Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Last week things in the complexion department were just looking a little ‘bleugh‘. The combination of grey days, a lack of skincare love (I’d been experiencing a high amount of ‘screw it, just slap on Alpha H Liquid Gold‘ evenings) and a few too many late nights of devouring my Friends box set (I’m averaging out at a season a week right now) all meant that things were lacking in terms of glow. Powder and cream highlighters just weren’t cutting it, I needed something that worked deeper. That’s when I remembered my tube of that trusty cult classic, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, that I quite honestly hadn’t used in yonks. Madness, I know.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, I’ll give you the deets. It works as an extreme moisturiser; brightening and tightening. Now I’ve never been too sure of the ‘tightening’ claims, but things definitely look brighter with a layer of this dolloped on. It’s directed to be smoothed onto the skin, never rubbed, and makeup should be applied immediately after. I’ve been following with my ol’ Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and things look quite frankly, pretty darn good. Radiant and luminous without a hint of glitter to be seen; it’s the perfect good skin cheat. It can be used as a mask too by applying a hefty dose and tissuing off the excess 15 minutes later, but I prefer it as an AM moisturiser.

Those in need of a bit of skin magic can find it cheapest, for £23.20 from Escentual. The original glow-getter is back in town baby.


  • Ioana

    I think I’m the first reader of this post. I was on your blog like an hour ago and I didn’t see it. Then, I came back to see some reviews on Clarins and look what I found? I brand new post. I just recently got the Clarins Daily Energizer Cream and thought about giving a first impression on my blog. Did you try it? what do you think of it? They look pretty similar to me..

    I’m in love with your blog, video and energy!

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    This is such a classic and I absolutely LOVE it, it adds amazing radiance to your skin and it’s a true Cinderella product :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  • ekta jagtiani

    Ah i’ve heard such amazing things about this, especially from Lisa Eldridge! Have to check it out soon! x

  • Anna Blush

    I have a sample of this kicking around somewhere, may just have to dig it out and give it a go x

  • Stephanie

    I have this in my collection and I love it! I can’t afford to replace it at the moment and there’s only a little left so I’m saving it!

    Stephanie (@hopefreedomlove)


  • Little Cake Tin

    This post has come at the perfect time as I’ve just cracked open a Clarins sample gift box which features the beauty balm. I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl although not sure about how to apply it, given it’s so small 🙂

  • Carly Jade

    Consider me shielding my eyes from the suns blaze as I’ve never heard of this! I’m out from my rock, and I definitely feel like I need to give this a go…or at least bag myself a sample!

  • Anine Van de Ryck

    I love the sound of this product! Must pick it up now 😉

    xoxo Anine

  • I looooove this stuff. It’s basically my makeup crack. I have to ration myself with it (special events only)! haha

  • Brigid Farrell

    I also love using this when my skins feeling a little grey , it’s great when you haven’t had much sleep 🙂

  • Zazie Bibi

    Ooh this sounds really great! xx

    A Little Treat

  • Olga Olis

    This sounds really good!

  • I bought this but hate the smell… Smells like granny stuff to me and it really puts me of using it…

  • Kelly Keating

    I use the Beauty Flash Balm on mornings when I wake up with extra puffy eyes. It instantly tightens that area and makes my makeup stay on more smoothly. Great product

  • I’ve never tried this but I hear about it a lot, it might be time to give it a whirl with these horrible winter months…

    Tiny Alis

  • Totally agree! This stuff is great, especially in the morning under your foundation 🙂

  • Becky Hughes

    I have this but never used it, I couldn’t decide how best to apply! I will definitely be giving it a go 🙂

  • I’ve heard so much about this, but have not yet tried it. My skin trends towards oily, so I’d be a bit afraid to use it as an AM moisturizer. But it sounds like something I should try as a sample!

    Shani x

  • Ugh! My skin has been looking so dull lately and could just use a boost. I have a sample of the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and I’m completely wow’ed at the glow it gives. Beauty Flash Balm sounds like a good classic to have waiting in the wings!

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Kat_HJ

    You’ve reminded me it’s about time I dug out mine too! Kat x

  • I’m always torn with this product. Sometimes it works well on my skin and other times it makes it look a million times worse!

