So Palettes Are Really Having a Moment…






Aren’t they? Every few months there’s a wave of compacted cosmetics that wash over the market and I for one am not complaining. I love a good palette me. With most launches these days following a neutral tried-and-tested formula – a highlighter, a lid shade, a smokey brown, a matte black – it’s getting harder to distinguish that ones that warrant a purchase. But have no fear because I’m on hand to do all the testing, swatching and digging for you and today I’m bringing you the deats…

Tom Ford Eye and Cheek Compact in Unabashed – £68 – from Selfridges. The only one of the four that covers both eyes and cheeks, this compact exudes luxe. A white and gold heavyweight slab of beauty goodness. Inside you get three options for eyes; a shimmer-laden champagne, a mauve matte brown and a royal navy blue which when paired together make the kind of eye that is just calling out to be paired with a beach sunset evening instead of a smoggy night in the big smoke. The blush gets a yes from me too – a peachy pink that was always going to get my seal of approval – and though the bronzer is nice it’s a bit orangey and golden. Personally I prefer it swept all over the lids with the brown in the crease and a bit of navy on the outer edges. Of course coming courtesy of Mr Ford there’s a price to pay and though I don’t think it warrants it’s price tag, if you’re in the market for a neutral palette with a twist and maybe have a gift voucher that’s lurking in the depths of your bag then it’s one to consider. If not, move on.

MAC Studio Sculpt Shade and Line – £17 – from Selfridges. So I’m cheating a bit here as MAC’s new offering isn’t exactly a ‘palette’ as such, but more of a 3-in-1 pan. A trio of colours set in sparkle, metallic and matte formulas to perform lid washing, crease contouring and eye lining functions; it sets out to play with the palette big boys. I’ve given the shades Olive Blend – a warm tinged offering and Eggplant Blend a pinky cool serving, a whirl and despite being a huge proponent of their single shadows these just didn’t float my boat. They’re designed to primarily be used wet and I have to say then when applied with a damp brush they come off nicely opaque with a foiled finish and do look kinda cool – especially the central liner shades – but in reality, ain’t nobody got time for that. And there are many, many other shadows out there that gain the same finish without all the faff. The wet-to-dry act does make them pretty long-lasting though so if you’re not as impatient as me then they’re one to consider.

Laura Mercier Nude Smokey Eye Palette – £75 – coming soon at Space NK. Oh boy is this a beaut. Five shades, five brushes, one big mirror and one very satisfying closing click. There are the perfect mix of coffee coloured shades in a range of textures that when combined make me feel very ladylike and sophisticated. One thing to note is that there’s a touch of pinkiness to it, so make sure your base is working on redness to the max. Another thing is that the brushes are good. Like, really good. No crappy sponge applicators to be seen. There’s an Eye Colour Brush to pack colour onto the lids, a Crease Brush which I’m eyeing up the full-size of and a Flat Eyeliner Brush that I’ve wanted to try for yonks – oh yeah and two more. I have to admit, I did choke on my cereal when I read the price. Ouch Laura, that hurts. One to buy if….you don’t mind eating beans on toast for a very long time.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection – £32 – from Look Fantastic. The super diddy compact choice that covers every single neutral eyeshadow decision you’ll ever make in just nine shades. There are mattes, metallics and everything in between and quite honestly, as I mentioned in my ‘New Beauty Launches’ Video, this is my top picking. So it might not look as sophisticated as the Tom Ford or have as good closing click as the Laura Mercier but it’s a solid palette filled with such a selection that you’ll never leave any colour out. They are laid out in pre-prescribed trios, but I like to be a rebel and mix them up (wild) with my personal favourite combination being Nude on the lid, Cashmere Bunny in the crease and Sexspresso for a wee bit of lining. Killer eyeshadow and you won’t have to eat beans on toast till the end of eternity. Sorted.


  • I’m not sure I can decide which one is my favourite, I want all of them. I do love the Tom Ford one though, it screams luxury.

    Jess x

  • Bella

    My goodness, 75GBP for that little Laura Mercier palette?!!!!!!!! Where does she get OFF???? I have been buying Laura Mercier makeup for a long time and I have always loved that it’s beautiful makeup for a reasonable high end price. That little palette even though it comes with a few trinkets, is not worth the shocking price at. all. (I already have 4 of the eyeshadows in single form anyway, and together I don’t even think the full sizes cost 75GBP. Sorry for the off-topic, but I am so shocked and disgusted!
    I have the Too faced palette on its way to me from Sephora US, which now also ships to the Netherlands, yippee YAY!!!
    I am completely palette crazy so thank you for this roundup. have you incidentally done the Perfect Palette Tag anywhere? Would be interested in your answers :D.

