Homemade Super Tasty Pizza Recipe

I asked for a show of hands on Twitter what recipe you wanted to see spotlighted next on VDM and there were a sea of mentions asking (some pleading) to see my homemade pizza recipe in words, so here it is. You’re all self-confessed pizza lovin’ gals too? Welcome to the club. Who doesn’t love chowing down on a warm doughy base, tangy tomato sauce and a flavour-full topping? I could happily eat the stuff for dinner everyday and quite often go on pizza runs having a Dominos one night, Pizza East the next and a homemade one before I realise it’s probably time to change my food consumption up. There are all types of healthy-alternatives out there but today I’m bringing you the classic cheesy, crispy, topping packed real McCoy.

You will need: 500g Strong White Bread Flour, Pinch of Salt, 1x7g Sachet of Dried Yeast, Pinch of Caster Sugar, 325ml Lukewarm Water, 2 Cloves of Garlic, 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil, 250g Passata, 10 Cherry Tomatoes, 1 Tablespoon of Molasses Sugar, 1 Ball of Mozzarella and whatever topping you fancy. 

Add the flour and salt to a bowl and make a well in the centre. In a jug mix the yeast, sugar and water, mix and leave for a few minutes. Slowly add the liquid into the bowl and mix until you’re left with a dough like consistency. Flour your surface then knead the dough (this is the fun bit) for around 10 minutes till it starts to feel soft and look like something you’d see on GBBO. Place in a floured bowl with a damp cloth over the top of it for as long as you can (I recommend an hour at least). When you peek under your dough will be looking huge. Scoop out, separate into three portions – two for pizza making immediately and one to pop in the freezer for a later date – then get rolling.

Once you have bases that look somewhat circular, it’s time to start on the sauce. Chop up your garlic and heat on a low setting in a pan with the oil. Add the passata, chopped cherry tomatoes, sugar and any extra seasonings you want to throw in until the sauce has thickened slightly. Slop on the base and then you’re ready to go.

Topping time is the best bit. I usually stick to my normal Dominos order of pepperoni and onion, but in the past I’ve had all sorts from veg and pesto to a full-blown meat feast. Today I’m going for a red onion, prosciutto and rocket medley. Add a few hunks of mozzarella and it’s time to transfer them to the oven. Heat the oven to 250°C, turn whatever baking sheet you’re using upside down and cover with foil. Pop the baking sheet into the oven to heat for a few minutes first (this gives you a nice crispy base), then transfer your pizza on top and cook for 10 minutes or until the crusts go golden brown. Slice and share or do as I do and eat the whole damn thing.