The Space NK Makeover

Me and makeovers historically don’t get on. I’ve had it all, from the over rouged cheeks to mismatched foundations, so I tend to steer clear of them all together or if on the rare occasion that I’m accosted into having one, I make sure there’s babywipes in my bag. But with my burgeoning Space NK obsession and after enviously eyeing up ladies being primped in their stores I decided to head on down there and attempt to overcome my makeover fears (babywipes in tow just in case). Being on almost first name terms with store staff I was put into the safe hands of Graziella, who sat and listened while I dished out my neutral makeup requirements. We talked through a few products that I’ve been meaning to try for ages and off she dashed round the store picking up those and a little edit she thought would be to my tastes. So here’s a blow-by-blow account of how she hauled me into a look that still fitted my nude makeup rider but with an added pop of pouty colour…

You know I love experimenting with my base so I watched carefully as Graziella mixed Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX05 with the Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser in Nude to create a mid-coverage, dewy foundation/tinted moisturiser hybrid. The shades were spot-on, as was the finish and a purchase of the Kevyn Aucoin may have happened. She added By Terry’s Touche Veloutée Concealer in 2 under my eyes (an old favourite of mine), and powdered lightly with NARS Pressed Powder in Eden. For cheeks we both went a little Kevyn Aucoin crazy, with Graziella applying the Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow in Transoleil with her fingers and dusting a small amount of their Celestial Powder over the top; gving a slight hint of highlight with a coral hue.

For eyes, Graziella started by priming with the NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base before dusting on the Shu Uemura Eye Shadow in P832 all over the lid, with M895 in the crease. To darken up the lashline, something I never do but liked the effect of, she blended out the Kevyn Aucoin The Eye Pencil Primatif in Basic Brown across the outer corner of the top lashline and then dotted some of Hourglass’ Script Precision Liquid Liner in Jett (possibly the smallest tipped liner I’ve ever seen), in between my lashes. She then coated on Hourglass’ Film Noir Mascara – the only part of this makeover I wasn’t keen on, you know how much I love my L’Oreal Telescopic Waterproof – and to finish off, my brows were shaped with Hourglass’ new ridiculously easy to use Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Soft Brunette.

When Graziella suggested we play around with a bright lip and I agreed she almost shook me with delight. Off she disappeared to the stockroom, soon to arrive back with swatches up to her elbows, waving the Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Muse in air. An almost neon pinky-red, it was instant love with both of us. She lined my lips with Laura Mercier’s Lip Pencil in Warm Poppy first, then layered on the lacquer which surprisingly stayed put pretty well post-makeover at a burrito eating session at Wahaca. And yes Muse may have entered the shopping basket too.

Quelle surprise – the babywipes remained untouched, I left with a slightly lower bank balance than when I entered and a bag brimming with sachet samples; I’m sure my purchases will be popping up on here soon. If you fancy being spruced up by the Space NK team then it’s best to book – I did, though it’s not essential. Makeovers are complimentary and as one of the ladies pointed out to me as I was leaving – afterwards snap a picture of the result and tweet @Space_ NK with the tag ‘#MakeoverMonday’ as each Monday a makeover-ee is selected to win a £10 Space NK voucher on their Facebook Page. Score. The first of a mini makeover series on the blog? Perhaps. But I do know that next time, I’ll leave my babywipes at home…


  • Laura

    I love the lipstick on you, a bit of colour brightens up the face! Gorgeous as ever 🙂
    I am definitely going to book a Space nk makeover next time I have some serious dollar, hehe!

    • Thank you hun! 

  • Jo

    Oh you look gorgeous! The lip colour is amazing on you. xx

    • Thanks :) 

  • Ur skin is soo flawless. Love it

    • Ah all down to the base she used, but thank you :) 

  • i love that colour on your lips. just as i think i’ve seen every possible lip colour EVER the beauty world surprises me yet again!

    also those foundations mixes look like icing and i want to eat them? is that weird?

    • Haha – always full of surprises eh ;) 

  • The Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enchancer looks amazing. 
    have you purchased the product?
    I´m really interested in a review if you have 🙂

    • Yes I did – a review is in process :) 

  • sarirah

    I actually might get one of these done for any after exams “festivities”. I’m not so good at making makeup last for 7 hours in stuffy crowded places. :p x

    • Ah good thinking! :) 

  • MCC

    You look gorgeous!!! I would die for your perfect skin and eye brows!!

    • Ah too kind :) 

  • hmm i like the idea of putting celestial powder over the creamy glow! for whatever reason, creamy glow doesn’t last on me, which is weird! 

    • That’s strange, perhaps laying over a bit of powder will help :) 

      • i never bothered to try that! haha. anyway, you look great!! 🙂

  • The slight ocd in me is begging to know what the pink tube that is face down is?! 😉
    I wish there was a space NK near me, it’s diabolical. (but also good as I’d be even poorer ha!)

    • me too!

    • Rebecca

      Me three!

      I’m going to hazard an uneducated guess, could it be Gatineau 3D lift mask? 

      Anna please reveal!