  • Wow, I love them all! But they’re very expensive!!! Might have a bit of saving to do, haha 🙂 xx
    Soph |

  • just by the looks of it, two faced means business and the kinda I do 🙂
    i simply don’t see sense in spending obnoxious amounts of green on eye shadows especially when the look I go for most days is no makeup makeup.
    Great post Anna, makes my life much more easier knowing which pallets to ignore

  • Love the Too Faced palette, its perfect for the girl who wants a neutral look 😀

    Blushing Biddies

  • Ah the Too Faced palette looks lovely, Their eyeshadows are always so good! You should try their better than sex mascara!

  • Ohhh, Tom Ford palette is a real beauty!

  • Anna Blush

    LM’s offering sounds amazing but given the price tag, Too Faced is way more tempting. I’m such a palette lover it really wouldn’t surprise me if any of these (minus the Mac) made their way in to my basket- oops! x

  • Love the Tom Ford one! x

  • Elle C

    The Too Faced one is my favourite, it looks just perfect to me! I put it on my wishing list 😉

  • Beccy

    I think I could just look at palettes all day – they are just so pretty! I really want to try the Tom Ford palette – I’ve heard great things.

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  • Janina

    Adorable writing skills, it always makes me smile in the morning. Thank you.

  • Ella

    I’d love to try the Too Faced one, it’s freaking gorgeous!

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  • Joanna xox

    £209 is a lot of money to have spent on some make up palettes!

  • I love the look of the Too Faced one, so many gorgeous colours! x

  • Although they’re not really a palette, the MAC trios are really good value consierding their normal shaddows are £12! xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  • yasmin

    I absolutely love the Too Faced one, thankfully my birthday is soon so will be adding it to my list! Great post as always 🙂

  • The TOm Ford is stunning of course but I am interested in the Laura Mercier courtsey to “the satisfying click”!! 😛 😀

    My favorite Makeup Brushes Review | TheConscienceFund

  • “Very satisfying closing click.” That statement excites me. 🙂

  • Stephanie

    My favourite colour wise is the Too Faced Palette!



  • Oh wow…that Laura Mercier palette….and I have to say Anna, Laura Mercier brushes are fast becoming my favourite, I had a mini double ended set and I use them every day, the quality is fantastic. Palettes get me every time!

    Lis x

  • Emily

    Note to self: stop craving neutral eye palettes. God I *need* that two-faced one, it’s so gorgeous….

    Emily xx Beauty Bunny

  • I feel ashamed, I don’t own a single eyeshadow! Such a make up noob. But I love the look of the Two-Faced palette, it looked gorgeous in your video x

  • nueyork

    I really want the Too-Faced palette after seeing it everywhere the past month! Their shadows look truly stunning. Plus, their packing is adorable, I love the little tins!

  • Austėja Milvydaitė

    Too Faced “Naked Eye” palette is also one worth checking out, pretty similar to the one you described, but also has a useful matte black, perfect as an eyeliner. Website says it;s around 36$

  • They all look lovely, just a shame they’re so pricey!

    Ella xx

  • jasmen

    I love the new packaging of the too faced palettes! much better than the cardboard packaging they used to be in

  • Daniella

    Love the too faced one! It looked great in your video

    Daniella x

  • Jennie

    I like the look of the Too Faced one, but not sure if I already have enough neutral palettes.
    Doesn’t seem right you deleting comments asking valid questions :S …

    • Rebecca

      I saw those too, she wasn’t wrong in asking. Most bloggers asterisk what they haven’t bought. Don’t see why you wouldn’t just answer?
      I get more and more disillusioned with bloggers I used to enjoy now posting too many undisclosed press releases, sponsored posts, etc. I believe it makes a difference if Vivianna hasn’t actually spent £75 on that palette, but is recommending it. Of course it is excellent if you were given it for free. But I don’t believe she’d have spent that much on it herself. Same with that Tom Ford palette, if you’re a long time reader and viewer, you know she doesn’t wear much coloured eye shadow, so she wouldn’t have bought that herself I imagine with there being a blue in there. But of course if you are given it for free and use it once or twice, then yeah it’s ok. The least she could do for these brands if being given each of these palettes for free is do a look with each. I’m intrigued by the MAC ones but we’ll probably never see them again if she wasn’t keen.

