The Perfect Sunday

A few Sundays ago I had what I’d deem ‘The Perfect Sunday’. After spending Saturday on my hands and knees giving the flat a long overdue scrub down and an unfortunate incident which involved rubber gloves and a rather cold hand – life lesson: never flush kitchen roll down the toilet – I was up for a slightly more enjoyable and warmer occasion. And that it was; from a delicious homemade breakfast (if I say so myself), to a five-product pamper and one of the best roasts I’ve ever consumed. Heck, we even did something cultural. So for this weekend’s post I thought I’d share what ‘The Perfect Sunday’s’ timeline shaped up like…

10am – A Scrumptious Start. I’m stating this happened at 10am, but I’m pretty sure it was closer to 11…. anyway. Weekends in our household call for a big breakfast. Away goes the cereal and out comes the frying pan. With my belly calling out for some French Toast I did a quick googling for recipes and stumbled across Nigella’s Doughnut French Toast. Oh. My. Word. It’s your basic mix with a hell’a load of Vanilla Essence whisked in and yes I can confirm it did taste just like the real thing. I can also confirm that I plonked three scoops of ice cream on the top as its accompaniment.

11am – Mani Moment. In the mist of a food-induced coma it was time for a quiet moment of reflection and nail painting before we made our way to the big outdoors. I’m feeling the taupey-lavender tones of Essie’s Master Plan at the moment. The thick set brush means I can stroke on the colour in record time, it’s fast drying, only needs two coats and with a layer of Seche Vite or the Mavala Speed Dry stuff over the top I was ready to start making myself look presentable just minutes after application.

1pm – Get Your Roast in. Sundays and roast dinners go together like Ryan Gosling and toplessness in my opinion. On this occasion we met up with Lily Pebbles and her other half for a slap up lunch at The Queens in Crouch End. We all went for the beef option and boy was it good. All the trimmings were there and the meat was oh-so tender. Without conjuring up gannet-like visions of myself in your minds I also devoured a Sticky Toffee Pudding. Though I must point out that Lily and I shared and I may have had to secretly un-do my jeans under the table.

3pm – Take a Trip. Suffering with my second food baby of the day, we decided a little trip was on the cards so made our way down south to the Saatchi Gallery. It’s worth a visit, if only for a gander in the oil room (Gallery 15 if I remember rightly?). Very, cool. Very cool indeed.

6pm – Primp and Pamper. It wouldn’t be a Sunday without a bit of pampering, right? But this time I kept it quick and streamlined, incorporating only five products. Things begun with a dry body brush courtesy of one I picked up in the aisles of Boots. It’s one of those feels slightly painful, but slightly good things and supposedly encourages your circulation to get a move on. A bath with the a big dollop of the Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts followed. Standard. I washed my locks with the Ojon Rare Blend Infusion Shampoo and added some moisture into the tips with the MV Organics Jojoba Oil. Then finished off with my usual skincare routine and a hefty amount of the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning to add a slap of colour onto my chops for Monday.

9pm – Time with Friends. I love a good box set. Two episodes of a TV favourite guarantees me a quick transition into the land of slumber. In fact it’s not uncommon for me to fall asleep mid-watch and my boyfriend have to close up the laptop and tuck me in. See I told you I was a grannie. At the moment it’s Friends. We’re working our way through from season one episode one all the way through till the end. Yep, all in all the perfect Sun-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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  • Anna Blush

    This really does sound like the perfect Sunday, I’ve got to give that French toast recipe a try x

  • Eleri Roberts

    The ultimate Sunday set up – I’m definitely going to whip up some French toast with a touch of vanilla next time, sounds delicious! xx

    Eleri Roberts

  • Zazie Bibi

    Ooh that french toast sounds delicious! x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • That does sound like the very perfect Sunday right there- I wish it could happen to me, but with school work and exams to study for, maybe not 🙁


  • Brushandmakeup

    Have you tried Essie Merino Cool? Another lovely purple/taupy shade! x

  • Chloe

    Ah that nail colour is Lush!
    Paper Dreams and Plastic Bags

  • Looks lovely! xxx

  • Charlie

    Sounds like the dream! That roast looks incredible!

    Have a nice Sunday!

  • I love the look of Masterplan, such a pretty colour! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

    P.S. I don’t want this to be spammy but I am also hosting a £50 Giveaway at the moment if you wanted to enter here

  • Em ♥

    thankyou for introducing me to the french toast, thats now on my to make list!

