The Moist-Haves

An area of skincare that has long left me baffled is the arena of moisturisers. When my skin used to be oiler back in the day I point blank refused to use one for fear of making my skin even more grease-pan looking and when it eventually normalised and I suffered from the odd dry patch here and there I had no idea where to turn (so dramatic I know). Well it’s a pretty obvious fact that I love a bit of skincare these days and I’ve now got a bevvy of moisturisers that I turn to when my skin is in different states. A ‘working wardrobe’ of skincare if you will, let’s Christen them the ‘moist-haves’…

The one I’ve been reaching for the most recently as (luckily) my skin has been behaving itself sebum-producing wise is the This Works Perfect Skin Super Moisturiser*. Light enough to use during the day under makeup, but emolient enough to feel like you’re getting enough moisture packed in at night, a great all-round pick for as normal as you can get skin types. If my skin is doing a ‘so greasy you could fry an egg on it’ impression, then there’s only one moisturiser I need – La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Mat. It’s an almost gel-like texture that sinks into the skin and hauts the greasiness without the skin being left feeling dry and tight. I lurve this during the summer. For dry days there’s two picks, I’m greedy I know – Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Hydrating and Firming Treatment Moisturiser* (phew), and Origins Make A Difference +*. Both bring on the moisture by the bucketload but don’t feel mask-like or heavy on the skin. On a very superficial level, lovers of herby scents plump for Emma Hardie and if fruity is more your thing then Origins is your pick.

Quick note – I use all of these as part of my morning and evening routines – except if I’m oily I’ll use the Origins Oil-free Night-a-Mins Renewal Cream* at night, as it gives some extra pow and exfoliates the skin lightly while you sleep. For my full-whack skincare routine check out this video (if you have a spare 20 minutes!). So there you have it, my cherry-picked ‘moist-haves’ which hopefully offers a bit of something for everyone. Dry, combos, oilies – I’ve got your back.

*PR Samples


  • kitty paterson

    I used the effaclar matte this summer when my skin was super greasy and it worked a treat! Now I’m using a aesop cream which I love! I’ve written about it here if your interested:

    • Ah fab – will check that out 🙂

  • Emily

    I must try the one for oily skin!!

    • It really is fab on greasy days 🙂

  • Tascha

    Cant decide if i want to buy the origins one or hydraluron…just budget enough for one of these undortunately. Any suggestions?

    • sar

      I prefer hydraluron, seems more effective I think because it has more of the active ingredient although you will need to use a separate moisturiser over the top to feel the benefits. Could be biased though because I’m not a huge origins fan- of the products I’ve tried I don’t see what the hype is about…

    • I’d have to say the Hydraluron, it sort of zoups-up any moisturiser you layer over the top 🙂

      • tascha

        Ok, will get that one, thanks!

  • Hi Anna! I have a bit of an oily skin myself. How did you change your oily skin into more normal skin? Not really sure of what to do! Would love your help xx

  • Katie Fawcett

    I’m easily overwhelmed with moisturisers, I used to have quite normal skin but now I have combination heading into oily territory. I’m definitely going to look at the La Roche-Posay stuff in boots.

    katie xo

  • Lou S

    I love the Origins night- a-mins too! it smells georgeous!

  • Hearts&Crosses

    I love all of origins products! Your posts are always so helpful


  • sarirah

    There are a few words in the English dictionary that make me cringe. “Moist” is one of them but I couldn’t resist a good skincare post written by you. 😉

  • I really do adore your skincare posts Anna 🙂 xo

  • Kayla

    I need a normal moisturiser that I can put on every morning, sometimes under makeup. I have dry skin. Can you recommend one for me? Nothing over £20 please! x

  • Safia Asif

    definitely need one for drier skin these days!

  • Alexandria Gaines

    Lovely Post! I recently just bought the Origins Drink Up mask because of you. I love it! thanks for the recommendation:)

  • tissue522

    I am definitely interested in effaclar mat! My face becomes an oil rig during summer and I don’t even dream about putting any makeup on LOL. Hopefully this will help 🙂

  • Karmen

    I just purchased This Works Perfect Skin Super moisture based upon your recommendation 🙂 My skin has been suffering from hormonal outbreaks and my use of clay cleansers, and acne zapping products is leaving my skin feeling dehydrated (plus its winter here in ny). Thanks for the suggestion, hope i love it as much as you do 😀

  • beth.willcox

    would you say the origins oil-free nightamins good for normal/slightly oily/dehydrated skin??? i really need some help!