The Natural Looking Cat Eye Trick


I’ve come to terms with the fact that eyeliner will forever be my bugbear when it comes to makeup. You know that meme where she starts with one eye looking good, then she goes to thicken up the other, before painting it all over her eyelids, removing it fully and starting again? Yeah, that’s me. I have found solace in recent months thanks to the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen in 01 which is basically the best, and more importantly, easiest to use eyeliner of all time and of course there’s my eyeshadow as a flick method which I seem to be able to tackle to a degree where it’s passable for me to leave the house. So I have my ways and means but the other day when I was brave enough to pluck up the courage to attempt eyeliner when I had only 10 minutes till I needed to leave the house – I know, living life on the edge – I figured out the secret to making it look über natural…

I think that’s always been my problem with eyeliner; a pink lipstick or a bit of bronzer on the cheeks can be incorporated in a ‘no makeup makeup’ way, but eyeliner? It’s not the most subtle of finishes, however there are some people that can pull it off in a way that looks like they were born with the suff on. Unfortunately, that is not me and because it’s not something I wear frequently it can look a bit jarring. I usually overcompensate for this by going a crazy with everything else and wearing much more makeup than I usually would and therefore exacerbating the ‘you look different today’ thing. Well on this past occasion I was feeling ballsy and not just because there was an extreme time limit on my application. I thought I’d go simple, so I did a bit of tinted moisturiser and concealer, sorted my brows out, took a deep breath and got drawing. Surprisingly it didn’t look too horrendous and only required the use of one cotton bud to even things out (a new record) and instead of layering on ten tonnes of mascara like usual I wiped the excess off the wand and dabbed on a thin, just blackening, not thickening or volumising coat. TA-DA. That was the moment it clicked. They key for me, personally, to rock a cat eye is go super low-key with mascara. It looked natural and though I wasn’t the rocking the ‘maybe she’s born with it?’ vibe, it felt like me.

It got me thinking that instead of wiping the excess off my Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara, I should have paired my line with the Estée Lauder Little Black Primer which was made to be all subtle looking. Next time, eh? And when there is a next time I’ll give myself five minutes on the clock. REBEL.