The Mini Desk Tour

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Having worked on an extremely tiny laptop desk perched next to the kitchen bin for the past three years, I could not be more grateful that at the new place there’s a bit more space for me to stretch out and have a proper beefy workspace that can hold more than a notepad on it and lacks the whiff of rotten veg. My nostrils are extremely grateful. Seeing as we’re taking the decorating and dressing thing one room at a time, after the kitchen (have a nose around that here) the office was next on the list and though it’s not 100% there (there’s a Society 6 order on its way that should finish things off nicely), I thought I’d take you round my desk space; mainly because I’m excited to show you a cool-ass ruler that Lily got me for my birthday and my gold pair of scissors. NERD ALERT…  

I’ve tried my hardest to keep things clutter-free on my desk to give myself the maximum amount of space for all the stuff that accumulates throughout the day – lipsticks, rice cakes, my 10th bowl of cereal. I actually keep quite a few essential items like highlighters, tip-ex, post-it notes and other bits of random stationery that I don’t need to be too easily reachable under the sofa-bed in little storage drawers that used to hold my beauty stash. Got to love a bit of recycling. That means that the only office-y bits that are out on display are my Moleskine Diary, Martha Stewart at Staples Notepad (sadly discontinued – boo!) and my Papermate Pens which are the best darn pens. And only ever in blue. Black ink pens make me feel a bit funny. Oh and of course how I could I forget my Anthropologie Ruler and Gold Hay Scissors – that’s the whole bloomin’ point of the post. I jest, I jest.

Greenery is added to the table thanks to some bits that I picked up at a local florist. Thankfully they are extremely low maintenance and I’ve managed to go a whole month without them sadly wilting away, which is an all too often occurrence with me. I always make the excuse that I haven’t got a watering can, but I think I just need to face up to the fact that I’m a bad plant Mum. I also have some books (mentioned in this post), that I keep out to remind me to read them when I have a spare minute. Plus they make a nice little stoop for my beauty bits that provide boosts of moisture throughout the day; the good ol’ By Terry Baume de Rose and Pixi’s Hydrating Milky Mist. And let’s not forget my White Company Wild Mint, Peppermint & Green Tea Candle that sits on one of my M&S Coasters that is the most relaxing scent in the world; it’s a fab one for workspaces and then there’s my Anthropologie Coaster, which was another great gift from Lily that I’d picked up when we’d been shopping together. She’s a good egg.

I probably should have mentioned this first, but the desk is a little West Elm number and the chair is a Eames knock-off from Cult Furniture. It’s roomy and the chair doesn’t make my bum go numb after a few hours which is always good. Now I’ve just got to wait for my prints to arrive and then the next stop is a little office tour, if you’re up for it?