The Peplum Top

In all honesty this post should have included a neon-bright yellow waterproof poncho, as I’m currently stuck in the middle of a tropical storm and it’s all I’ve been wearing for the past week. And yes it does have a picture of Mickey Mouse on the back as it was the only one in stock for miles around! But I think I’ll save that shot for Instagram and instead show you guys my favourite clothing piece at the moment. The peplum top…

Perfect with black denim shorts when it’s a little warmer, a body-con skirt for the evening or just plain ol’ jeans – which is how I’ve been wearing it most days, it’s easily my most worn top of the moment. I’m a ‘straight up, straight down’ kinda girl, but the peplum adds a touch of womanly curves – who doesn’t love that? I got my Peplum Top from Topshop and I’ve been pairing it with my new Topshop Leigh vintage wash jeans. I know I bitch and moan about the Leigh jeans loosing their dye, but they are some of the best-fitting jeans out there, plus they come in some wicked colours. The necklace is again from Topshop, bit of a Topshop theme going on here; I’ve been wearing it most days of my hols. I’m finding myself pretty drawn to statement necklaces at the moment – easy just to slip on  and instantly give a bit of bling. And for shoes, out come the Zara T-Bar Wedges, the only pair of heels I bought with me on holidays – love ’em!

Topshop seem to have bought out a few versions of the peplum top, but here’s a link to the one that I got. Are you a peplum lover? Wanna see me in my Mickey Mouse poncho? Let me know!


  • i don’t usually like peplum, but you make it look so adorable!! haha

  • Ive been unsure about the peplum but this really suits you :). I think my hips might be a bit to big lol. and yes lets see the poncho! x

  • Love your outfit posts Anna – you should do more of them! 

  • Oh you look gorgeous! (like always :))

  • beckysmakeup

    This looks bloomin gorgeous on you, you lucky thing! I need to pick this up sharpish x

    beckys makeup

  • Leigh

    I have this top in cream and i love it! may have to get the black…..:) also, i want your legs!! xxx

  • Ying_Cheung

    This is such a lovely top 🙂 Looks very sophisticated and pretty. I like how the statement necklace just adds a bit of life to the outfit!  Thanks for sharing~x

  • I love peplum tops! Theyre so flattering :) 

  • MissLauren x

    thats so pretty, it shows off all your curves xx 

  • stylesocoy

    I’ve put a couple of Topshop ones in my basket! I completely love the style and shape of the peplum. Very flattering. 
    Hope the storm passes soon, but can’t wait to see the poncho. 
    Kat x

  • Beth

    I love your ‘Style’ posts! You always look so lovely.
    Love your top, it looks lush with your jeans xxx

  • cescafrancis_x

    Your style posts always inspire me – they’re really chic and classic but not boring either! Love the jeans as well, my favourites are from Uniqlo! Who knew they did amazing jeans?!

  • Line Juul Noergaard

    This top makes your figure looks amazing! Let’s see the mickey mouse poncho 🙂 x

  • Rachel Widmer L

    Totally sold on peplum tops – will be perusing Topshop tomorrow! Love how they’re so versatile… 
    Rachel from x

  • So pretty, what a lovely outfit 🙂 Really simple, but with the necklace and jeans, it all works really well BEAUT XX

  • Becky F

    I love that peplum top! I tried on the same one in Topshop a while ago and I really want to get it as like you said, it can be paired with so many different things 🙂

  • Megan

    I LOVE those shoes…want!

  • xroxxyx

    I bought this one just yesterday haha I love it!!! They should bring them out in more colours. Also agree that the Leigh jeans are wonderful fits and so comfy xx

  • Emily B

    I honestly haven’t been sold on peplum tops so far however you look amazing here! Might have to try one!

  • i have seen so much about this “trend” but never really seen it on anyone, the peplum top looks lovely on you, has give you a cracking figure! 🙂 xxx

  • you look gorgeous!prolly better without the poncho lol!

  • senoritad

    Gorgeous! i tried on a lovely cream peplum top in Zara a few wks ago and fell in love with it.  think i will be going back to buy it!    I think it gives a lovely shape to your body and is so versatile as like you said can be paired with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.

  • Lil

    I have this top in black too and I absolutely love it, I think it’s really flattering on a lot of different body types. You look absolutely gorge. Loving the necklace too xx

  • francescassandra

    I’ve never thought that peplums would suit me very much but after seeing this top on you I want to go and try one on. It looks lovely on you, really compliments your figure 🙂

    Frances xx

  • sara-henderson

    You have THE nicest legs.

  • Afafshihabi

    you have a very beautiful BODY!

  • leetal tusia

    you’ve got a killer body!

  • Derouchey

    You’re perfect! Love you to pieces 🙂

  • Mickey Mouse poncho!! From Disneyland? Those have got ears on the hood! So cute!

  • You always want to make me buy stuff haha! If I had seen that top in the shop I wouldn’t have given it a 2nd thought but looks fab on you! x

  • Daniella Ri

    I’m just coming round to Peplum, I have a Black Topshop one too- but the basic :)  And yes I want to see the Mickey Mouse poncho!
    Daniella x

  • Justaspoonfulofsugarblog

    Now I (even more) want to check out the Topshop collection when I will be in London next week! 
    You are really pretty! Love from France xx

  • Treeeesa

    definitely think the mickey mouse poncho should make an appearance 🙂

  • It looks lovely! 

    I love these kinds of peplum tops!

  • I just bought this top in white today, so lovely! 


  • Love the top and shoes!


    and yes to the poncho making an appearance 🙂

  • georgia_nield

    i quite fancy one of these tops, they just look so stylish! xxx

  • amy miller

    I have it in white! i’m a sucker for buying the same things in different colours….really want it in black now… x

  • wow your legs look amazing! x

  • Margherita Burdese

    you’re amazing!