The Kiehl’s Moisturiser I’ve Got Everyone Hooked On… Including Mark | AD

Seriously, EVERYONE loves it.

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Mark is my BS-free litmus test when it comes to skincare. If something smells weird, he says it. If something feels greasy, he’ll tell me. If something breaks him out, he gives me feedback. It might have taken me five years just to convince him to use a moisturiser, but these days he’s a testing pad for all things skin, no holes barred. There is one product that he always comes back to though. His HG where nothing else compares. If he runs out he comes to me with puppy eyes and a ‘Please sir – can I have some more?‘ look. And that product is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream*. If I counted how many tubs that we’d been through over the past five years since he actually started to use skincare and not just splash his face with water in the shower, then we’d be well into double digits. On his side of our bathroom cabinet is the Ultra Facial Cream* and on my side is the Ultra Facial Cream SPF 30*. We both use each product every morning and have no complaints as our repurchase history suggests. And it’s not just Mark who’s been converted. My friends who live abroad in colder climate love it, my best mate loves it, my best mate’s sister loves it; it’s a much-adored product in my family and social circles.

It’s a cult-classic and I’m telling you – believe the hype. You’ve seen the little pot in many a skincare cupboard for good reason. 10 pots are sold every minute globally. THAT IS NUTS!! The reason why I’ve been long-term with the Ultra Facial Cream* for so many years now is I’ve always struggled with moisturisers. I like the feeling of hydration, but I never want to feel something claggy or heavy on my skin. Some felt too heavy, others felt waxy and there were even formulas that felt like they slowly melted down my neck during the day. Grim, right? Here’s where Ultra Facial Cream* differs. It gives me the moisture I need, without feeling like I have anything on my face. It gives glow and smoothness, but never feels sticky as it’s easily absorbed. I take a pea-size amount and warm the product between my palms before pressing it and massaging it into the skin; sealing in any products I’ve used prior and leaving a non-tacky, hydrated base for anything that I wish to apply next. 

You know how you switch products around in your routine depending on where your complexion is at? Well the Ultra Facial Cream* is a constant for me. It’s a product that I apply every morning; come rain or shine or whether my skin my feeling dry, or oily or both. On days when I’m feeling like my skin is akin to sandpaper it hydrates big time and smooths me back out, whereas on days when I’m feeling like frying an egg on my forehead is a possibility, it balances and provides just the right amount of moisture. Because of this, it’s a non-negotiable in my travel beauty bag too. It acts as a sealant for whatever I apply underneath and because it’s so light and absorbs easily, it doesn’t sit on the skin which means that I’m less likely to end up with a flight-induced pimple breakout at my destination. And HELLO – up to 24 hour hydration is exactly what you need when you’re being zapped with low-humidity AC in a tin can in the sky. The good news is that it now comes in a flight-friendly 28ml travel size. CUTE! Not only a must-have for your flight, but exactly what you need in your travel skincare routine when you get there too.

I feel a bit rude shunning my other Kiehl’s* favourites, so let’s give them a bit of love too. My current cleanser of choice? The Kiehl’s Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser* (the Centella Sensitive Cica-Cream* is brilliant for über dry skin on the face and body too). The name says it all with the Glow Formula Skin Hydrator*, but that will forever be a favourite and the semi-sheer sheen looks great when it’s mixed in with your foundation of choice. When the summer rolls around I’m all about the Ultra Light Daily UV Defence-Facial Sunscreen with SPF 50*, which I’ve been using for years as well. Then there’s the Daily Reviving Concentrate* which is a light-weight oil, that I like to crack out for no makeup days to really crank up my glow.


If you need yet *another* reason to love Kiehl’s*, then let me tell you about their Ultra Facial Challenge. Just bring in your empty or unwanted moisturiser from any brand to any Kiehl’s* store across the U.K for it to be recycled via Terracycle. In exchange you’ll receive a deluxe sample of the Ultra Facial Cream*, a stamp on your Recycle & Be Rewarded Loyalty Card (10 stamps gets you a free Kiehl’s* travel-sized product – more on that here) and a complimentary skin hydration check. I wish I got all of that for putting my recycling bins out, eh?

Want in on the Ultra Facial Cream* action? Use the code ‘ULTRA‘ when you spend £50 or more at*, to receive a complimentary Ultra Facial Taster Kit, which includes sample sizes of the Ultra Facial Cleanser*, Ultra Facial Cream* and Ultra Facial Mask* (honestly, this stuff is HEAVEN too).

Photos by Emma Croman

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