    • I have a feeling it’s the By Terry Refreshing Cleansing Gel 🙂

  • Laura Carless

    Wow, the result is gorgeous! The lip colour is awesome too, I love the packaging of the Hourglass Opaque Rouge, I was lusting after it in Space NK the other day!

    My latest posts are a 25 Facts About Me and OOTD - Black & Gold

    Laura xx

  • Alara Basul

    You look gorgeous! Love that lip colour 🙂 xo

    • Thank you :) 

  • I really like the makeover, and that lip colour is stunning on you!

  • It’s gorgeous!  That lip color suits you.

    I steer clear of makeovers, too.  The last time someone did my  makeup was a trial run for my wedding almost 7 years ago.  Needless to say, I put on my makeup myself on the big day 🙂

    • Thank you! Ah gawd, perhaps it’s time to dip your toe into the sea of makeovers again ;) 

  • Maddy Cane

    You look lovely, I have had the exact same problem as you with makeovers, I always enter with such high hopes and leave looking something similar to a clown! xxxx

    • Haha – thanks! :) 

  • Procrast1nato2

    My first makeover in uni lead me to purchase my NARS multiple in South Beach!  I didn’t like the overall look, but I usually go just to see what’s new and if the artist can show me something interesting!

    • That’s always a good idea :) 

  • I had a makeover in Space NK the other day and sadly the baby wipes soon came out of my bag after I left the shop! Looks like yours was much more successful, that Hourglass lip product is gorgeous on you. I did pick up the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer though. I love how many things you can mix it with, never thought of using the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser! My assistant mixed it with a really nice By Terry dry oil which gave it such a glowing finish xx

    • Ah no – at least you had them on you! Would never think of mixing it with an oil! There seems to be so many different combo’s of the product, need to keep having a play 🙂

  • Pippa Jones

    Wow i Love the Hourglass! The colour is amazing, Such  a pretty red!

    Pipp xx

    • The picture doesn’t do it justice I swear! I’ll try and put up another review of it soon :) 

      • Pippa Jones

        Oww cant wait, Itching to order it online! Ive not seen a colour like it. 

  • Megan

    The lip colour is so gorgeous on you!
    I’ve not had a make over since Bobbi Brown made me look a mess for prom

    • Haha oh gawd!! I have plenty of horrendous experiences up my sleeves too ;) 

  • Katie Hello

    Love this look- you look amazing, the lip shade really brightens your entire face. The SpaceNK ladies are amazing though- I went with my mum the other week, and they made her up so nicely! They even introduced her to eyelash curling! 
    Katie xx

    • Haha what a necessity!!! That’s good to hear :) 

  • Hollie

    The lips make your eyes really stand out. A very polished look I love it 🙂

    • Very nice of you to say – thank you :) 

  • jess

    love the lip colour looks so pretty on you 😀

    • Thanks :) 

  • Lou S

    I really want to try the Kevin Aucoin Skin Enhancer! You look stunning!

    • Ah thanks! I’ll be popping up a review on it soon :) 

  • Madeleine Childs

    Love the lip colour! x

    • Thank you :) 


    LOVE that lip colour! suits you so well!

    • Thank you :) 

  • Love the lip colour!

  • That lipstick is SO you! Such a babe! x

    • Too kind – thank you ;) 

  • Racheltwamley

    I used to work for space nk ! And all my wages went back to them ha ha ! I understand your obcession ! You look beautiful ! Never would have thoughtvof mixing sensual skin with laura mercia ? It looks amazing on your skin ? Did it last ? Would it become a favorite of yours ? My fingers are itching to pump space nk into google ……………… Xxxxx

    • Haha I think I would be the same if I worked there! Yes it lasted really well, I’ll be popping up a review on it soon :) 

  • Beauty Addict

    PLEASE do a review of the Kevyn Aucoin SSE. Been eyeing up that product for a while 😉

    • It’s the cards! Still testing it, but it should be up soon :) 

  • katherine.parkes

    wow this look is stunning! x

    • Thank you :) 

  • Felicity

    That lipstick looks really lovely on you! x 

    • Cheers hun :) 

  • gigi

    llooooove this look! the lips ecspecially! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

    • Thank you :) 

  • Loved this post, read it on my way home on the bus and it had me oohing and ahhing the whole way! I need to venture into Space NK more, the times I’ve been in its felt very empty and the staff haven’t seemed helpful at all!

  • Surprisingly lovely makeover! I don’t know what it is about some counters, but they’re awful! Quite a lot of them always want to do a black smokey eye on me, even though I tell them every time that it doesn’t suit me, but no, in they go, and out I come looking awful! I’ve been there with the over-rouged cheeks too! haha!
    Eleanor x

  • Hannah W

    The don’t do Hourglass in my local Space NK so I’ll have to venture out and go to find it! Graziella si amazing! She’s one of their national makeup artist (I think) and I got to meet her once! The eyes look gorgeous, too!


    Ahhhh I love this lipstick, it’s the most perfect colour! x

  • Ash

    Loving this look – can you recommend the Space NK store? I’m a complete newbie to all things beauty (thus why I’m commenting on a post that is just over 7 months old) so I’m stepping out tentatively!