The Ultimate Sunday

It’s very rare that a Sunday stretches out in front of me unfilled, with no plans and the ability to be crammed with whatever damn lazy activities I like. But today is exactly that, with Mark off out on a bike ride for most of the day, I’m home alone and reckon I’ll be filling the hours with tidying, re-organising, re-arranging, preening, primping and just generally appeasing my Virgo tendencies. I’m not gonna lie, after a few packed weekends and having not had a lay-in for well over a month I’m looking forward to this one *closes eyes and nods* – oh yeah. I do bandy around the term ‘The Ultimate’ around a lot, but today I’ve gathered the best of the bunch of The Weekend Posts and have put together a little timeline for those of you in the same boat as I. You ready to relax, rest but kind of kick Sunday in the ass too? Look no further…

11am The Bathroom Spring Clean. I cannot even begin to tell you how much more pleasing my life is now that every time I sit on my loo I can look around and see my tidy and organised my bathroom beauty stash. Seriously. Considering I did this recently, I won’t be partaking today, but if you’re in need of some inspiration and quick tips then this is the post for you.

12pm The Wardrobe Clear-Out. Now this is a step that’s long overdue. I usually have a clothing clear-out every few months; a seasonal rotation, filling up a charity bag with unloved garments and getting it all back in order so that my morning OOTD decision making can be super snappy. Do it. I promise Monday morning will feel so much better.

2pm Makeup Brush Maintenance. Groan. Another step that I’ve conveniently forgotten about. Anyone else find brush washing the biggest makeup chore? I’ve shoved all my tips into this post and by the end your brushes will be so clean, you’ll resort to finger application to keep them pristine (and to eek out the time till they’re next due a wash – I know your game).

4pm The Ultimate Pamper. Mid-afternoon it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty pampering. Bathing, exfoliating, hair washing, treating, cleansing, blemish-busting the lot. All my favourites are here and it’s not the speediest regime in the world, so I suggest a side order of The Office as the perfect accompaniment.

6pm At-Home Mani Menu. I’m not the kinda girl where nail polish lasts all week on me, so Thursday-ish always calls for a quick polish change. But at the weekend I like to go to town making sure my cuticles are cared for, edges rounded off and beds buffed and in as good condition as they can be. Here’s the mani menu I like to use.

10pm Top 10 Beauty Blogs. Tucked up, I suggest a blast of blog reading before you enter the world of slumber. Can I interest you in my top 10 favourites?

A terribly self-indulgent day, but hey – don’t we all just need a bit of time every now and again? Right, alarm set and all ready to go for 11am, or maybe I’ll just put the snooze back o…zzzz…zzz…