The Nail Colours That I’ll Be Rocking This Winter

…and there’s not a red in sight. SHOCKER.


Back in the summer I went through a real ‘can’t be arsed’ period with nail polish. I always have some kind of colour on my toenails because there’s no one on the planet I want to subject to seeing my BFG-like talons unpainted, but with fingernails sometimes I like to let them breathe (at least that’s what I tell myself when actually it’s just plain laziness). Recently though, I’m back in the nail polish game. It was a manicure at DryBy (would highly recommend) that lit a fire in my belly for varnish again and made me realise that there’s nothing quite like a perfectly polished set of nails when it comes to accessorising. In fact Mark was enquiring the other day as to why nail polish is even a thing and I love it because it’s not only an extension of your outfit (I mean, it even adds a touch of glam to my purple dressing gown), it gives the chance for some ‘TLC Time’ and that’s always a good thing.

This winter though, I’m shunning the classic reds and instead pulling out some berries, blues and greens. Let me talk you through…


Let’s talk through the boring cliché colour first – Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Dark Like Me. It’s basically CHANEL’s Rouge Noir but with a slightly more rounded, and therefore easiest to use, brush. Deep, dark and one of those ‘Is it black or is it purple?’ shades, it’s a trusty one that I always go back to around this time of year.

Navy isn’t really a colour I experiment with much, but Smith & Cult’s Kings and Thieves is one that I can quite happily wear for weeks on end. I’ve played around with more black-based navy shades in the past, but this is a true royal blue and it definitely translates that onto the nail. You’d think that a colour like this would be a real pain the backside to apply, but actually with this formula all I need are two decent coats to reach full opacity.

Right onto my favourite, which will be no surprise if you follow my Snapchat, Instagram Stories or YouTube – yep, it’s Smith & Cult Feed The Rich. I never thought that a green nail polish would be my bag, but this creamy teal with a touch of grey is the nail colour that I keep reapplying time and time again. It’s an interesting one. It’s one of those colours that you can’t quite work out, but you also can’t stop looking at.


You’ll notice that all of these picks are from Smith & Cult, which is basically my go-to brand when it comes to nails (aside from a few colours I own from Sally Hansen, Essie, Nails Inc and CHANEL). I mean, it doesn’t hurt that they’re easy on the eye in the bottle, but the formula is a dream too. Creamy, opaque and I find that it lasts pretty well on my nails. Hey – if you’re going to do the green nails thing, it needs to remain a chip-free zone or else things might start getting a bit BFG…

Photos by Lauren Shipley