The Most Relaxing 24 Hours of My Life

Wine and a 2 hour massage. THE DREAM…


Earlier this week I headed to Bordeaux with Fleur and the lovely team from Caudalie to visit their Les Sources de Caudalie spa. To say it was a dreamy is an understatement. I arrived with a snotty nose, a head cold and the inability to get up and down from a chair without letting out a whimper thanks to a severe gym session with Paul earlier in the week and left with snot-free airways, a clear mind and thighs that no longer felt like they were on fire, thanks to a good rub down at the spa. The château had everything from a breakfast buffet that kept me going back till I could no longer do up my jeans, wine, lots of wine and a comfy bed that felt like a cloud that made me sad when my alarm went off.


It’s nestled away in the countryside about 20 minutes away from the centre of Bordeaux and has a bit of everything, from restaurants, tapas bars, swimming pools, a spa, hot tubs, a cracking mini bar in the rooms  I must say and a vineyard that produces all the wine that’s served at the château. Personal highlights for me include the fact that all the rooms were kitted out with a bath. As we don’t have use of a bath in our flat, I managed to squeeze three baths into 24 hours and it was glorious. The tour of the wine-making facilities was also amazing; got to love a wine tasting. The grounds were seriously beautiful too. Fleur and I had a wander around and just look at it? Yes this place really, truly exists.


The highlight of course, was a visit to the Vinothérapie spa where I was taken through the Beauty Elixir Massage and new Resveratrol Lift Facial. Both combined dry massage techniques using pressure to aliveiate any tight areas and to aid drainage. The body massage did include a light grappling of the belly area which did make me question whether four slices of toast and a croissant for breakfast was a good idea, but I left feeling smooth and glowy and ready for one big long nap.

It was also nice to have a bit of an internet detox. The wifi wasn’t too fab at the château which I think in some cases is quite a nice thing. It forces you to pick up a book, or read a magazine and really switch off for a moment. Of course when my 3G did pick up again I read out all the top news stories to everyone in our group like my Grandma does when she reads the paper. Bless her. “Did you know a gorilla escaped at the zoo?” 


Basically if you ever have a chance to visit Les Sources de Caudalie then go – RUN FOREST, RUN. It’s a beautiful place that will make you feel all zen the minute you rock up at reception. If even a short trip of 24 hours can do the trick, then any longer and you’ll be floating on air on the way home. What airplane delay, eh?