A Mini MAC Haul: 3 Items, 3 Loves

There are no surprises here…


We all know the rule about MAC right? You can’t enter a store and leave empty handed. It’s basically the law. So when Lily and I headed there for a charity meet-up a couple of weeks ago (big love to everyone who came, we raised over £500 for the Viva Glam campaign!), we were silly to think we’d just grab some dinner afterwards. Dinner plans were instead halted as we swatched the whole store up each arm and left with an assorted haul of eyeshadows and lipsticks that I’ve been wearing ever since. Here are the deats…


MAC Eyeshadow in Saddle. If I can be bothered to put on makeup these days, then I’m wearing Saddle all over my lids. It’s that simple. It first came to my attention thanks to the lovely Kristen, a reader and fellow blogger, who I interrogated every time I saw her at a meet-up as to what she was wearing on her lids. She’s a lover of Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow in Caramel, but said that Saddle was a good dupe. It’s glorious. It’s warm, matte and basically autumn in an eyeshadow. I dust it all over my lid with the SUQQU Eyeshadow Brush F and then take a little bit of colour on the end of a MAC 224 Brush to blend things out into the crease. It’s a level above a ‘no makeup, makeup‘ shade, but instead it looks effortless and polished. I predict I’ll be seeing pan in this very soon.


MAC Lipstick in Kinda Sexy. My mate Mel has been a fan of this colour for years. She’s always got this in her bag on nights out and now I see why. It’s matte, so makes a great winter lip, but it’s also a little pinkier than other things out on the market. It’s basically Velvet Teddy, but with the brown tones dialled down. It’s a nod to my nude, nude lip days without looking like concealer and it pairs so well with whatever eye/cheek combination I’ve got going on (*cough* Saddle *cough*). It’s easy and I love it – thanks Mel for the recommendation! 


MAC Lipstick in Nippon. You know when you go to a MAC counter and you just pick up every colour that you already own – ‘Ah Patisserie!‘ ‘Ruby Woo you ol’ Stunner!‘ ‘Why am I picking up Hue for the millionth time?‘ – old habits die hard. Well I was doing that when I came across Nippon, a thing of peachy pink dreams, and wondered why the hell I didn’t own it. It’s a new type of finish that I hadn’t heard of before – a ‘Creamsheen Pearl’. This means that it’s creamy and semi-opaque, but also has a subtle glimmer running through it. I don’t like to say shimmer, because it’s not that noticeable. It just gives a slight glow to the colour. Speaking of which, the shade is perfect. On my lips it gives a bit of a ‘my lips but peachier’ vibe, that’s a bit of a throwback, but a throwback that I can’t get enough of.

Photos by Lauren Shipley