The Skincare Bolt-ons

Did you think that my respective morning and evening skincare routine videos covered all skincare bases? Oh no. There’s more. Let’s call these the ‘bolt-ons’. The extras that come into play in times of skincare need; filed under the *enter expletive here* I have a spot, no sign of radiance and hydration help categories. Masks, souped-up moisturisers, acids, treatments and tonics – here’s the edit that gets me though my complexion complaints. There’s a lot to take in, so in the interests of laying it down if I had to pick one ‘darn this stuff is good’ all-rounder it would be Aesop’s Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Masque. AH-MAZ-ING. Ousts the nasties, gives glow and just gets my skin back on the straight and narrow; a second tube of the stuff is soon to be added to my shopping list.

To see the rest of my picks select to ‘Watch on YouTube’ for all the usual suspects in the information bar and skincare wise – I promise this is it. Well


  • Margaret

    Loved the video! I fell in love with the Aesop mask and the Origins Super spot remover! they do a realley good job! i think I miht give a try to the clear improvement mask, that intrigued me 🙂

  • Your face in the video still, aha x

  • Upalee

    Hi Anna, you are the Beauty Guru that I love to follow! I have recently purchased the Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturizer and Drink Up Intense Overnight Mask inspired by you and OMG they are fantastic! Thank you very mush for recommendations and opening my eyes to the whole lovely world of Beauty products!!

    • Halima

      Totes agree! LOVELOVELOVE the Origins Make A Difference Plus Rejuvenating Moisturiser! Skin feels a lot plumper!



  • Becky Fearn

    I really really need to try the origins mask!

    B xx

  • Danielle

    I’m in desperate need for a new mask! Thanks for sharing.

  • Amy

    I love the Origins mask, it smells so good I could literally eat it! I want to try the Aesop one now 🙂

    Amy x

  • I am definitely going to try some REN products. I looks like a great compromise between effective (Caroline recommended), and a cleaner INCI. Loved this video! xx


  • Maddy Cane

    All these products look amazing, your skin always looks so flawless so I adore seeing what products you use! xxx

    Maddy from


  • jas

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about REN masks, I definitely need to try one out! 🙂 xx

  • Emily

    I have really fallen off the bandwagon when it comes to all of my skincare extras. This has inspired me to dig out all of my masks and give it a go again. Thanks.


  • I tried two moisturizers from Origin that did not suit my skin, so I kind of ignored this brand for a long time. But I might now try a sample of their Intensive night mask and see if this will get Origins to my list.

    The Aesop mask is good, but I feel it cleans the skin in a way that it should be used only once in a while or when you feel your skin is clogged.

    Lovely and informative as usual Vivianna .

  • Line

    I’m a huge fan of the Origins charcoal mask, it is almost as if it drags all impurities out of my pores – it’s honestly amazing!

  • Since you recommended the Origins drink up intensive I purchased it and it’s absolutely amazing. I honestly can’t be without it. I’m really eyeing up the Aesop Parsley seed facial masque. I’ve been hesitating over that for a while might just go ahead and take the plunge! Thank you again Anna for such an awesome video!

  • I have really been wanting to try the Origins charcoal mask for a while, but I have been able to try the drink up and it’s awesome! Now I would love to try the Aesop one. Not sure where I can get that in the States. :[
    <3 Carolyn
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  • Madelon Brouwer

    Thanks for the recommendation on the Origins Clear Improvements Mask! I went out to buy it immediately. They have a limited edition right now, which is 25 ml smaller. But the packaging is really cute and it was actually 11 euros cheaper! Great deal!!

  • charinav

    My friend is using the Aesop’s Cleansing Masque and it definitely works for her. She’s talking me to try it. I promised I will once I consume my stock. After your review I might just do it sooner.