The New MAC Face & Body Dupe That Covers EVERYTHING


MAC Face & Body and me have a weird relationship. When I first tried it about three years ago now, I loved it. My first foray into dewy lighter coverage bases, it left my complexion looking bright, youthful and it doubled up as a limb cover-up to blur away any bruises and what not. I used the whole thing up and forgot about it until I repurchased it sometime last summer. For legs it still worked a treat. But for my face? Well it broke me out like no foundation has ever done before, leaving a stubble-like rash on my cheeks which made me feel like my Dad. It was grim. The love affair ended, a new home was found for it and I moved on. I’d forgotten about my love for the face/body hybrids until this turned up – the Vichy Dermablend Total Body Foundation. And well, it’s pretty kick-ass and there’s no stubbley reaction to be seen.

Let’s just set one thing straight. This is in no way shape or form anything like the MAC version. The MAC is light, sheer, buildable and sets to a medium coverage finish at best, whereas the Vichy is a heavyweight, full and one-wash wonder. It’s sort of everything that I thought the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs formula would be. It’s like putting on a flesh coloured pair of tights, but without the weird satiny finish and ‘can’t wear open toe shoes’ problem. It covers everything and depending on what colour you choose can add a bit of a sun kissed hue to your limbs (I use Light, but Medium would be my tan optimiser I reckon).

The texture is thick, but still blends nicely and the best thing is that once it’s on, it does not budge. No need to worry about it transferring on to your white shorts. In fact getting it off in the shower, with soap was a mission – I had to employ one of my oil formula gels. Although it’s not billed as a face offering I find it to work on my chops pretty well too. It’s not as malleable as the MAC offering, being so full coverage, but I can make it work with an extra thick layer of dew-giving skincare underneath and actually the colour match is spot on. My only warning that I’d issue is that a dab of moisturiser over any dry areas prior to slapping this on the body, wouldn’t go a miss as it does tend to settle a bit powdery around the ol’ knees.

It’s not cheap at £29.75 from FeelUnique, but you do get a hefty 100ml of product for your dollar and trust me the phrase ‘a little goes a long way’ has never rung so true as it does with this.