Milk Makeup – IT’S HERE! Here’s What I Love

…and what I don’t.

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It feels like we have waited approximately 21979 years for Milk Makeup* to head over to the U.K, but it’s HERE and quite honestly, it’s fab. After not feeling the good vibes with Glossier Play* (see my video on that here), it’s been nice to play with makeup, put so much makeup on my face that the DPD driver raises an eyebrow and really just have fun. The clean aesthetic fits with the Glossier* end of the beauty spectrum, but there are some bolder choices too with holographic textures and zodiac-stamp eyeliners. The complexion products are where the brand really shines for me, but then colour can be added on and dialled up or down, depending on what you fancy.

Overall I’m pretty into it and have a full-face try-on and rundown coming up later in the month, but for the meantime I thought I’d give my blog lot my thoughts on the good bits and the bits that I’d personally pass on. Need some assistance with your shopping list? I’ve got you…


Annoyingly the product that I’m in love with the most is the one item that doesn’t appear to have landed on U.K soil just yet. If and when the Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint makes an appearance, pick yourself up a tube if you always loved Glossier Skin Tint* but wanted something with just a *touch* more coverage. Thank me later. The Milk Makeup Hydrating Oil* is lush too. I actually prefer the Sunshine Skin Tint when it’s layered over the top of it. You know you keep hearing/seeing/dreaming of glass skin? Well this is the secret I’ve found. Layer it under anything and it blends beautifully with whatever you apply over the top and gives it that iridescent ‘This is just my skin naturally‘ finish.

Complexion is where the really excel; especially with their pigmented bronze and blush sticks. The chunky format really works flawlessly. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it’s very kind to the heavy-handed among us (that’s me!), because they blend out without a trace of your crayon-giddly-toddler application. The Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer in Baked* is a fave, along with the Milk Makeup Lip & Cheek in Werk*. In fact, I’d stick my neck out here and say that if you were to pick up one item from the collection, then I’d make it once of these depending on whether you’re more of a bronzer or blush lover.

The unexpected star of the show for me where their Eye Pigments*. I picked up a couple of shades for the purpose of testing them out for an upcoming video, but have been wowed by how well they perform. Again with clever packaging – a cream/liquid eyeshadow in a squeeze tube – they are über pigmented shimmer shades that grab on to the lid and set in a matter of minutes. No need to prime, no need to use anything else, they do it all. My top tips? Do one eye at a time and have some waterproof eye makeup remover on hand because otherwise this ain’t coming off.


Of course every brand has some personal duds. I have to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised that these seem to be few and far between out of the things I’ve tried, but there are still a few items that I certainly wouldn’t rush to repurchase. One such item is the Milk Makeup Highlighter*, which I’m surprised to see only comes in one shade. We’re a bit spoilt for choice in the market when it comes to sheen-giving formulas with a variety of hues, so I’m sure they’ll be a cross-section of complexions who compliment the golden-champagne shimmer it gives perfectly, but on me it feels a little too stark (plus I”m just too in love with the CHANEL Baume Essentiel in Sculpting (gifted) to THINK about anything else right now). The formula? Fab. The shade? Not for me. I can’t say I’m too fussed about the skincare either. There are toners, serums, cleansers, even masks (!!) that come in the brand-favoured twist-up stick; but there’s just something about it that I’m not particularly into. Is it the double-dipping? I’m not sure. But I just think that for the most part I’ve got my skincare down and I’m not sure what Milk can bring to the table for me, that I’m not already chowing down on.

The other thing I’m still on the fence about is the Milk Makeup Flex Concealer*, *insert collective gasp here*. I know, I know, it’s often touted as the best of the bunch, but I can’t quite make my mind up about it. It’s not matte, nor is it glossy and it’s neither low or high coverage, I just haven’t managed to find a slot for it in my routine. Each time I used it I wished I’d used something else, but then when I finally came to the decision that I didn’t like it, it started to look WONDERFUL. What is all that about?! See it and the rest of my Milk Makeup bits in action on THE DAILY EDIT on 28th March; and who knows, by then maybe I’ll have made my mind up.

Photos by Emma Croman

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