A Bold, Matte Lip

Nothing sets off a pair of sunglasses quite like a loud pout for me. I’m not one to play around with colour – experimentation in that forte is confined to lips and tips only – but I’ve been swatching around with textures, shades and trends of the former and came across something that just clicked into place. It’s not the most seasonal of discoveries, but paired with a parred down complexion and a some ‘Bans, a good matte textured bold lip is where it’s at. A single statement, that’s finish requires minimal upkeep and wins points on longevity without the tooth-smudging stress. Now we’re talking. Here’s three of my faves that I’ve been swiping on when the sunnies come out to play…

The Tango take on Red: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square. This is the pencil-formed product that set the matte ball rolling for me and is the one I’m sporting in the pictures above. It’s ridiculously easy to draw on, imparts the most gorgeous orange-toned red on the lips that I’ve found – think MAC Morange but a little less tangoed – and hangs around for aaaaaages. I usually struggle with lipstick smudging all over my teeth, but with this I don’t even have to do the whole ‘unattractive finger suck’, it just doesn’t move. The ultimate no-fuss lip for all.

The Classic: MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo. I bloomin’ love this suits all rouge. Not too cool, or too warm I’ve yet to find someone who doesn’t look kick ass in this straight-up red shade. I also find this colour to mix really well with my other two picks – a bit of the NARS to add some orange into the blend or Illamasqua Immodest to ramp up a pinky undertone. It’s probably the most matte out of the three and requires a dollop and a half of By Terry Baume de Rose to be applied pre and post application but it’s worth it as trust me – this stuff does not budge.

The Smudged-out Pink: Illamasqua Lipstick in Immodest*. Are you sitting down for this one? Moi, in a Barbie-type pink? Yup. I initially tossed this to the back of my drawers, rejecting it as too overtly dollish for my tastes. But blended softly over the lip, and blotted in with your fingertips washes the lip with a girlie hued stain that actually looks pretty fun. Helpful hint: toss on with a BB cream and a dash of mascara to keep things looking flirty and fresh.

My regime for application when it comes to matte lippies is simple: slick on, blot off, reapply. Then it’s time to bask in the sun in your typically more spotted in winter lip choice; because sometimes it’s fun to break the beauty rules a little, right?

*PR Sample