The Pink Has Spread

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Pink for me has always been a colour that has been strictly limited to pyjamas, blusher and toothpaste, but in recent weeks I’ve had a change of heart. It started with lips, as you well know – heck I even purchased the pinkest of all the pinks, NARS Schiap – and slowly but surely the penchant for pink has spread and for the past month or so it’s been a permanent fixture on my nail beds. Toes and fingers. I know, I know – what’s going on? There’s one colour in particular that has gripped my fuchsia feeling and today I thought I’d paint it into the spotlight and a shine a light on my other flushed favourites… 

Essie Style Hunter is the name, subtly bright but chic nails is be game. There’s something about this polish that is just juicy; summery but not ‘in yer face’ so. It goes on nicely in two coats, though you could get away with one and when you leave the liquid inside to rest you can see a gap form at the top, which for me – a notoriously fickle one when it comes to varnish – is a big deal. There aren’t many colours that sport that gap you know. 

To top this post off I’ve carted out some other loved pinks from my pack for a wee little show and tell. First we have Butter LONDON’s Nail Lacquer in Cake-Hole, which I just have to wheel out whenever I can purely because of the name. Then there’s the YSL La Laque Couture in Rose Futuriste, which actually has a surprisingly hardy formula and a good brush; in fact I’d tout it as one of my favourite high-end polishes (it definitely beats CHANEL’s attempts). Speaking of high-end the Tom Ford Nail Colour in Indiscretion is not only visually pleasing, but houses a punchy pink that takes a while to master with the spindly brush but it well worth the effort and finally we have Estée Lauder’s Pure Colour Nail Polish in Beautiful Liar, which looks surprisingly like my favourite Essie, but comes off a little cooler on the tips. Right, let’s pack these away. I think that’s enough pink for one day