  • JosieLovesShoes

    This does indeed sound like the perfect Sunday! Mine is not so perfect right now, have a banging hangover 🙁 haha xxx

  • Julie

    This do sound like a perfect sunday. I hope you have as great a sunday today

  • I love the Saatchi Gallery, it is so cool. It does indeed sound like the perfect Sunday and I am now drooling over that roast. Delicious! X

  • Louise Smith

    What a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

  • Evelyn Morales

    Wow that doughnut toast sounds so amazing I have to try it out!!Runs to kitchen!!

  • That essie nail varnish is such a nice colour! And that episode of Friends with the leather trousers is the funniest, haha.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

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  • Doughnut Toast sounds so yummy! I’ll be making that soon:)

    Esmé ~ CloudEsmé

  • Becki & Jess Dunn

    Oh boy! Can you cook me a roast like that please! Made my tummy rumble! Happy Sunday Anna xx Becki from

  • That looks hella tasty! Look the nails too.

  • Ada Drgas

    That Sunday looks perfect, indeed. And Friends are one of the best series of all time, undoubtedly. Might do something like that next Sunday to come.

    Btw, ADORE your writing. xx

  • The perfect Sunday! You had me at Ryan Gosling and toplessness! lol!
    Hayley xo |

  • Definitely sounds like the perfect Sunday! Gotta love curling up with Friends (:

    xx Nicole

  • Megan

    Doughnut french toast? Oh my GOODNESS x

  • Joycelyn Steib

    Oh the breakfast sounds soooo good indeed…who couldn’t resist those yummy looking French toasts w/ice cream !!!!! Love reading your post on your Sunday outing! Thanks so much for sharing with us! <3

  • Tereza

    Beautiful nail colour! Definitely a favorite

  • Glad your Sunday was perfection! That French Toast looks incredible and I’m loving that nail polish shade 🙂

  • Emma stokes

    I’m loving Sunday blog posts at the moment. They seem to make me more happy than reading the same old cosmetic and beauty posts nowadays. I like your style. I’ve recently had a foodie weekend of curry, and Afternoon Tea! (I managed to drag my boyfriend along… Somehow…) but it was amazing. Have a lovely rest of your day 🙂

  • Emma stokes

    My website is if you fancy a cheeky read xxx

  • That really does sound ah-mazing really hungry now hehe, wish I lived that close to the London galleries I’d be spending every weekend at the saatchi, I’ve been watching so much friends recently perfect weekend Anna #nailedit x


  • Sounds like an absolute perfect Sunday- so relaxing, exactly what life is about.

  • clairabelle0306

    Oh my, the french toast sounds delicious…. yumm 🙂
    xxx Claire

  • French toast is my favourite food EVER. Need to try this recipe asap.

  • Amber Hunter

    Friends is probably the best end to a relaxing sunday! I have all 10 seasons which is probably unnecessary haha but it’s such a classic! Sounds like you really had a wonderful day 🙂


    Lovely Notions

  • Iso Bean

    I love that doughnut french toast, a yummy recipe!

  • I love the nail polish!
    That Sunday definitely sounds perfect 🙂
    Have an amazing day!

  • Tsui

    I wish I had as relaxing a weekend as you did! It sounds perfect!

    Tsui @ Fashion Ganache.

  • Sarah

    Seriously need to give that french toast a go next weekend, it looks so tasty! x

    Sarah @ xx

  • Chelsea Leigh

    Of course the perfect sunday would include watching friends!

  • Rachel Claire

    Looks lovely Anna, I feel the need to watch Friends now!! 🙂

    Rachel | Claireful

  • This definitely looks like the perfect Sunday! I really need to make that french toast, it sounds amazing, and the picture of that roast dinner is making me hungry!

    Nicola xx

  • Katie Nally

    Ice cream & French toast? Random Anna!
    Sounds like my kind of Sunday . With a newborn 🙂

  • oh god. That episode of friends. Ross’s pants! Im laughing just thinking about it!


  • Charlotte

    Thank you for your recommendation on the Essie base coats, I can get a good 6 days chip free which is great. The Roast Beef also look errrmazing. You cant not have a roast on a Sunday! 🙂 xx

  • Emily

    Love the polish! 🙂

  • dannii ofe

    Sounds like the perfect, relaxing day. Always great to look forward to every now and again!

  • Lou

    Polish looks great. I do love sundays, they’re perfect to relax on!

  • Ellie

    That breakfast looks absolutely amazingly tastey!

    And the nail colour is beautiful too! 😀

    Elephant stories and more

  • MakeUp NonSolo

    I love the picture of Ross with his leather pants!

  • That roast beef made my mouth water! Wow! Great post!

  • Hannah Merceanu

    This really does sound like the perfect Sunday. I’ll have to incorporate some of these activities into my Sunday this weekend.