The Rose Gold Pen



It’s taken a while for the beauty industry to wise-up to the rose gold game, watches got in there way before. But they’ve taken note of the trend, instructed the labs and finally now we’re seeing it trickle into the cosmetics aisle whether it be a subtle nod through packaging or shades. YSL’s newest release – the Touche Éclat Or Rose edition – covers both bases, housing a rose tinted highlighter in a rose gold clicky pen.

I’ve always got a tube of the original hanging around and though it’s not something that I press the button on everyday it comes in handy in particularly rough moments when I need some serious luminosity on my otherwise dingy complexion. It’s a cult classic for a reason – it does what it says on the tin. The Or Rose launch is set to be used as a similar way for highlighting techniques along the bridge of the nose, tops of the cheeks – you know the drill – and while it has its uses there’s definitely a knack to be employed here.

You see for me, it’s a tad too glittery for general complexion use (a phenomenon that is impossible to catch via the medium of photograph unfortunately). The pinky base blends in and golden shimmer is left behind. It’s not chunky mind you, but noticeable, perhaps making it more of an evening type thing for cheek/nose/cupids bow use. But here’s where I like to whip it out. On the inner corners of the eye – oh yes. I do love a bit of reflecting going on there, in fact it’s probably the only place I can handle it. I’ve even been known to quickly wash this stuff over my lids too on eyeshadow-free days. It just gives a wash of somethin’ somethin’ – you know? If you’re a rose gold lover then this is definitely one to swatch, but if you’re a rose gold and shimmer lover? Well, you know what to do.