Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Last week things in the complexion department were just looking a little ‘bleugh‘. The combination of grey days, a lack of skincare love (I’d been experiencing a high amount of ‘screw it, just slap on Alpha H Liquid Gold‘ evenings) and a few too many late nights of devouring my Friends box set (I’m averaging out at a season a week right now) all meant that things were lacking in terms of glow. Powder and cream highlighters just weren’t cutting it, I needed something that worked deeper. That’s when I remembered my tube of that trusty cult classic, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, that I quite honestly hadn’t used in yonks. Madness, I know.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, I’ll give you the deets. It works as an extreme moisturiser; brightening and tightening. Now I’ve never been too sure of the ‘tightening’ claims, but things definitely look brighter with a layer of this dolloped on. It’s directed to be smoothed onto the skin, never rubbed, and makeup should be applied immediately after. I’ve been following with my ol’ Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and things look quite frankly, pretty darn good. Radiant and luminous without a hint of glitter to be seen; it’s the perfect good skin cheat. It can be used as a mask too by applying a hefty dose and tissuing off the excess 15 minutes later, but I prefer it as an AM moisturiser.

Those in need of a bit of skin magic can find it cheapest, for £23.20 from Escentual. The original glow-getter is back in town baby.