  • clairabelle0306

    I’ve literally had my tube for years, quite shameful really but I had no idea what it was for, it was definitely an impulse purchase but now I think I might have to go dig it out, bye 🙂

  • Emily Golding

    I have heard so many amazing things about this but everytime I try it on myself I am let down 🙁

    Emily xxx

  • Erika Ivanova

    definitely gotta try this, it sounds good!

  • I got a sample of this but am yet to try it!

    Definitely need to dig around for it and give it a go 🙂

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

  • Flora

    I wear it over my serums and under my tinted moisturizer, and it works better for me then any primer ever has. Truly worth trying, in my opinion.

  • I have two deluxe sized samples of this… I really should dig it out and give it a try! I don’t use foundation very often, though, so I haven’t really found a use for it. Maybe I’ll try it as a mask.

  • Tarte Tanya

    Oh baby I love Beauty Flash balm!
    There must be some sort of magically ingredient in it because it makes my skin look amazing.
    Lovely post! 🙂

  • Chelsea Leigh

    Sounds so good! May have to try !

  • This has been on my wish list for years but never tried it. My New Years resolution is to bite the bullet and purchase products I’ve always wanted to try so may have to get it! X

    Heels Forever

  • Francisca Ferreira
  • Cloud Esmé

    I need this in my life right now, my skin has been so dull lately!:(

    Esmé from ~

  • Yasmeen MirrorAffects

    You just reminded me to dig this beauty up! I’ve always used it as a mask, been sceptical to use it under makeup but I may have to give a try!

  • I dislike beauty balms but I am very tempted to try this!

    Colourful Stuff | Beauty, Fashion, Life ♥ Colourful Stuff | Beauty, Fashion, Life ♥

  • I love the sound of this product can’t believe I have never heard of it, really sounds like what my dull skin’s been needing at the moment x


  • dannii ofe

    Need this in my life, my skin has a tendency to look so darn dull!

  • I must be the only girl in the world as doesn’t like the Beauty Flash Balm – it doesn’t do anything for me, it just turns sticky and itchy. Can’t even use it for my hands!

  • Chloe Astley

    can always count on you for good recommendations seeing as we have similar skin types! please have a look at my blog, im a newbie with all of this haha, it would mean a lot if you have a look x

  • Victoria Reilly

    This remains on my wishlist as it has for about a year now… damn.

    Vickie xx | vickieblogs

  • Came across this when I was looking for a new everyday moisturiser. Passed this up coz I wasn’t sure how it worked and if it was suitable as an everyday moisturiser.

  • Rachel

    I’ve always heard so much about this but never known what it is! Thanks for clearing it up 😉 I’m not sure it’s going to be bought soon thought at £23 and the rest! Great post, I love the way you write 🙂 Rachel x

    Pillar-box Post

  • Celina

    I’m starting to try out more Clarins products and this might have to be added to my list. It sounds lovely!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • Amber Hunter

    It’s strange how it almost sounds like a primer but isn’t technically one. As I have drier skin, I’ve really been into all kinds of skincare lately. Thanks for sharing this!


    Lovely Notions

  • Sylvia

    I have a sample of this but have totally forgotten about this, I will definitely be trying it out for the days when I have 8:30AM classes.


  • Anne

    Ah this brings me back to the days when makeup wasn’t allowed at school and this was all I wore.

  • Eleri Roberts

    This product is so good! x

    Eleri Roberts

  • Marlenne

    I want to buy that Clarins Beauty Flash Balm for ages, it’s a classic!

  • i love beauty flash balm! it’s my staple primer that i use most days and even though i have other options i always come back to this. such a great product.

    little henry lee

  • Madeleine S-B

    I haven’t yet tried this but I love Clarins – definitely on my list!

  • Tania

    but how are you really supposed to apply it? I’m really confussed by the ‘do not rub’ claim….I’ve been applying it like any other moisturizer…am I ruining the effect??

    • sarah

      ive previously used this, and it works just as well if not better if you mix it with foundation! xx

  • Becki & Jess Dunn

    Just read this post, and couldnt agree more. I had just written about this actually in my wintry make up bag post. I think it’s a great change to wearing heavier primers 🙂 Becki xx

  • Yassy

    Just read this now…thinking of getting it! (btw Clarins are giving away 3 free samples when you sign up to their newsletter so you can always try it out first) 🙂 xx