      • Jennie

        You’re probably not wrong there…
        The Tom Ford and Laura Mercier ones definitely aren’t worth the money. Not when the best of them seems the Too Faced one, and the Urban Decay Naked ones you can get.
        The Mac concept is ok, but I’m not super keen on the shades……

        I guess if I was given the Laura Mercier one, I would like it a lot, but there’s no way I’d pay that much for it. (I guess she was gifted that one, as it looks like its not out yet)

  • I really like the look of the two faced. I love that it has three great options for a certain “look”. I am all about keeping things simple.

  • I love the look of the Too Faced Palette, it has definitely been added to my (very long) wishlist 🙂

  • Zazie Bibi

    The Too Faced Palette looks gorgeous!x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • Kirsty Meenan
    I would really appreciate it you could follow/view my blog, thankyou x

  • Wow, those shades are stunning.

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  • Joycelyn Steib

    I do love a good palette especially a neutral one to boot!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! <3

  • Tash L

    I would really appreciate it if you could read my blog/follow! x

  • that too faced palette has been on my wishlist since I first saw it. It just looks so beautiful and perfect. the laura Mercier one is very pretty too and the brushes are a plus as well but the prce tag is quite a big one. xx

  • Janine Maral

    The two faced palette… yes just yes.

    Janine Maral from

  • Sybil Mae

    Mac’s Studio Sculpt Shade and Line looks so handy and convenient being so small! You could easily make a number of pretty makeup looks using one of them! 🙂

  • Love the look of the Too Faced palette, in fact, I may just have ordered one for myself, whoops! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | ASOS or Feelunique £25 Voucher Giveaway

  • Jess

    Really fancy trying the Too Faced palette, I like how all the shades are laid out so you don’t have to think about what colours to use together – works great when you’re up before 7am putting make up on for work!

  • The Too Faced palette is gorgeous! It has been on my wishlist for days or even weeks!


  • Ellie

    I love this post! Wish I could write as well as this, you make me chuckle as I’m reading 🙂
    Definitely got the Laura Mercier on my ‘want but will never own’ list, but will check out the Too Faced palette next time I’m in town.

  • I left a comment very similar to this awhile ago, but since nothing has changed, I’ll keep leaving the same comment. I love your blog and I love your posts, but it would be GREAT if you could put the pictures next to (above or below) the text that describes them. Especially when the pictures don’t clearly show which brand is which (and some of us can’t recognize all the brands, you know what I mean?)

    • missssss

      i couldn’t agree more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debra

    They definitely are having a moment! I don’t think I’v ever reached for eyeshadow quite as often before as I do now. There’s so many gorgeous ones out there and so colourful too! I can’t help but want them all, haha.

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  • Great post! I like the look of the Too Faced palette, but I have so many nude palettes and I need to stop!

  • Cassie

    I really want to try that Too Faced palette, it looks absolutely beautiful!

  • Hi,
    thanks for all the reviews, very helpful. I wanted to see if you get them as samples or paid for them but I couldn’t. Maybe I am missing where you stated it? Thanks.

    • Gina

      Yes Anna it’d be nice if you could actually answer this instead of deleting comments asking the same thing……..

  • Desperate to get my hands on the Too Faced palette! Looks amazing!! Lilly xx

  • Daniella




  • Carsla Peyton

    Indeed! I appreciate all of the info! Looking forward to your future posts. 😀

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer’s blog in development.

  • I always bought single shadows in colours that I loved and got a lot of use out of, but got a palette last year and love it… though there is always a shade I don’t like!

  • The Tom Ford palette is just so pretty… if I wouldn’t have such a huge amount of sticker shock for months after purchasing it, I might pick it up. The cobalt shade looks stunning, especially with those shimmery and matte taupe shadows. Looks like there are some great releases for summer!

  • i looove the too faced palette!

  • this is soooo tempting Anna, thanks^_^ at the moment i’m in love with the “oh so special” palette from Sleek, a stunner ! 🙂

    lots of love from France, Victoria

  • Great roundup! The Tom Ford palette is absolutely stunning and I’m so tempted by that new Too Faced offering! xo

  • I’d love to see more TooFaced reviews. Their shadows are gorgeous – rich, creamy formula and beautiful colours (although quite heavy on the glitter, with fewer matte shades I think…) So I’m always interested in seeing more of their products Xxx

  • Nicola Simmons

    Oh my god, the Tom Ford one is beautiful! Although no part of me could spend £68 on one item. I also love that the LM one comes with the brushes, so good. x

  • The Laura Mercier and Too Faced palette are pretty! Definitely adding these to my wishlist!


  • Lauren S
  • I have loved the Too Faced palette for quite some time now, and now that they’ve relaunched it with new and improved packaging and replaced the shades I wasn’t too fond of, I can’t wait to use mine up so I can buy the new version, haha 🙂