The Tale of Makeup and Me

Lets try something different. I’m currently writing this sat in pub, sodden wet, waiting for my mate to arrive, sipping on my drink and desperately trying not to look like I’ve been stood up. Time to appear busy and non-desperado. So I’ve stumbled across an idea – I’m going to write a little tale. Perhaps I’ll make this a monthly thing; a bit of one-on-one time with my laptop where I’ll type away till my heart’s content with not much rhyme nor reason, resulting in a beauty-themed text for you to peruse. How does that sound? Today I thought I’d cover ‘The Tale of Makeup and Me’. This could be a long one.

It’s an oft-asked question, ‘Why beauty?’, but for me when it came to birthing my blog it wasn’t even a question. I’ve loved anything makeup related back as far as I can remember; from shampooing my dolls hair over the sink (much to my Mum’s despair), to secretly invading Mother dearest’s cosmetics bag and squeezing foundation all over the cream carpet in a slap-dash application (I was such an angel). Serious scolding couldn’t tear me away from the stuff. Scrapping with my sister and incessant nattering in lessons, yes, but makeup? Nope.

I think it was my fourth birthday when I unwrapped one of the best presents I’ve ever received. The aforementioned doll’s head with hair that I could comb, plait, tie and cut (whoops) all day long and a plastic face that immediately rejected powder products the minute that I swiped them on with ‘you will wear blue eyeshadow’ determination. It was love at first sight. Even my lack of styling products didn’t phase me; I just incorporated my Mum’s deodorant as hairspray and her mascara as hair dye. This was followed a few years later by the receiving of my first ever makeup storage. It was a lilac plastic vanity case from Superdrug and inside it housed three large compartments with a take out tray that could all be clipped up and carried along. At the time barely owned a scrap of makeup so instead I kept a nail file, toe separators and a cuticle stick in there. Though my stash soon grew.

My first haul was carried out in the aisles of Superdrug, guided by my older cousin and accompanied with my sister, Aunty and Nan. It was quite the occasion – I must have been about eight. I spent what felt like hours gliding up and down the counters, swatching away on my hand and swiping all sorts of samples on my face not knowing any better. I decided to put my Β£10 saved up pocket-money to good use at the Miss Sporty Counter and left with a mascara and a bronze cream eyeshadow clacking around in the depths of my handbag. Yes, I’ve carried around a handbag since I was four; it all began with a Mr Blobby satchel.

Things really started to step up when I started Senior School. Gone were the times of cracking out a mascara and lip balm at the weekends, I stepped it up to the good stuff. Glitter. And I even wore it to school. What a rebel. I remember getting a pink glitter chubby-stick style eyeshadow for my 13th Birthday that I decided was the perfect accompaniment for that year’s official school portrait. The picture is still up in my parent’s kitchen today and goes down as one of the less horrendous school snaps which should explain to you just how awful the rest of them were. But the real stars of the shimmer show were two palettes that my best mate Mel had pinched from her Mum’s makeup bag. They were from M&S and one held a turquoise and silver cream eyeshadow and the other a pink and silver duo. We used to meet at the top of the hill each day before school and prior to reaching our destination would plonk ourselves down on a bench on the green and smear the stuff all over our eyelids. No brush involved. Damn we must have looked….interesting. Thankfully no pictures exist of our slapdash green and pink eyeshadow attempts.

Then followed the teenage makeup years which were characterised by bad brows, oompha loompa toned foundation and the eventual demise into false lashes ten times the size of my own. Those were the days. Perhaps I’ll save the deets of that episode for next time…


  • Chloe and her notes

    I love a little tale! When I was younger I loved a bit of Miss Sporty and always wanted to create the perfect bright green and purple eye, like a peacock feather! Well, we learn from our mistakes and have lots of fun doing so πŸ™‚

  • Evelyn Morales

    This is cool, you make me laugh! I love little storys like this, can’t wait for the next one!!

  • Carina Stewart

    Love this! I was kind of the opposite, I didn’t truly get into makeup until I was about 17-18. I had started wearing it earlier but it was never much of a hobby, just a way to cover my zits πŸ™‚

    Carina | CARSTINA

  • loved this! i really like hearing how friends started their obsession with beauty/makeup. for me it was definitely something that did not start till my late teen years… i was quite the tomboy and had no idea about makeup for the longest time!

    rachel x

  • Zazie Bibi

    you sounded like a naughty child haha! πŸ˜‰ xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • i’m not really into makeup when i was little. but more on the dresses and such πŸ˜€

  • Loves this! You are so cute and made me giggle… Hehe =D Xx.

