The New Additions To My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

It’s here and I’m FREEZING


Last weekend I finally succumbed to that fact that it is well and truly winter and that I was currently freezing my nips off in some of the items that I had in my capsule wardrobe. As much as I love my cold shoulder blouses and my light-fabric trench coat, I needed to cycle them out and dust off some of my winter favourites from last year to replace them. So the UGG Boots are back (for errand-running/’Oh crap it’s snowing’ moments only), along with some gloves, thermals and a few other long lost loves from seasons before.


I followed my usual capsule wardrobe switch-a-rooney of taking everything out of my wardrobe, giving it a good clean and then splitting the contents into three piles: one pile of clothing that’s too flimsy for winter-wear and so needed to be packed into storage under my bed until next year, one pile of things that just weren’t floating my boat and therefore are headed to the charity shop and the final pile of things to go straight back into my wardrobe. I have to say my wardrobe was getting a bit chocker, so it was nice to feel slightly streamlined again. Of course that all went to s**t when I made an ASOS order and purchased two coats that are so furry, they take up about half of my wardrobe.


Yes. Say hello to my new pride and joy – the Whistles Harley Waxy Parker and the Whistles Erika Coat with Faux Fur Collar. Coats so warm and toasty that even your Mum will approve of the purchase. I was really lacking on the practical coat front and together these two tick off that box. The Harley Waxy Parker is a great casual find, with a snuggly fleece lining and a detachable fur collar. I can see me basically living in this all weekend and whenever I’m running errands. Then the Erika Coat is more of a dressy kinda coat that will be perfect when I’m going to something fancy and need something formal over the top. Oh and it’s black with a contrasting deep blue faux fur stole. Oh god, I’m in love.


I also bit the bullet and purchased a pair of over-the-knee boots. I’ve wanted some for years, but could never be bothered with them because it seemed like a big ol’ faff to find the perfect pair that not only fit my feet, but also my legs. It’s like the shoe version of jean shopping. GROAN. However it only took two pairs to get it right. The Carvela Sammy’s looked great, but the 6.5 was too small for my feet. I returned them and instead picked up these ASOS Kingdom Stretch Over The Knee Heeled Boots which are basically exactly the same, but for like a third of the price. Nailed it.

I won’t spoil the whole video for you so I’ll leave it there, but it’s fair to say that my winter capsule wardrobe is sorted. There’s no more room at the inn until at least, like, March

Photos by Lauren Shipley