they last really well. Then for a lace number I love the Hanky Panky Soft Stretch Signature Stretch-Lace Soft Cup Bralettes*. You know the deal already by now; comfy, stretchy and it’s nice to have the option to wear the matching thongs if I’m am ever in a matchy matchy mood.



15-ish pairs of socks 

I might have invested in a nice bra or pair of pants or two over the years, but I had never bought nice socks until recently. Just a pack of plain black full-length socks and trainer-socks from M&S* thank you very much whenever I realised that my socks had not just one hole in, but the whole underside had rubbed away. Mark on the other hand LOVES a good sock purchase and it’s because of him and my new Instagram crush Louisa Hatt, that I took the plunge, went ham with the sock buys and reinvented my sock wardrobe. Louisa loves Rototo, so I picked up a few pairs of those from one of my favourite shops Our Daily Edit and can confirm that they are lovely and make my feet so toasty and are basically a must during this long ol’ working from home stint in our lives. Thanks to ODE I’ve also discovered Le Bon Shoppe (available from Shop Anomie if you’re in the U.S), who do super soft socks in shades that will make you want to buy every single one. I would personally recommend the Trouser Socks in any of the shades that are available – they are nice and long so great for wearing under boots and perfect for winter, or the Her Socks if you fancy a shorter style that are better for trainers and year round wear. It’s taken a while, but I’m giving Mark a run for his money in the sock department…


Photos by Mark Newton