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell

    No pics exist of my haley williams (from paramore) inspiration stage- thank god!!

  • Alisha

    oh my gosh i loved this! for too many reasons

  • Bella

    I would love to hear more stories :).I was quite the doll hair stylist and maker-upper too. (Very sad day when the blue eyeshadow I applied was ballpoint pen– tha does stick.) I only started wearing makeup at uni; it was not allowed with your uniform where I come from. And for the longest time I only wore lipstick and mascara.Since I’ve been working I’ve aways purchased a few items from every seasonal Chanel collection, with some Bobbi Brown and Mac thrown in for good measure. But I’ve only really gone crazy about it in the last two years, when I “rediscovered” myself after having two kids while working overtime. LOL!

  • Ohh what an amazing post, Anna! Seriously, this definitely needs to be a ‘thing’, more beauty stories definitely πŸ™‚ xx

  • I massacred my doll head and used blue nail varnish as eye shadow. The poor thing, I think she ended up on the roof of my house after my brother decided it would be funny to throw her up there!

    Lottie x

  • Aimee Flanigan

    Great idea πŸ™‚ nice to know where my favourite bloggers started from and see more personal stuff! xx


  • Eleri Roberts

    Awww loved this post! I used to rock a glitter lid back in the day too, along with a wonky cat flick and BAD mascara. xx

    Eleri Roberts

  • Great post Anna, so many familiar sounding memories not unlike my own! I was a teen in the 90’s though, so my makeup story involves a lot of brown and nude (urm, Revlon New York Toast anyone??). Pair that with the beginning of the glitter on the cheekbone and butterfly clips in the hair phase and it was a rough few years for us girls πŸ˜‰

    • Lindy Mop

      Me too! It was all about the brown lipstick. I still can’t quite believe it’s making a comeback. For us it was all Rimmel Coffee Shimmer and pale blue eyseshadow a la Kate Moss. Oh and ultra thin brows.

  • What a great post Anna! Smiled all the way through, your so talented!

  • Veevley

    Entertaining πŸ™‚ Very much enjoyed reading this.

  • Jessica Sutherland

    This post was a great read! You write so well and in such an interesting way! Please bring out your own beauty book one day!! x

  • beylem

    It is a new taste! Keep going πŸ™‚

  • Emily Golding

    Id love to see these posts more!

    Emily xxx

  • Chantelle

    I remember having ‘that dolls head’ hahaah. I used to put so much stuff in the hair it was completely matted! Also I remember bronzing up my aunties cream carpet (brand new might I add) whilst hiding behind the couch. She never let’s me forget about it, even to this day! haha Great post πŸ™‚ x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  • Amelia Holly

    This is such a great idea – i’m sure everyone has gone through the pink eyeshadow stage!

  • Elizabeth

    I really enjoyed this!

  • Marlenne

    We all do crazy things in our teens! I remember myself experimenting with black eyeliner…

  • Jemma Milnthorpe

    Love this! I remember collecting the Sabrina the teenage witch magazine where you built up your own make-up kit – so cool. There was also the time I went through my ’emo’ stage and decided black eyeshadow EVERYWHERE was a good look. Poor 10 year old me…


  • Laura Stanley-Bratley

    I really love this post! I definitely think you’re one of the only beauty bloggers who is realising the importance of progression with your content! Keep coming up with these great ideas!


  • tasha

    loved this blog post! more please πŸ™‚

  • Loved this post! Please do more like them!

  • MarylΓ¨ne O

    LOVE this post! I remember taking my mums makeup, applying it all over my face and being very proud of my accomplishment (however my mum wasn’t that happy about it)! I’d love to read more of those posts!

  • Naomi Watson

    This is brilliant! I can’t wait to hear more. Oh Miss Sporty. My first eyeliner was a green one from Miss Sporty. Not actually a bad colour but looked very interesting with my blonde eyelashes!

  • Sybil Mae

    This is great! I loved this post! πŸ™‚

  • Kelly

    Great post!
    Ah dolls head (which I cut the hair as well, oops) and Miss Sporty makeup, memories.
    Interesting and informative post, love it.
    Win Topshop Beauty Editors Pick

  • Mika Avila

    This is lovely. I love it when you’re all honest with us. πŸ™‚ Makes this blog feel more like listening to a good friend.

  • Rach Mac

    Loved this..takes me back to my childhood:0)

  • Carly Jade

    Isn’t it funny how all young girls and old ladies think blue eyeshadow is the one. I remember I had some eye creams from Avon’s Color Trend in a shimmer lilac and a powder blue.

