The Summer Edit

Forget about the pastel pumped spring cut, the summer edit is here; spanning skincare, style and a nod to nail polish with the one and only Lily Pebbles. Considering I spend the majority of my time mulling over makeup and eating bowls of guacamole with this gal it’s madness that we haven’t buddied up to film a video since last year!? But we’re rectifying that and have put together a two-parter summer mixed bag of sorts with our top makeup, food and lifestyle faves (I may have got a little confused with this category) covered on Lily’s channel and the skincare, style and lacquers on mine. It’s worth a watch, if even only for the Men In Black reference.

So have a peruse for our pick of the SPFs, self-tanners, shades and even ice lollies – no sunshine-related stone was left unturned…