The Office Tour

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So my workspace is complete. WHOOP. This time last year I was spending my days writing and editing videos on a laptop table that barely fitted my laptop on, wedged into the corner of our rather cramped living room, next to the kitchen bin that had a constant whiff of rotten vegetable peelings and now I have a whole room to spread out in. It’s a dream and I feel extremely lucky. When we first saw this place this room had a bed taking up most of the the space and we couldn’t really work out how it would work as an office, but I think we’ve managed to sort it out pretty well. Sure, it’s not exactly feng shui to be facing a walk whilst you work, but I’ve managed to get in a sizeable desk, a sofa that turns into a double bed so it can double up as a guest bedroom, all my beauty bits and photography, filming and lighting supplies – now that ain’t bad? 

You’ve seen my desk before (post here), so I won’t dwindle on about that nor my beauty storage (video here). Instead I thought I’d talk you through a few of things that I love the most in the room.

I think one of my favourite purchases are my Banana Leaf Pillow Cases from Etsy (I just went for the 16×16 inches ones and got the 40x40cm pillows from H&M Home). Banana leaf prints and me are having a bit of a moment right now and whilst I really, really wanted to wallpaper the wall behind my desk with it, Mark talked me down and instead I’ve gone for decorative additions that will be easier to refresh if my tastes ever change. I paired them with these Society 6 Gold Herringbone Throw Pillows in an attempt to marry in the gold accents in the room as there’s a bit of a brass, wood and greenery theme going on. Oh yes – there’s more banana leaf with the Society 6 Beverly I and II Prints which I just love. They finish off the desk area nicely and give me something to look at whilst I’m typing away (big love to Mark for hanging them so darn symmetrically)

The other things that I don’t think I’ve mentioned before are the lights. Now I’m a big fan of lighting as I feel like they can really make a room and give a focal point. These two are the cheapest we’ve got in the flat, but for every fancy lighting piece there is we balance it out with an IKEA one so our bank balance doesn’t hate us. In the office I went for the West Elm Mid Century Glass Ceiling Lamp as the big badboy in the room and as a mood lighting option we got the Heal’s Junction Floor Lamp. Pop one of those fancy looking bulbs in the latter and it looks *insert in a’ok emoji*.

One final thought. How do people store their printers? I’m just not sure there’s a sexy way of doing it, so I have mine stacked up on some old Vogue magazines, but if you have any suggestions then I’m all ears because aside from that I’m in love with my VDM workspace. The best bit? No rotten veg smell.