  • Stefanie Meier

    i loved this post, so honest and I can definitely relate


  • circafashion

    Please do continue, love your writing

  • Love this post ! Can relate to it so much xx

  • Emily Place

    I’ve used the “mascara as hair dye” trick on one of my dolls… it was a limited edition one too, whoops :L Funny isn’t it though looking back on how bad you were with makeup and then how good you are now; I was scared to even try mascara when I was at primary school and now 6/7 years later I wear a full face or makeup everyday!

  • Such a cute story. πŸ™‚

  • Niamh Moloney

    ha ha I think a lot of girls can relate to this i know i can πŸ™‚

  • AV

    Lovely post. Nice to read πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for the next one!


  • Vanessa Buttino

    I loved reading this! I can’t wait for the next installment πŸ™‚

  • Hayley

    Currently reading this whilst sat at work (naughty!) and chuckling away to myself! Lol!… Ahh… I remember going through a shimmery glitter eye shadow phase! At the time I thought it was a good idea lol!

    Hayley xo |

  • Really love this post πŸ™‚ Hope to read more of these soon! x m

  • Kelly Lucy

    Loved reading this, I can deffo relate to this, I also had one of those dolls head which I loved and remember feeling excited and couldn’t wait to show off my new makeup from my first purchase of miss sporty and boots natural collection πŸ™‚ I also loved to wear bright blue and pink glittery cream eyeshadows lol, those were the days!! πŸ™‚ love to read another one of your stories πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie

    Lovely post, I loved reading, I think I could read your writing for hours and never get bored!



  • Georgia C

    Love this! I also used to wash my dolls hair (one of those ones which were just a head and shoulders right?!), play hairdresser and practice French braids till my hearts contents – I caught the makeup bug a little later!

  • Nicci

    This is great πŸ™‚ As a kid I was constantly getting brushes twisted up in My Little Pony hair until they had to be cut out. I didn’t really wear makeup until college, but after about 4th grade I had glitter nail polish and terrible nail art all day err day.

  • Aww man, Miss Sporty is such a classic nostalgic brand. I remember my mum would only let me buy the clear mascara until I was about 14. Oh and the early days of eye liner – how did I think panda eyes were chic?!

  • Chloe

    These chatty posts are great reads!

  • Ashlee

    This post was a good morning (8AM here in California) read: I actually did laugh out loud. Can’t wait for the next tale of beauty!

  • Brittany Seel

    haha that all sounds far too similar to my own make-up experience, especially all the glitter…

    Bea x

    Bea’s Beauty Blog

  • I use to lock myself away in the bathroom when and make “potions” in the sink from my Mom’s perfumes and beauty products. I’ve been a life-long obsessive, too!

    Check out my most recent post of drugstore / hughstreet makeup essentials:

    Sophie x

  • I started early with my mom’s makeup as well. Makeup was forbidden through high school, so it was something I had to dabble in on the weekends!

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

  • Deeanne alittlebirdee

    Loved reading this post, it made me giggle.

  • Love this post, I can’t way to see more of this series! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Monika

    Great story,well written and very funny:)

  • What lovely comments – I have been chuckling away to myself reading them all – thank you so much! Hopefully this will be the first of many. Time to get typing…

  • Call It Vanity

    You should definitely make this a regular post! There’s a framed picture on the family display cabinet at home that has a picture of me wearing lipstick for the very first time…I think I was about 8. It definitely suits me more now….

    Mayah x

  • Senka B.

    Love this! Blue eyeshadow, oh God, we’ve all been there. Bad brows: short, bushy, like two Hitler-mustaches over my eyes… Oh God, WHY?!

  • mageeski

    So cute! I love this!


  • Liberty

    Haha, I did the exact same with the head doll, Christmas morning and my cousin and I already had the doll over the bath washing her hair. Then when powder makeup wouldn’t work i started using face paint, which i wouldn’t wash off properly with a flannel because I was in a rush to complete the next “makeup” look. By the time we threw it out she had hints of blue, pink and glitter all over her face and a rather “interesting” haircut.
    And I’m pretty sure Miss Sport Mascara was my first too.
    I love the tale idea hope you make more πŸ™‚ xxx

  • Sharlotte

    This is such a good idea Anna!



  • Iso Bean

    This was such a good read!

  • amber

    beautifully written as always anna!

  • Victoria Reilly

    This is such a good idea!!! I absolutely adored reading this – sure you don’t want to make it a weekly thing?

    Vickie xx | VickieBlogs

  • Lys

    Haha, I loved reading this! Can’t wait for more πŸ˜€

  • Haha I loved this article, think we’ve all had one of those mishaps with glitter!

