The Spring Skirt

I don’t think I’ve routinely worn a skirt since back in the ’90’s when I was Posh Spice in mine and my best friend’s Spice Girls playground tribute act. We used to stand on the benches at lunchtime and perform perfectly choreographed routines and (what we believed to be) harmonised vocals to every single girl powered song – even the B-sides. It’s rare these days that I go back to my Victoria Beckham roots with above the knee cuts, but there was this skirt on ASOS that just kept winking at me – the Quilted A-Line Skirt in Floral Print. Despite the multitude of reasons to x-out of it and move along – it’s very short, it’s baby blue (how Baby Spice), the texture of the fabric makes it look a bit like an oven mitt (my boyfriend’s words when I performed a catwalk for him sporting it – I just had to lob it in my basket anyway.

And you know what? I’m glad I did. It’s my spring skirt that I plan to wear as a sun dance routine in a bid to encourage leg baring weather and on days where I don’t mind freezing my patooties off. Paired with a chunky knit (another ASOS purchase) and my slightly Cowboy-ish ASH boots, I think the whole thing has a touch of Style Drifter about it, a completely intended nod. Oven mitt chic at its best.

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  • Sylvia

    I was thinking a pillow case, but in the best way possible! I love it paired with a chunky knit, so chic!


  • Anna Blush

    This is slightly oven mitt-eqsue but I love it all the same! Nothing wrong with wearing something a little different, looks lovely x

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    I like the vintage blue and white pattern, very pretty on you :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  • That skirt looks adorable on you. You should wear them more often.

    xx glamdevils

  • Carina Stewart

    Love the skirt, looks really lovely on you 🙂

    Carina |

  • Shevasherapy

    Such a cute skirt, the oven mitt texture even makes it more unique.

  • Harriet

    Ohh what a beauty – the colour actually makes me so happy for Spring!x

  • Bella

    Oven mitt, LOLOLOL!!! It’s great to see you in a skirt. I have bought a daisy print skater skirt from Asos this week (it’s in the tall section; I am not tall but this way the skirt falls just above my knees instead of just under my bum). It has a similar colour scheme, denim blues and baby blues, so there must be spring in the air :D. It is wayyyyyyyy too cold for bare legs here (Netherlands) still though!

  • i love this skirt, the pattern is so beautiful xx

  • Zazie Bibi

    So pretty! Love the shoes too x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • sazzles2310

    Loving the oven mitt! I’m a bit unsure size-wise which to get: would you say it sizes small or big? Thx 🙂 xxx

  • sazzles2310

    Loving the oven mitt! I’m a bit unsure size-wise: would you say it sizes small or large? Thx 🙂 xxx

  • Such a gorgeous skirt – love the colours!

    Tiny Alis

  • Holly Cooke

    I think I’m in love! That skirt is just spring perfection Anna! x

  • Oven mitt chic…this has me lol’ing! I actually quite like this skirt, but I can see my boyf saying the same thing…boys just dont get fashion sometimes! haha!
    Hayley xo |

  • Pues si la veo en la percha ni la miro, pero con el jersey u las botas queda muy bonita 🙂

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances

  • Vanessa Buttino

    Looking at it just lying there, on its own, it looks kinda fugly. But then when I saw you actually wearing it, it looked great! It’s definitely one of those pieces that looks better worn than just on a hangar.

  • Daniella




  • Such a pretty skirt 🙂 xx

  • Lauren

    I think it looks lovely!

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  • Love, love, love that skirt! I just headed over to ASOS now and it’s already in my basket. Oops!
    Love from Buenos Aires!

  • mandagrifff
  • This looks gorgeous on you and very pretty. I’m not too sure I could pull it off though, so I think I’ll leave the wearing to you!

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  • Carrie Ward

    I have a bomber jacked that has this quilting texture too and the husband asked me why I had made a jacket out of the duvet. (Men hey?) Something about it is quite comforting and reassuring. Even though 1. it won’t really keep me that warm, and 2 it won’t keep the rain off. Love the jumper boots combo. x

  • Chelsea Leigh

    That is sooo cute! Very unique!

  • What a super pretty skirt! Loving the print and quilted texture. And laughed out loud about the Spice Girls tribute act 🙂

  • Simone Housen

    Lol! Being the only “ethnic” one, I was always scary spice.

  • Ellen P-H

    Really cute print. And I love your jumper too!

  • Polly

    That looks epic with the sweater and boots. Serious skirt envy.

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • this skirt is so super cute!
    really love the contrast between the texture of the skirt and the texture of your jumper!
    great choice!

  • Radhika

    Oh I love this skirt! I’m not much of a skirt person either, but the whole chunky knit and slim skirt look is so in, that I’m thinking about trying it out!

  • Parisian To Be

    Ah, this is stunning. For an “oven mitt”, it’s very chic.

    xo Lillian from Parisian To Be

  • Manouk

    Looks great on you but it’s not my style.. It reminds me of Dutch pottery (not a bad thing)

    WOMANOUK (beauty &

  • this is beautiful! I’ve been loving a-line skirts lately 🙂
    Lucy xx
    Sailor Speak

  • Imy L

    Anna you look amazing. This outfit suits you extremely well, your figure looks so great in it! Love the skirt too, very fashionable for and ‘oven mitt’! <3

  • Esme

    Great skirt! You look aazing <3

  • What a gorgeous skirt! It looks lovely on you!
    Nothing wrong with a little Spice Girls in your live right hahaha

  • Iso Bean

    This is such a nice skirt! Looks great on you!

  • Hannah Gibbins

    ahhhhh I am so glad you posted about this! glad the verdict ended up to be positive!! love it on you!

    hannah @

  • Love this skirt, it looks so good on you too! x

  • The pattern on the skirt is so pretty! Looks great on you !

  • Emily Knott

    Love this! Time to prep my legs for a bit of skirt wearing I think!

  • Julia A.

    It’s cute! But honesty out I agree with Mark…the oven mitt entered my frame of mind when I saw it 🙂 lol but it looks nice on you once it’s on

  • speakchicblog

    ‘oven mitt at its best’! Hahaha! Anna almost every blog post you write has a line that cracks me up. Love it!

  • Just bc ‘oven mitt’ was put out there……can’t help it, lol! But I love youuuu!

  • Hollie

    This has encouraged me to start my summer shopping!

  • Paige Victoria

    this skirt is right up my street! looks lovely anna 🙂 x

  • thebeautymist

    This is so gorgeous, love the colour:) x

  • Alice

    I love this skirt! Great texture and colour!

  • Guest

    Your legs look incredible! Could you do a post on how your exercise is going along and progress photos?

  • Angie

    you are soooooooo beautiful!!!! saludos de México!

  • Teresa Karpinska

    <3 from StyleDrifter.

  • Need this skirt in my life! <3