Makeup Brush Cleaning: 3 Ways


Time to tackle one of the beauty world’s biggest bores – brush cleaning. To oomph proceedings up a little I’ve put together a how-to orchestrated to some seriously funky beats. You’ll be tapping your toe rhythmically in t-minus two minutes. There are three ways that I like to conduct my brush laundry so I’ve detailed them here along with some handy tips thrown in along the way and I’m pretty happy with the result. Whoever knew a sub-three minute video would take me on an editing adventure through the night? Ah well, hopefully it was worth the dark circles; one to bookmark for next time you can be arsed to engage with the rinse, swirl, wring, repeat cycle 45 times over, eh?


  • “t-minus two minutes” shudder got reminded for the mechanical physics problems I have battled in my teens!! 😛

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  • Lisel

    Nice video, thanks! I was just wondering, for the soap, does it matter which soap you use? Do you recommend any kind of soap?
    Thank you!

    xoxo, Lisel

    • Rebecca Goddard

      It doesnt have to be anything special, I use baby shampoo by Johnson and find it works brilliantly, Ive also used hair shampoo before too!

  • Beccy

    Brilliant video – I really, really need to clean my brushes and you have inspired me to get cracking with this!

  • I really needed this – have been getting very slack lately in the world of brush cleaning!

    Hannah xx

  • Heather

    I’ve just done that ‘chore’ today ( actually love it!) I use a splash of olive oil in a dish with the soap, conditions the brushes, especially the real hair ones – you wouldn’t wash your hair without using conditioner would you!?Hope you don’t think I’m a copy cat but about to put up a blog post on that very subject this evening!! ❤️

    • Rebecca Goddard

      random fact, I wash my hair without conditioner quite often, I only condition once a fortnight, my hair loves it. I have very random hair though

      • Heather

        Mine would be a frizzy mess without it, only do the ends but because it’s quite long deffo needs it 🙂

  • Rebecca Goddard

    I absolutely loate cleaning my brushes, if theres one thing I cant deny my make up goes on better, and I’m less prone to break outs when I have fresh clean brushes. Especially when it comes to my foundation brushes. I really need to get back into doing it weekly/ biweekly again.

  • I totally agree with the statement at the end!! I always do a deep clean of my brushes every Sunday just so i can feel the best i can on a Monday morning.. which if there is something to make me look more alive… i’ll definitely take it!

  • great tips, i hate cleaning my brushes, i usually give the eyeshadow ones a quick clean and then i deep clean the heavy duty ones, like my foundation brush

  • Yvette

    I loved the video, it’s very pretty and fun to watch 🙂
    My brushes need cleaning too, I just ace at postponing it, haha! 🙂

  • Jessica Whitbread

    Washing brushes is definitely my least favourite thing about makeup/being a makeup artist!

  • It was well worth the night of editing, believe you me! I absolutely cannot stand washing and cleaning my makeup brushes, but it’s something we cannot and should not avoid. Okay, fine, doing it tomorrow. (Thanks for the motivation!).

  • I really need to get into a decent routine doing this – I find I notice my skin gets bad if I slack!!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  • Love this video! The effect is so cool!!! Oh, and of course useful in particular the tip to elevate by rolling the towel! Thanks! Xo, Alexandra
    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Fashion Wellness Lifestyle

  • Joycelyn Steib

    Cool video on such a glum BUT refreshing once done task!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!! <3 Love the music btw!! 🙂

  • probably need to get into the habit

  • nailsss

    Super cute video.

  • mikaylaa.s

    love the video.. it reminded me that I have to wash my brushes.. I should get on that..


  • Chelsea Leigh

    It really is a tedious task, but it’s a must! Thanks for the video, super helpful!

  • Louise Corbally

    Very helpful, I better stop reading blog posts and actually clean mine! xo

  • Great tips! I do agree though, it is so boring to do! x

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  • Charlotte Copeland

    Washing make up brushes is the biggest chore, can’t wait to give this a watch x

  • Lauren S

    i love how we can see your personality and imagine you talking through your videos – i can see the “it’ll take a few years, joking ! not” being said in real life. great tips, i never used to wash mine (shock horror) but now i love a clean brush it’s so nice

    Lauren x

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  • Pippin

    I am surprised you didn’t use Japonesque’s solid cleansing tub. It’s really good and makes cleaning brushes so easy. I don’t mind cleaning my brushes any more as the product is gentle but effective. Super quick too

  • Madeleine S-B

    I always leave it until absolutely ALL of my makeup brushes need washing at once to clean them, and that makes it such a chore! I’m sure if I did a few of them throughout the week it wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m yet to learn haha x

  • you can see how much effort has gone into this video! It is so creative and nice to watch 🙂 thanks for the tips xxxx

  • Daniella




  • nueyork

    Oh man, the drying thing is so true! This was just another push for me to clean my brushes which I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks now.

  • It really is a chore, but this video has actually inspired me to get those brushes sparkling! 🙂

    I dry mine in a slightly weird way… Using elastic bands or hair ties to attach to a draw knob them so they can dry downwards… Strange, I know.

  • Such a helpful post, mine definitely need a good clean, although i’m putting them off alot.

    Jess x

  • So helpful!

  • Hannah

    Love the editing on this video – who knew such a chore could look so stylish?!
    Definitely should use this as motivation to get into a brush cleaning routine.

    Hannah xx

  • I still rinse when I use the spray…I’m definitely going to try cleaning my brushes without water next time. Thanks for the info!

  • What a handy video- and you’ve edited it to perfection! So cute! I use Dr. Bronner’s as well (when I’m not lazy) and it really does work great! xo

  • Hi Anna, Have you seen the Colour Switch Duo? It’s a very quick way to clean brushes in between giving them a proper wash:
    Alex xx

  • Great video & AWESOME editing!

    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

  • Sej

    I found this video so helpful so thank you! It’s such a tedious task and I didn’t even know about the spray clean option.

    Cleaning brushes is such a tedious task indeed.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say?


  • Kierra

    Great post! I love the feeling of freshly cleaned brushes! I will definitely have to try the soap next. Thanks!

  • Love this post! Great tips especially elevating the brushes and washing them downwards. I have seen some people putting them bristle side down into a cup of water and swirling, but now I’m wondering if that’ll just push too much water up into the brush. I’ve literally got a pile of brushes that I’ve been avoiding for a week because I really need to clean them. I swear I’ll clean them tomorrow haha.


  • Vera Maison

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    Vera Maison

  • Queen Mary

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