    Tiny Alis

  • Lauren S

    brilliant writing, and reading. would love to hear more !
    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Oh I do love the way you write Anna can’t wait for more posts like this, I think it’s pretty much a right of passage that you have a foundation oompa loompa phase as a teen :p


  • Great post, Ive been considering doing something similar but will wait until I have some more followers to actually read it! πŸ™‚

  • Madeleine S-B

    Haha, oh I think we all had fairly dubious beauty-skills when we were younger! I remember my teenage years consisted of horribly over-plucked eyebrows and A LOT of smudgy black eyeshadow :S oh the shame!

  • I bet that Mr. Blobby satchel was a real beaut ;)! Love this post, Anna!

  • Stacey Culham

    I used nail varnish as eyeshadow on my poor doll….it was the only thing I could get to stick!!

    • SalaraSays

      Me too! Those powdery eyeshadows it came with were terrible! By the time I was made to throw mine away it was practically bald

  • I’m not much into makeup but more into fashion, so your tale reminded me of those days when I would raid mom’s closet to wear for myself. From using my mom’s scarves as belts to swiping her leather sling handbag and piling on her jewellery for myself during my teenage years. But wait..I think I still do most of that πŸ˜›

  • I love this!!! My Mom had a gold disco purse and a red lipstick in a very beautiful gold case. I’m not sure if they came as a set, but to me they were made for each other. Anyway, I loved that tube of lipstick so much that one day I decided to paint my entire face with the red lipstick. I have no memories of how old I was, but probably old enough. Oh it was hilarious and the removal was very time consuming. Lots and lots of Oil of Olay was used to get it off and I think I still had a red tinge to my face for the next day or so.

  • Kaitlin Valentine

    Great writing! Yeah I definitely attempted a black smokey eye around the age of 13 which can only be described by my mother’s look of sheer terror and embarrassment.

    Blue Valentine Vintage

  • Chelsea Leigh

    Such a cute post! We all go through some terrible makeup stages in our lives haha!

  • Kara

    This is such a cute post! I have definitely had my fair share of horrendous make-up attempts. Neon hot pink eyeshadow with black eyeliner everywhere…. not so hot.. but SO hilarious now! Love your posts Anna, and can’t wait for another one like this!

  • Cassie

    This is such a good idea πŸ™‚ I love hearing why other people love makeup!

  • Philippa Wall

    aaahh this sent me right back to the time of “Sabrina Secrets” make up magazines!

  • Chloe Tanner

    This takes me back, I think we all have had ‘those’ terrible make up days. You have to learn from your mistakes right?

    Love the post can’t wait to read the next one! <3 xoxo

  • Hester Vancant

    I think all beauty geeks love to hear the story of how another was enticed!

    please check out my new blog; beauty and lifestyle.

  • Emma Handley

    haha this is hilarious! I have horrendous memories of beauty moments over the years, including concealer lips, glitter eyeliner, blue pastel eye shadow and a lot of black eyeliner. Let’s not even mention butterfly hair clips or clip in ponytails in the wrong hair colour….

  • Rachel

    I’d love to hear the next bit of this! A great idea for a post πŸ™‚ Rachel x

    Pillar-box Post

  • Alice Furlan

    hahaha genious! nice to hear we were all in the same conditions at the time! πŸ™‚ I still remember my bright light blue crayon eyeshadow! πŸ™‚
    curious for the next bit! πŸ™‚

  • Sophie Atherton

    Loved this so much Anna, i always love your writing style! This was so me when i was younger as well haha i remember washing my barbie’s hair over the sink!

  • What a lovely post, pretty much summed up my childhood πŸ™‚ x

  • Janice

    Loved this! I remember my first makeup case – a Caboodle – not sure if they sold those in the UK. I’d love to hear more ’bout your teenage years. My biggest struggle was over-plucking … Sadly, there are numerous pictures of me sans brows, but I thought I was the schiz-niz!

  • Harrietrose

    Such a great idea for a post, and a great read! I love your writing style too

  • Megan Capon

    Haha great post, your teenage years sound very similar to mine! I thought that orange and turquoise eyeliner was a great look until one day a girl told me “I’m going to be honest with you, that turquoise eyeliner does you no favours”! Kept it safe ever since…

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    When I was 8, all I wanted for Christmas for the Barbie head. Ha ha! I tortured that poor girl with the blue eyeshadow & braids that were all knotty & dreaded. lol

  • sam

    i just discovered your blog! how interesting! love your style of writing πŸ™‚