Clinique Chubby Sticks for Eyes

Products holed up into pencil formed dispensers seem to be having a bit of a moment in the beauty world recently, don’t they? It won’t be long till my beauty drawers begin to resemble a stationery tin. We’ve had the lip colour influx last year and now it’s time for eyes to be given the same stylo service. Meet Clinique’s newest release, the second in their ‘Chubby Stick’ franchise – Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes*. Essentially cream shadow whittled into a pencil style applicator for easy to apply colour. With 12 colours in the range they’re covering all bases, five caught my eye – all neutrals of course. So after having a play, here’s my report…

I’ve been road testing the shades Lavish Lilac and Ample Amber, evident which is which in the above photo from the obvious naming. Of course a neutral lover like myself was drawn towards Ample Amber, a pinkened gold (as worn above), but Lavish Lilac leans to more taupe-like undertones and when the two are layered something pretty special happens. In terms of formula they’re just what you’d expect – creamy, buildable, blendable and long enough lasting not to have any complaints, although an oily lidded gal like myself did need a touch of primer to prevent any bunching up. Other highs? No sharpening required, the rounded end makes applying colour to your crease easy peasy and the shades were sheer enough to rock in the day. My only niggle? The rounded end can also make it hard to get the colour close to the lashes making things a bit fiddly and fingery when it gets to that stage in application.

The Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes will be sharpening up on counters from 15th February so not long to wait if you wish to add to your stationery-esque beauty stash and priced at £16 each they sit comfortably in the price bracket of their higher-end creamy colour counterparts. The final verdict: a nice everyday draw-on tint for eyes, but with many drugstore brands churning out pencil products for peepers there may just be a purse-friendlier version out there. Watch this space…

*PR Samples


  • Georgina d’souza

    I agree! Rimmel or Revlon will follow soon with something I can feel less guilty about!

    • I think Rimmel have already – going to see if I can get my hands on some today! :) 

  • Millie

    Really want to try these! They look great! 🙂 ♥

    • Glad to hear you like them!

  • KLG_Hair

    Love the look of these, and getting more into using eyeshadow lately. x

    • Me too – I don’t know what’s happening to me ;) 

  • The color looks great on you. I want to try these products, too. Beste wishes from Germany!

  • Rimmel have bought out Scandeleyes eye shadow sticks a couple weeks back, and I picked up Bulletproof Beige, it’s a gorgeous shimmery champagne colour and they’re only £5!! xxx

    • Definitely need to pick some of these up! 

  • These look great and the colour on your eyes really suits you!

    • Thanks :) 

  • Will be intresting to see which high street brands dupe this x

    • I think Rimmel have just come out with some :) 

  • joysteib

    Very pretty color on you and quite interesting enough to make want to try one out!! Thanks for the post and keep us updated for sure on this one!!!!

    • No worries hun! 

  • Pippa Jones

    Oww that copper is such a pretty colour on you! I would never of thought i would look so nice on the eye! 
    Everybody is going Chubby Stick crazy recently. But they are pretty! 

    Pipp xx

    • Thanks :) 

  • I like the look of these, I’d definitely swatch on my hand if I was passing by a stockist but I don’t know if I’d make a purchase. Feel like Clinique are really upping their price tags for makeup in a pencil style container…hmm!

    • Very true, their prices are definitely knocking on the door of the high-end brands! 

  • Hearts&Crosses

    I really want to try these, they look gorgeous on!

    • Thank you! :) 

  • Liora tamam

    ooh definitely want to give these a try! xx

  • Maddy Cane

    Want to give these a try, or something similar at least! xxx

    • I think they’ll be lots of dupes arriving in the coming months!

  • Katie Hello

    I love how they’re wind up. Love the colours too!
    Katie xx

    • The colours are gorgeous!

  • OPI Addict

    Pretty, I need to give these a try :)

  • Chelsey Westby

    Really want to try these, they look great and so easy to apply whenever in a rush. Can’t wait for there release. xo

    • Just been told they’re available on if you want to get your hands on them now! 

  • eyeshadows aside, your eyebrows lady! perfection! Seriously brow envy going on over here!!!


    • Haha thank you love! 

  • e_k_gothic

    These look so gorgeous! I love chubby pencil products! Can’t wait for these to come out, but I hope another brand does come up with some like you said, so they’re a little less expensive! And that particular shade looks lovely on you, I love it!
    Eleanor x

    • Thanks! I have a feeling it’s Rimmel who are chasing them :) 

  • jess

    ooh these looks great, i love eye shadows in pencil form as they apply really easily and are great for bases 😀

    • So true, they are one of the easiest eye products to throw on in a rush! 

  • I haven’t seen these show up in the US yet.  Def want to try them out!

    • Hopefully they pop up soon :) 

  • gigi

    I agree they sure are having a moment. I love how it looks on your eyes need to get some of these asap. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

    • Ah thanks hun :) 

  • katherine.parkes

    will definitely be trying these, i’ll be all over the neutrals too! 😉 x

    • Neutral lovers unite ;) 

  • they look pretty and natural.

  • LNLentz

    Hi ya. Just because I know that you’re a bit of a perfectionist (as am I), I think there might be a mispelling in this sentence: “Meet Clinique’s newest release, the second in their ‘Cubby Stick’ franchise – Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes*.”

    I have been putting off the Chubby Sticks for lips, but the eye pens might have just won me over.

  • Lucy !!! I wonder if they dry down like a Mac paint pot so theyre a good eyeshadow base???


  • I’m loving my chubby eye stick, I find them really long lasting and they don’t crease at all! I tried a Max Factor one the other day and it really creased 🙁